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DOUBLE TROUBLE - A Time Travel Comedy's video poster

A short film inspired by the great adventure movies of the 80's, from Swedish directing duo André Hedetoft & Andreas Climent. Read more

Malmö, Sweden Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on June 26, 2013.

A short film inspired by the great adventure movies of the 80's, from Swedish directing duo André Hedetoft & Andreas Climent.

Malmö, Sweden Shorts
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About this project


We're André Hedetoft and Andreas Climent, two film directors from Sweden who love to tell strong stories with a touch of the extraordinary. We met at a film shoot a couple of years ago and discovered that we shared a love for the same kind of movies and quickly became friends. Our first project together was our Wolverine fan film LOGAN, which became an Internet phenomenon, seen in 150 countries in less than a week and featured on websites like Slashfilm, IMDB and Film School Rejects.

After that we expanded to more ambitious projects with larger teams like our intro film for the Pixel Film Festival where we shot in Ystad Studios and got to work with fantastic actors Fanny Ketter and Kim Bodnia known from films like Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Pusher” and TV-Series “The Bridge”.


Our next short film is called DOUBLE TROUBLE. It’s a sci-fi comedy inspired by the 80’s adventure movies we loved growing up, like Back to the Future and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Those movies had a certain feeling we miss in today’s movies. We're here to bring that back.

Double Trouble actors Marcus and Mattias Thernström Florin and Emelia Hansson.
Double Trouble actors Marcus and Mattias Thernström Florin and Emelia Hansson.


Double Trouble is the story about a shy young guy who misses the opportunity to talk to the girl of his dreams. When he finds a mysterious pocket watch that can turn back time he gets a second chance. But now he has to fight a time traveling copy of himself to change his future and get the girl.


How we work

We want to tell a strong and fantastic story with the fun feeling of adventure of the movies we grew up with. In Double Trouble we use the fantastical, time travel, to tell an universal down to earth story about the struggle of your inner insecurity. We’re both huge fans of Pixar’s school of storytelling, to make a movie a couple of times before we actually shoot it. We write it, rewrite, draw storyboards, take live action photo storyboards and cut together an animatic. First after we have worked trough the movie until we know it will be amazing, we go into real production.

Working with Danish superstar Kim Bodnia on the set of our intro for Pixel Film Festival 2013
Working with Danish superstar Kim Bodnia on the set of our intro for Pixel Film Festival 2013

The characters

The film is written to work just as well in Sweden as in any other part of the world. Instead of lots of dialogue, we tell the story using strong visuals and the body language of the characters. That's why it was so paramount to find actors who had great chemistry and sense of comedic timing. From over 200 applicants we met the twins Marcus and Mattias Thernström Florin together with Emelia Hansson on a casting session and felt instantly that we couldn't possibly make the movie with anyone else.

The score

The music will be guiding the viewer in the balance between drama and comedy and create a rich universe with a feeling inspired by the composers we grew up loving like John Williams, Alan Silvestri and Michael Giacchino. Award-winning film composer S. Peace Nistades has scored numerous films in over six countries worldwide based out of his music production facility, Alkaloide Music Productions, in Los Angeles. We first started collaborating with Peace on the score for our short film LOGAN and had such a wonderful time working together that we are very happy to collaborate once again.

The cinematography

The main inspiration for the look of Double Trouble is movies like Amelie from Montmartre, Back To The Future and Wes Anderson's works. With a well designed scenography we want to create a warm and welcoming feeling that takes you to a special place where the events in the film feel natural. Once we get into the action scenes the cinematography and editing will always let the viewer orient themselves and keep track of what’s happening, a style used in Back To The Future and Raiders Of The Lost Ark to bring some of the best action sequences ever to life. Our Director Of Photography Nils Croné comes straight from having worked on tv-series “The Bridge” and recently won best cinematography at PIXEL 2013 for his hauntingly beautiful work in the short film “Love at 03.56”.

Visual Effects

A magician never reveals all his tricks, but most of the effects in the film when the character is fighting a copy of himself will be achieved with a combination of smart camera angles and computer generated VFX for the more effects heavy shots. Having actors who are twins certainly doesn't hurt either!

The producers

Christian Hallman is a true master of genre films having produced hundreds of commercials, documentaries, short and feature films. He will co-produce from Sweden where the film will be shot while executive producer Tobias Roediger is working out of the United States. This makes Double Trouble a true international collaboration for a global audience.


