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$12,455 pledged of $250,000 goal
By Veil Systems Inc.
$12,455 pledged of $250,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Laureen Schenk on November 5, 2015

      I'm convinced that the Veiltower-project will get to be realized and I'm also convinced that it will be a huge succes. Hang in and you'll get there! Count me in any time!

    2. Calvin Goh on November 4, 2015

      yeah! do send an email when u make your second project

    3. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on November 3, 2015

      Dear Calvin,
      We have learnt a lot from this campaign and we thank you for your support as well as the support we have received from many friends, investors and backers. We know what we need to work on in the future. 45% of these projects succeed the first time. Probably because of the same challenges we faced. But Rome wasn't built in a day either. We are in this for the longterm. ;-)

    4. Calvin Goh on November 2, 2015

      Why are there so many projects that can't hit the target this time round?

    5. Calvin Goh on November 1, 2015

      sigh~ i think will be another unsuccessful project :'(

    6. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 20, 2015

      Dear Maria,
      First off, thank you for your wishes to catch those *idiots* (as you call them). However its unfortunate that you think I pointed the finger at you. In the update I clearly state: "For the record, I don't suspect any of people quoted above - despite questioning their civility - of being behind the attacks. I believe they felt justified in their actions. Nor do I suspect or point my finger at anyone mentioned on this page. We entered the arena willingly with the red cape ('100% Secure'). And it was their 'InfoSec' arena to begin with." All the best. Edsard

    7. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 20, 2015

      Edsard, I just saw your update where you accused me of being part of a "cunning group" who were also responsible for attacking your website, posting pictures of your daughter and probably all the misery you've experienced in your life. I must honestly admit though that at this point I'm not sure whether you did that because you truly think people like me are responsible for any of that, or that it's just another attempt to frame the critics here as a group of evil people who are just trying to harm you, like you've been framing us before.

      Either way, you make it sound like this whole thing failed because of some evil people conspiring against you. Keep in mind though that you pretty much only sold a handful of units on the very first day, probably to friends and family. The product failed in the first place.

      The way you've communicated in this thread has been quite peculiar too. One might conclude it didnt exactly work out in your favour. Instead of just replying with technical information, you've been insulting critics from day 1, framing them like a group of incapable hobbyists and that they had no right of speaking in the first place. You've defended the need for your product with hilarious examples of security threads that have been patched ages ago, like the heartbleed bug. And your decision to not reveal any info at all about your product really backfired too. It took a week before people even realized what this thing does and how it's supposed to work. Security is based on trust and if you want people to trust you, I think it's important to explain how this thing is even supposed to increase their security in the first place.

      Instead of blaming some "cunning group" of evil hackers, maybe it's a good idea to evaluate the product and the marketing strategy itself.

      Good luck with the FBI, I honestly hope you catch those idiots. As much as I've come to dislike you, being extorted must be a horrible thing and I sincerly hope you'll catch the guys.

    8. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 17, 2015

      Our website is under (yet again) under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.
      And yet again another extortion e-mail. Uploaded to the same folder. We responded kindly that we are not going to pay or stop our campaign.…

    9. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 17, 2015

      "Don't be a jerk", take a good look at yourself Mr Ravelli .... You reap what you sow

    10. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 17, 2015

      Maria it's more than 'weird'. It's despicable. I stand by my earlier post. You came back because you did not believe me and I have provided proof. I will not be responding to you any more. As Kickstarter says: "Dont be a jerk. If you don’t like a project, don’t back it, simply move along." To our supporters, please don't stick up for us by responding. $1 Hecklers crave attention.

    11. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 17, 2015

      I am not disputing the fact that you have a lot of haters our there. The way you act here doesnt make me particularly like you neither. But you make it sound like one of the critics here is actually responsible for all those horrible things happening to you. The sole fact that you brought up IN THIS THREAD that some idiot posted photo's of your daugher somewhere on the internet and that your website is under attack, that's just weird. You're not pointing the finger at somebody in particular but you do make it sound like somebody HERE is responsible for all that. How dare you.

