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It switches on/off by itself, adjusts to surroundings and flashes a stop-light while braking. Forget buttons and enjoy your bike ride!

It switches on/off by itself, adjusts to surroundings and flashes a stop-light while braking. Forget buttons and enjoy your bike ride! Read More
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Relax. Imagine taking your bike and simply riding. That's it! Velodroom adapts its behaviour to the environment and lets you enjoy the ride.

The light turns on with bike movement and switches off one minute after the bike has stopped. No hassle with switches.

Stopping unexpectedly? Built in accelerometer analyses the motion of the bicycle and shines a bright stop light while braking. Just like tail-lights on cars do.

Being adaptive is a good thing. A light sensor adjusts the brightness according to your surroundings. It makes you always visible and saves the battery.

Plug Velodroom to your phone charger or a USB-port on a computer and it will recharge. No need to get replacement batteries. Velodroom stores four times more energy than a pair of AAA-batteries ever so common in bicycle lights.

Velodroom lights are super-easy to attach and remove. The light stays off when removed from the bike, so there is no need to worry about batteries running flat.


Our team has put a lot of effort in finding the best components for Velodroom bicycle lights. Throughout the work process, when many conventional practices do not ensure the best outcome, we are pushed to seek the novel and unmatched. From philosophy to technology, this enables us to deliver probably the best bicycle light in the world.

It is hard to find a bicycle light meeting British, German and Danish high standards. Velodroom’s rear light optics are designed for visibility from more than 300m from all directions as required by Danish law. We have found a balance of maximum illumination with minimum blinding of others. Fabulous.


Lights you have seen on the pictures and video here are prototypes. We are ready to take the next step and manufacture the lights. We offer you a chance to be among the first who get the Velodroom lights, currently there are three different models.

The friendly Frostbite White Velodroom light steps in silently like a white cat on her paws, yet makes you noticed.

The silky-smooth Slate Black Velodroom comes out of the midnight to stun you! It elegantly complements your bicycle.

And finally the exclusive and limited BMX edition of Velodroom. Solid aluminum body and stainless steel strap roar on the ramp. While creating this light, we were inspired by Dustin Grice who tested the early Velodroom prototype on backstage of SimpleSession BMX competition.


While creating the Velodroom light, we used splendid and unique Viks as the test vehicle. Viks is a true steel-commuter designed by young Estonian designer Indrek Narusk and handmade. We love this bike. Do  you?


Velodroom bike light - first look -- Bikeradar on 28th of June 2013

Is This the Most Genius Bike Invention Ever? -- on 25th of June 2013

Velodroom Does What Every Bike Light Should – Responds To Your Ride And Turns On And Off Automatically -- Techcrunch on 19th of June 2013

Bike light knows when you're riding, when you're braking, and how dark it is outside -- Gizmag on 15th of June 2013


Velodroom team has interdisciplinary background. We love to ride bikes. When we are not riding bikes we often think about bikes. We plan to reinvent everything except the wheel.

Sven Sellik from RedFish focuses on user oriented product design. His portfolio includes work for Renard Motorcycles, BaltecoAquator and Skärgårdstunnan products.

Andri Laidre from Flydog gets the team on the ground and leads the product development process. He is known for being the brains behind Flydog Marine environmental monitoring systems.

Mihkel Heidelberg, Taavi Hein, Ivar Oja and Indrek Rebane from Hedgehog bring electronic devices to the market. Portfolio includes work from Shaka wind meter for iPhone to things-we-do-not-talk-about for NATO CCDCOE.

Ilmar Kurvits from Rakett is behind the Velodroom branding and marketing strategies. Limits are just minor obstacles for him. His creativity can not be stopped by legal means.

Risks and challenges

1. We have brought products to the market before. So we do know there can be unexpected hold-ups with component logistics affecting the manufacturing plans. It can take up to eight weeks to manufacture injection moulds. If there are any delays or if we need to remake any parts of the mould this will delay the production.

2. On 23rd of March 2011 seven cyclists from Estonia were kidnapped near Syrian border in Lebanon while being on the cycling trip. They were released after 114 days of captivity. One of the cyclists was at the time working on a project together with a Velodroom team member. That seriously affected the project. We are doing our best to avoid this happening to any of Velodroom team members and will not travel to potentially unsafe regions on bicycle before the lights are shipped.

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  • Yes. Also salt-proof, protected against yellowing in ultraviolet light, vibration tested and reasonably scratch resistant. This is all mandated by British BS6102-3, German StVZO TA and international ISO 6742-1 standards.

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  • We are designing for 3 months on single charge with average usage. That is 100 hours continuous.

    Last updated:
  • More than 500 charging cycles are estimated. We are expecting average cyclist to charge 2-6 times a year, so it is a very long time. We design for life expectancy of 10+ years. To put things into perspective: the light would still work, if you purchased it in 2003.

    Last updated:
  • The light indicates when you need to recharge.

    Last updated:
  • The optics are designed to be visible from the side when lit. This is also mandatory by legislation in several European countries. Our optics engineer Enn has worked hard on that and we really love the noticeability of the latest prototypes.

    Last updated:
  • Velodroom has 3W LED from CREE, but is limited to 1W maximum when braking to keep the efficiency up. Minimum level the light will run at is 0.05W. As we adjust the light level to ambient, we can always ensure maximum visibility with optimised power consumption. Smart power supply also ensures that lights will not get dimmer as battery is getting flatter.

    Last updated:
  • The lights will be manufactured in Europe.

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  • It is "Dream work" by Anitek:

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  • Yes! Usually it is near impossible to stay still enough behind the lights for a whole minute. So behind the (red) lights the actual stay-on time will be longer than 60 seconds.

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    Early Bird special. For being among the first to support us in our noble quest, you will get the Velodroom £10 off the regular Kickstarter price. And you will be among the first people to get the light.

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    Black is the colour of coal, ebony, and of outer space. It is the darkest colour, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light. It is the opposite of white and often represents darkness in contrast with light. Out of nothing comes everything. Yin and Yang. Opposites attract. The black light will be yours.

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    The solid-state BMX limited edition. Aluminium body and stainless steel strap. Allen-keys only, skips the easy-on part. Survives the ramp.

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    Pledge £2,222 or more About $3,476 USD

    The unique Viks bicycle, designed by Indrek Narusk. Velodroom edition will be yours together with black pre-production bike light. There is only one.

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