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Cha'alt is an OSR / D&D 5e science-fantasy, eldritch, gonzo, post-apocalyptic campaign world focusing on The Great Pyramid megadungeon.
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    1. Venger Satanis 17-time creator on

      Someone emailed me a few really good questions...

      Beneath Kra'adumek dungeon + adventure will be in the final product, no matter if you're getting the PDF, softcover, or hardcover.

      But you'll only get it early if you've backed at either the "playtest party" backer tier or "hardcover" tier.

      If you want both a softcover and hardcover, then back at the hardcover level and then simply add $30 to the amount. So, $50 for the hardcover book, + $10 for shipping (within the USA) + $30 for softcover = $90.

      If you want multiple hardcovers (maximum 3), only pay for shipping once (if you live in the USA). If you live outside the USA, add an additional $10 per book for shipping multiples. So, two hardcovers shipped within the USA would be $110... and three hardcovers would be $160.