    12. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 17, 2015

      How dare you!?!? Don't you think i would have proof before making these claims?
      See the link with screenshots of the extortion e-mail as well as bitcoin address.…
      The logfiles have already been sent to the authorities. It's true. Not that it matters, odds of catching a DDoS attacker are slim and virtually anyone can buy a DDoS attack these days.
      The pictures of my daughter and other family members have been posted on Twitter.
      I am not going to re-post them to prove it. As an "IT person" you should be able to find them quickly enough. And frankly, that's not even the half of it. On Twitter I have been called: Liar, Incompetent, Scourge, Idiot, cunt, stupid, charlatan, coward, con man, snake-oil salesman, woefully ignorant, scheister, bullsh**, deceptive, deceitful, bastard, amateur, naive and the list of hate and ridicule goes on and on. I have accused me of creating fake profiles and 'doxxing' critics on Kickstarter. None of which are true. I can deal with the attacks on me personally. It comes with the territory and I don't fight back or sling any mud. Nor have I suggested you did any of this. But the fact is simple; What i say is true and the level at which I am being attacked is vicious and unrelenting. And yes; It's sick! And it all started because of "100% Secure". Now please just stay away. Nobody knows who you are anyway. And to the bullies: We won't quit. No matter what!

    13. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 17, 2015

      I had deleted my account but brought it back up because I wanted to react to Edsard's last post. Suggesting people are placing pictures online of your 4 year old daughter and extorting you, all because of this product is not only just laughable. No, it's despicable. I dont know which idiot did that but I'm 100% sure it's not because of this product here on kickstarter. Suggesting the 'critics' in this thread are responsible of that, is just sick. You dont exactly seem like a particular likeable guy, that's even a huge understatement, and I'm sure a guy like you has a lot of enemies. Go look there, instead of using that to your advantage here to combat the people who posted criticism. That's just sick.

      Furthermore, suggesting that 2 critics here are actually the same person is kind of paranoid too. Why would anybody want to register 2 accounts with 2 different credit cards here ? That's just crazy. In fact if you had checked you would have seen that I had pulled my donation from this project 2 days ago. I just brought it back in to respond to your (beyond) crazy allegations.

    14. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 17, 2015

      Dear Andrew,
      Thank you for your kind words. We do have our hearts in the right place. That is what drives us and is recognized by our friends, colleagues and business partners - who know us.
      Building and delivering a complex product like Veiltower takes a tremendous amount of effort and a vast array of people with different skill-sets. Information Security is one of them. But also Electrical Engineering, Radio-frequency engineering, Industrial design, User Experience design, software engineering, Financial management, Legal management, Logistics management and PR management. To name a few. Mistakes were made on the PR front. Actions were taken, both publicly and privately. But from the comments of people like Maria, Justin and elsewhere I do believe we are victims of tunnel-vision. And it's understandable because of 2 reasons. (a) 75 percent of tech and design projects funded on Kickstarter don't meet initial shipping date goals and many don't deliver at at all. And certain projects - Anonabox in particular - were outright scams from people that wanted to get-rich-quick. (b) The fact that the PR could and should have been better is clear. Numbers and (personal) attacks don't lie. And although I am not a PR person and sometimes things happened for certain reasons that I couldn't control at the time or talk about now, I DO TAKE FULL responsibility. But having to see pictures of my 4-year old daughter posted online, of family members, friends getting harassed, half-truths being written, getting DDoS'ed and getting extorted - because we initially wrote "100% Secure" - is completely disproportionate by any (civil) standard. Regards, Edsard.

    15. Missing avatar

      cybergibbons - Andrew Tierney on October 17, 2015

      Unfortunately, I think that you have your heart in the right place, but the initial mistakes made in the campaign (100% secure!) and subsequent response have burnt the campaign.

      I'd really strongly suggest speaking to someone who is frequently critical of projects like these. They can help you not make these mistakes.

