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The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence returns; OSR scenario of warring factions competing for dominance in a purple world gone mad.
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The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence has done well as an O5R campaign setting. I've been asked countless times if I'm ever going to go back to the purple islands.  Well, this Kickstarter is a resounding "YES!" to that query.  

The purple islands (there's three of them very close together, and are usually considered a single place) is an eldritch science-fantasy setting with gonzo sword & sorcery.  Both books will be usable with any sort of Lost World, Mars, Dream Lands, Hyborian Age, alternate Earth ruled by civilized apes or menaced by dinosaurs and sleestak, or a world of savagery, super-science, and sorcery.

Battle For The Purple Islands will be a 12 - 15 page PDF adventure that uses the purple islands as a backdrop.  While the original book was a hex-crawl full of encounters, scenario seeds, random tables, magic (items), and helpful advice, this will be a specific, focused adventure involving various warring factions competing for dominance in a purple world gone mad... or is that a mad world gone purple?

You see, much of the dark forces reigning supreme over the purple islands were vanquished by adventuring heroes.  They came, they saw, they slaughtered.  A few years went by without incident.  Everyone started coming to the islands after things quieted down - colonists, anthropologists, big game hunters, sightseeing tourists, etc.  But then obscene purple blasphemies deep within the islands began to resurface.

Multiple entry-points for PCs will be provided.  The following is the initial conflict...  

A courier has raced halfway across the galaxy to send a holographic message to an old hermit living in a mountain cave infested by shadow shoggoths - it's time-sensitive, for his eyes only, and concerns the fate of the entire universe.  Upon landing on the purple islands, the messenger was captured by militant talking apes.  He managed to escape, but then fell into the hands of a cannibal tribe at the base of the mountain. 

This will be my first scenario since releasing Adventure Writing Like A Fucking Boss.  So, Battle for the Purple Islands has to live up to my readers' expectations.

And you better believe at least one NPC is going to be drinking Purple Prizm!

Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design will do the layout and any cartography that accompanies the scenario.  

Glynn has already finished the cover.  Check it out.  Oh yeah, did I mention that the PCs will be able to do something that many of us (including myself) wish we could do in real life?  Meet H.P. Lovecraft face-to-face!

Stats will be provided in both standard OSR (including 5th edition) and the quasi-OSR system of Crimson Dragon Slayer, The Outer Presence, and Alpha Blue. Because crimson + blue makes... yeah, you guessed it.  ;)

If this goes well, it'll be the start of a whole "purple islands" series (and eventually compiled into a softcover).

In case you're curious, the PDF will be offered in both printer-friendly black and white, as well as, a color version.  You can see a sample two-page spread of the color version below.



This Kickstarter will be fulfilled via DriveThruRPG and Dropbox (for those who prefer not to use DriveThru).



$2,000:  Glynn Seal creates a big, high-resolution, full color map.  The map will depict a section of island. 

Risks and challenges

I believe this will be my 12th Kickstarter. Glynn Seal has been down this road many, many times. We know what we're doing. Barring something catastrophic (like my death), this book will get finished on time and with awesome to spare.

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