Directors Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft
Directors Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft

André Hedetoft

“Born 7 weeks early in an elevator I found my salvation in geek culture. Growing up I could spend hours and hours alone in the bathtub fantasizing myself away on fantastic adventures. When I was 11 years old I begged my parents to take me to see Jurassic Park that had just started playing in the cinemas. Once it started I was hiding between them scared senseless peeking at the screen through my fingers. At that exact moment I knew that this is what I want to do with my life. Take people on fantastic adventures. To a place better than Neverland. Better than Pandora. Better than Isla Nublar. It’s never really been about indestructible flying supermen, living breathing dinosaurs, jedi knights or stranded extraterrestrials. It’s always been about the journey into ourselves. The greatest adventure of them all. I just make movies. It’s all I ever known how to do. It’s all I ever will.”

Andreas Climent

“My earliest memory of filmmaking is me borrowing my fathers video camera to reenact scenes from The Karate Kid with my friends. I was ten years old and my love for movies had barely started. Entranced by movies like The Matrix and Lord of the Rings, I knew that I wanted to become a director. When I was eighteen I started a popular website about LOST and learned what it takes to reach out to a massive audience around the world. When Vancouver Film School turned out to be too expensive, I decided to make my own film school, so I read the same books and studied the same subjects. My lectures were hundreds of behind-the-scenes documentaries and interviews on DVD. My teachers were directors like Peter Jackson, Robert Rodriguez and Ridley Scott. I tell stories not because I love film or because I really appreciate great cinematography, I tell stories because I love the feeling of traveling into the unknown and experiencing an adventure, guided by the great storytellers of our time.”


We have financed all our previous short films on our own and released them for free on the Internet… so now we’re kinda broke. We tried getting a budget from the regular financing instances here in Sweden but apparently there are not that many time travel comedy fans working there. This is probably where we should give up and go make that E.T. remake with Justin Bieber they keep bugging us about. But just like us, we think you guys really do want to see a charming sci-fi comedy in the vein of Back to the Future. We really feel that we've brought together a fantastic team with great energy ready to go out and make one amazing film. But we fear that if we don't shoot this summer, we will lose that momentum and the people involved will get tangled up in all of life's other fantastic adventures. If Double Trouble doesn't happen this summer, it most likely never will.


Since it's do or die this summer, the goal of $2500 is the absolute minimum we need to make the movie. All funds raised will be put into the bare essentials needed to be able to make Double Trouble, like feeding the team since we will all be working for free. This will give us just enough so that we are able to bring the film to life. We are used to squeezing something fantastic out of a very small budget, but if we manage to raise more, all funds will go towards making an even better film. 

If we reach $3000 composer S. Peace Nistades will be able to bring in a couple of musicians to create a richer score with real instruments.

If we reach $4500 we'll be able to rent a Red Epic to shoot it on and collaborate with visual effects artists that have worked on movies like Looper and The Avengers.

Each and every dollar helps and will make a big difference up there on the screen for you to enjoy.


Double Trouble will be a short film between 5 and 10 minutes long. If the project is successfully funded, we aim to shoot in August/September 2013. If we get a low budget, post-production like editing, visual effects and sound design will take time, and the film will be finished in the first half of 2014. Then it will tour on film festivals all over the world for a couple of months before we can release it online and you get the digital download. We promise that it will be worth the wait, and we'll keep you updated from the start of pre-production to the release of the film.


This is the plan:
Step 1. Pick one of the awesome perks to the right of the page and join the team.

Step 2. Tell all your friends (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine or shouting from the mountaintops) and help us spread the word.

Step 3. Double Trouble gets successfully funded and we make the short film, using the funds for bare essentials like feeding the team swedish meatballs and lingonberries since everyone will be working for free.

Step 4. Now we’ve made a pretty awesome short film together that wouldn’t have happened without you guys!

If you have any questions or just want to geek out about movies please hit us up on or on Twitter: and

Follow Double Trouble on Facebook:

Help us great supporters, you are our only hope!

André Hedetoft & Andreas Climent

Risks and challenges

We have made several short films for minimal budgets before, and know we can deliver something that looks a lot more expensive. The directors have experience working with everything from editing to visual effects, color grading and sound design so even with the absolute minimum, the film will get made. A higher budget will make things a lot easier and enable us to work with a larger team of professionals.

The biggest risk is that if we don’t get a budget to shoot this summer, Double Trouble will probably never be made since we have already tried to get regular financing to shoot last year and our actors, who are perfect for the parts, will likely not stay attached to the project.

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