    16. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 17, 2015

      Dear Justin (previous name Maria - another fake account),

      Kickstarter and Kickstarter projects are all about transparency. Your Kickstarter profile was created a few days ago and you have only pledged $1 on one project. Our project. And from your comments listed here - - its is clear for everyone to see what your intentions are.

      On top of this I don't think it's wise to impersonate Null. And its The Backdoor Factory (BDF) not BDFFactory. And when you state: "Dude ran wireshark on an unencrypted TCP stream" its shows you lack even the fundamental understanding of networking in general.

      Let me run it down for the non-techies: Justin/Maria (fun to see the same grammatical errors they both make and english not being their first language) is saying (in completely wrong terms by the way) that a tool called wireshark was used to capture data packets going over the unencrypted WiFi network (in layman's terms; Snooping on the network). Justin seems to forget that some apps, like the Google Gmail app run an SSL (encrypted) connection making that, under normal circumstances, illegible for wireshark. Secondly, Justin does not go into the rest of the article that stated that Edsard got "access to the phones of some of the attendees" which is more then just looking at packets. Edsard was able to collect various usernames and passwords from various attendees for various accounts. And since most people use the same username/password for other services... well let's just say... certain lawyers politely asked if Edsard could unlock their phone for them. But it made a lasting impression as lawyers - according to their own code of conduct - need to guarantee their clients confidentiality. And this not only applies to what they hear. The patent attorneys were also extremely nervous since certain patents had not been filed. And the M&A lawyers were nervous since stock sensitive information was in their possesion. Anyone attending understood that public WiFi is dangerous if you have data (or access to data) that has any value.

      Onto Justin's previous questions:

      Q- ISP vs. DPI question?
      A- Was answered in the updated page. See the VPN Flow diagram as well as VPN benefits.

      Q- If we were interested in "reverse mortgages" or reaching out to the Nigerian royal family?
      A- No thanks. Not our cup of tea. ;-)

      Q- Are you guys also an ISP?
      A- No. Quite the opposite. We're not Keesel. They're on Indiegogo ;-)

      Q- You accidentally stepped on Fluffy (Justin's cat apparently) while trying to find the pizza pocket in that amalgam of fur, claws, and carpet.
      A- Not really a technical question Justin but we hope your cat feels better. You did mention weighing 400 lbs.

      Q- Which PPTPD do we use?
      A- Finally a technical question albeit worded wrongly! Hooray! Answered in our first update; StrongSwan.

      It's been fun Justin. But as you can imagine we have slightly better things to do.
      So unfortunately your $1 only gave you so much. We regret to inform you that we no longer will be able to support your endevours. We wish you all the best with - as you described it so elegantly - finding a nightlight so you don't step on your pizza pockets again while playing World of Warcraft from your gaming battle station in your mom's basement.

      Give our best regards to our DIY competitor!

      0wN3d by Veiltower.

    17. Missing avatar

      justin perras on October 16, 2015

      Uh huh. I paid $1 to have a voice here and inspire a bit of critical thinking. Your primary demographic (grandma) is too trusting. Glad to see it working as intended.

      Also, dont dignify me with another insubstantial response. I'm merely asking for technical details - this shouldn't be so difficult :)

      Unless.. Well..

    18. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 16, 2015

      Justin, We're sorry you feel that way. As Kickstarter says: "Dont be a jerk. If you don’t like a project, don’t back it, simply move along." To our supporters, please don't stick up for us by responding. $1 Hecklers crave attention.

    19. Missing avatar

      justin perras on October 16, 2015

      Btw I have a killer app idea for this fictitious product. It will mitm all the things. Does this product support BDFFactory? If it launches (ha ha ha) ill be the first one to port it.

    20. Missing avatar

      justin perras on October 16, 2015

      @creator I was hoping you would address us with TECHNICAL DETAILS in the latest update but it is sorely lacking any of that.

      If you cant even follow through with a simple, thorough, update - why should backers trust you to follow through with this product? I will increase my pledge when you demonstrate a good reason.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jan Willem den Besten on October 15, 2015

      "if you're not new to IT and data security, can you explain then why you want this product ? Please also read my previous post. Thanks !"

      Sure. I pretty sure my home network is pretty safe but having said that, nothing is 100% safe. Im using two Draytek routers here (at home) that cost about 350+ Euros a piece. My internet provider only allows their own 'certified' cable modems which are pretty terrible so that thing has all options that can be switched off set to 0.
      But some friends (nerds excluded) and famliy have the same problem, dumb cablemodem/router/wifi combo and as much as I like them, Im not their sysadmin. They are never going to spend 200+ on a router, let alone figure out how to upgrade firmware on a device like that or how to set it up properly.
      My hope is this product will be something they would buy, and put in their living room (not in some hard to reach control cabinet).

      (And its pretty amazing to see the number of connects I get on my 'Free Wifi' raspberry Pi honeypot. People are pretty ignorant when using open networks :S

    22. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 14, 2015

      Dear Andrew,
      Veil Systems cares deeply about transparency. That's why our prototype demo video - in our Kickstarter page - was made with 4 cameras all running simultaneously from 4 different angles. We wanted to show that we truly have a working prototype that does what we claim.
      We couldn't agree more! in case you missed it, its below the rewards video, which also shows each single product in detail.

      In response to your questions:
      1 and 2. Similar to the agreement we have in place with an established ODM, we also have an agreement with an established AV & Malware vendor. It would be foolish to think that in such a complex industry we can build and maintain our own AV. It's not Clam AV ;-)
      As you can imagine, we're under NDA and are precluded from sharing our partners before achieving our funding goal.

      3. No. There is not. Let's not forget our target audience. We respect 'InfoSec' and we accept that they are hard to please. This product is not aimed at them. However, as we write on our Kickstarter page, we want to involve the developer community completely. We shared some of our ideas and invite developer and hardware partners to create 'Apps' for Veiltower. Many 'Tech Enthusiast' build their own apps, scripts etc..
      Veiltower gives this community the ability to monetize their skillset.

      4. Yes we have extensive experience in this space. We'll be posting an update about this shortly. Edsard, for example, is the inventor of this patent.…. This is the foundation for how Veiltower and Veil Access work (have a look at claim 1). The approved patent predates iPhone by 2 years. The patent details extensively the connectivity mechanism in use by most smartphones today as well as the update mechanism that Veiltower will employ. The same patent also touches on the seamless handover (Mobile IP) capabilities that Veil Access offers. Look forward to an update regarding the credentials.

      5. Debian.

    23. Missing avatar

      cybergibbons - Andrew Tierney on October 14, 2015

      The problem with security is that it relies on a trust relationship. Do I actually understand RSA? No, not at a low level. I trust that mathematicians and cryptographers are the ones that understand it. Do I understand how session tokens work? Yes, in great depth. My customers then trust me that when I say "This is how you use session tokens", and go and implement it.

      Then their customers trust that they have secured their website. They don't need to understand each step - there is a chain of trust.

      If you don't put the technical detail out there, and aren't willing to discuss it, that trust can't be formed.

      Please be upfront about what your device can and can't do, and how you propose to do it. Gain the trust of backers and the wider security community. We are a hard crowd to please.

      I have some further questions:
      1. You offer AV in the device. Who is going to be providing signatures for this? Will it be cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS)?
      2. How will that AV deal with malware delivered over secure channels? To inspect the contents of TLS secured traffic, you will need to be able to decrypt it, which brings risks.
      3. Is there a VPN out from the device to the Internet?
      4. How big is your development team? How many have worked with routers and embedded security devices before?
      5. What is Rook OS?

    24. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 14, 2015

      Small correction: somebody pointed out that I should have written 'Rio' instead of Zune.
      It's been a while (3 years) since reading Walter Isaacson's book about Steve Jobs. Was referring to this quote from the book: "Jobs had a special passion for the project because he loved music. The music players that were already on the market, he told his colleagues, “truly sucked.” Phil Schiller, Jon Rubinstein, and the rest of the team agreed. As they were building iTunes, they spent time with the Rio and other players while merrily trashing them. “We would sit around and say, ‘These things really stink,’” Schiller recalled. “They held about sixteen songs, and you couldn’t figure out how to use them.”"

      An excellent book to read by the way.

    25. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 13, 2015


      I read the article and I believe the writer is sincere. But if there is one thing i know well from developing software for - literally millions of people (Vodafone Global, O2, Swisscom, KPN, Best Buy, etc...) - is that it is a fallacy to think you can change people. Ever heard of the expression: "Can't teach an old dog new tricks"?

      Before the iPod there was Zune. Usability has always been at the core of mass adoption.
      And 'security in a box' is possible. Just because it hasn't been figured out (yet) does not mean its impossible. Quite the opposite. Everything we can imagine we can achieve.

      Instead of saying 'why something can't', we should come together and say 'How do we?'

    26. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 13, 2015

      So your target audience is people who do not know much about computers. Ok. The problem here then lies in the fact that 'security in a box' might give those people the idea that they're safe and that idea might actually put them in more danger. I think that's the paradox here. Yes, a VPN can add an additional layer of safety but that's it and especially elderly for example might not realize that their behaviour is WAY more important here and they might change that behaviour for the worse, thinking that they're 'safe' anyway. Or in other words, much like described here:

    27. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 13, 2015

      As we have stated time and time again and what you 'an Enthusiast' are not willing to accept is that not everybody wants to be a (tech) enthusiast. And not everyone has to the skill to be one.
      For example; the elderly; a very large and vulnerable group of people - typically with a nest-egg - are specifically targetted. Most people want to go about their daily life and deal with their work, kids, commitments and a myriad of other topics.

      Not everyone wants to be like you. Just like not everyone spends $1 to bash a project that has a goal to protect novices. As Kickstarter says: "If you don’t like a project, don’t back it, simply move along." There is no reason for you to be here. You don't need a Veiltower. Everyone sees that.

      Please cancel your $1 pledge and go do something productive. In fact, build a competing product. The world needs a product with these features - that a novice can use. The more, the better.

    28. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 13, 2015

      Anyway, so if this is about setting up a VPN with your home because you are afraid of MTM attacks on wifi, then there are at lot of WAY cheaper solutions, like somebody pointed out below:

    29. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 13, 2015

      @Andrew: yes, it will stop *my* ISP doing DPI but what happens on the part VPN to the target ? That part is unencrypted again so open to DPI to the ISP handling that part.

    30. Missing avatar

      cybergibbons - Andrew Tierney on October 13, 2015

      So does traffic from the router to the Internet over your normal ISP over a VPN as well? I don't trust my ISP anymore than I trust third-party WiFi providers.

      What threat model are you designing to protect against? Criminals? Nation state? Script kiddy? What about attackers on the local network?

      Have you analysed the most common attack vectors for personal data breaches? As I understand it - and I am not really specialist in this area - phishing is the most common when attacking individuals, but breaches of the central system are fast catching up. How would Veil protect against breaches like Target, OPM, Ashley Madison? You have consented to let these third-parties store your data, and they have messed up.

      The problem with skipping the technical detail is that it doesn't instil a sense of confidence. In the same way that it's easy to describe a car's safety features, it takes a lot of work and knowledge to develop them, and then there is testing and certification.

      If all you can do is describe the solution in vague terms, it is unlikely that you will be able to deliver.

      Maria - surely a VPN out from the router to a VPN provider will stop you ISP doing DPI?

    31. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 12, 2015

      Dear Andrew,

      Excellent question!
      Our goal: To protect ordinary people - mostly without IT knowledge - from various forms of Cybercrime. The way we designed the Kickstarter page was to appeal to average consumers.
      We chose not to make the page very technical because - as we wrote in one of our Kickstarter updates - we worry that 'Average Joe' will be scared away if we used a lot of technical explanation.

      But here is the more technical explanation of the product:
      Veiltower is a LAN & Wi-Fi Router that has a built-in Firewall, VPN Server, Antivirus & Malware protection. Each Veiltower is accessible (even with a dynamic ip-address) from anywhere. One of the things that makes Veiltower unique is the way the Veil Access App works.

      This App sets up the connectivity to either Mobile Broadband or Wi-Fi. And the App - whenever your device connects and no matter how its connects - sets up a VPN tunnel to your Veiltower at home. So no VPN Service is needed or has to be paid for additionally. The VPN has numerous advantages.

      At Hotspots:
      When you connect via a Hotspot, your traffic is encrypted. Most ordinary people don't realize that their data is virtually completely visible on a un-encrypted WiFi network.

      During a man-in-the-middle attack:
      Even if your public WiFi connection is hijacked by a man-in-the-middle attack - and thus all your data flows through a device of a hacker - the information is encrypted and basically useless to a hacker. At least its less interesting then the information that was not encrypted, from a user that was not using a VPN. Wanting to avoid the HTTPS discussion again, let me also say that not all data flows through HTTPS (ssl). Many apps do not use SSL.

      Whether you are connected directly to the Veiltower (via LAN or Wi-Fi) or via the Veil Access VPN, all your data goes through Veiltower. As we demonstrate in the Demo video on our Kickstarter page the Veiltower firewall blocks phishing sites.

      Net Neutrality:
      This is also where the VPN comes in. Imagine that you have a Mobile Data subscription with AT&T and a Cable subscription with Verizon. AT&T can see exactly where you are browsing to in the case of your Smartphone and Verizon sees where you browse to at home.

      Not only can AT&T see where you are browsing to, they can (and we are not saying they are. Its just and example) also decide to give you a slow experience on website A vs. website B.

      This is at the heart of the net neutrality debate. The ability for a service provider to discriminate certain traffic.

      When you use Veil Access you are setting up a tunnel between your device (in this case AT&T) and your home connection (in this case Verizon). So as far is AT&T knows you are just connecting to your home. And even that is not necessarily true. AT&T sees that you are connecting to a VPN Server via a VPN. They can't see what data flows through the VPN so its not possible for them to discriminate. Because once your data flows through Veiltower, this data is on the Verizon Network and AT&T can't see this.

    32. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 12, 2015

      And another thing, is this even meant for mobile use ? Or is this something to use at home ? Seems kinda big for mobile and I dont think it comes with batteries or does it ?

    33. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 12, 2015

      I think this project is failing mainly because the makers dont even care to explain what this even exactly *IS*. Like Andrew below said, what's up with the VPN part ? With what server/service is it even setting up this VPN ? That's kinda important, if you want to send all your sensitive data to someone to actually *increase* security, then it seems it would matter who that someone is. Also, is that VPN coming with a monthly fee or is it included in the price ? Also Edsard claims it can prevent DPI, but how would that even be possible ? Like people correctly stated before, this only is possible if you are also an ISP. And what hardware can connect to this router ? I think older devices dont work because they dont have the needed certificates ?

      Instead of bashing the critics here and trying to bully them away by revealing as much personal details as possible (that's really a sad thing to do), why not just have an open discussion here about the actualy product ? It seems the makers want to avoid that as much as possible, which is a really bad sign here ...

    34. Missing avatar

      cybergibbons - Andrew Tierney on October 12, 2015

      Veil - Can you clarify what the product is?

      The main campaign page doesn't really mention that the Veil protects outside the house by VPNing back to the router.

      Does the connection from the router out go over a VPN? If so, who is providing the service?

      How are you protecting against threats such as phishing?

      Jan - yes, we can let the audience decide. You like stalking people for no reason, because you have nothing to add to the discussion here. Then you make false statements that a company is a competitor of Veil.

    35. Veil Systems Inc. Creator on October 12, 2015

      Let me start by appreciating the support we are getting from our real backers as well as real questions. To the haters; I did not ask any of the backers to write on behalf of Veiltower and all the people - supporting Veiltower - are real. Justin is another $1 backer. Its too bad that there are cyber-bullies out there that get a kick out of bullying people. It is especially sad that they do his with a project that has but one goal; protecting people online. I repeat, Last year 40 million people had their data stolen (1 in 7) and the global cost was 500 billion. And except for the doubt whether Veiltower can actually pull of what it claims, nobody has stated that the protection itself is not needed. A shame.

    36. Jan Visser on October 12, 2015

      Thx Justin, hope you feel proud now...�

    37. Missing avatar

      justin perras on October 12, 2015

      @Jan && @creator: The audience has decided already: You lost a backer yesterday and you're not getting any new ones. Accept your fate and move on. Better luck next time. Might i suggest getting into "reverse mortgages" or reaching out to the Nigerian royal family for your future endeavors.

      Best of luck. You're certainly going to need it.

    38. Jan Visser on October 12, 2015

      I'll let the audience decide. If you have issues with that, why don't we take it offline. You can contact me on Linkedin. I shouldn't be hard to find there.

    39. Missing avatar

      cybergibbons - Andrew Tierney on October 12, 2015

      A job that is totally irrelevant to this project, yes.

      I'm a backer. I can ask questions.

    40. Jan Visser on October 12, 2015

      Nope, you are not, to be fair...

      But you are not independent and objective as well, with a job like that on the side.

      And still breaking KS policy. If you don't like something posted on KS, move on.

    41. Missing avatar

      cybergibbons - Andrew Tierney on October 12, 2015

      What are you talking about? Is there a reason you have searched and disclosed totally irrelevant information about me?

      I'm not anonymous.

    42. Jan Visser on October 12, 2015

      Derivation Software = Competitor
      Get it?
      Boohoo, I don't know why veheman supporters are always trying to uncover who people are?
      Well simply because anonimously bashing competitor stuff at Kickstarter conflicts with their policy, silly! Read the T&C, love, quite clear on that.

    43. Missing avatar

      justin perras on October 12, 2015

      @Andrew: Yeah, that's why I asked if they function as a service provider. Whole thing seems kind of redundant. Thanks for the insights.

    44. Missing avatar

      cybergibbons - Andrew Tierney on October 12, 2015

      I'd assumed - which I shouldn't really have to - that I VPN back to the home router and then it VPNs back out again. At which point I am wondering why I wouldn't just connect to the same VPN the home router is.

    45. Missing avatar

      justin perras on October 12, 2015

      Thanks for the clarification Andrew. But I am still confused. If this router uses the house ISP for everything then isn't that where it the problem is?

      I thought that if i'm on WiFi at Starbucks and I VPN using my house's router @comcast/vz/twc/rogers/etc , then Starbucks' ISP is out of luck because the requests are crypted and wrapped, but what about all the requests being made from home? Isn't that still a problem? Can't the ISP over at home still DPI all the things?

    46. Missing avatar

      cybergibbons - Andrew Tierney on October 12, 2015

      Justin - a VPN should protect you from deep packet inspection. The ISP has no way of looking inside unless they have a vulnerability we are not aware of.

      Veil - you aren't very clear about what your product does. You use of terminology and jargon is confusing. I understand the motive to bring security to the masses, but unless you really clarify what you are doing, you are not going to get the security community onboard.

      The vehement supporters are rather disturbing too. I don't understand why supporters always try to uncover who people are.

    47. Missing avatar

      Richard Thornton
      on October 11, 2015

      Wow, seen it all before, already failed project, angry shills getting personal, do yourself a favour @creator and relaunch this as a wifi router, maybe add security features as stretch goals so you know you will have the budget to implement them.

    48. Jan Visser on October 11, 2015

      En there is Maria Nolastname again spreadin accusations without reveiling anything about herself. You go, girl (or boy)!

    49. Missing avatar

      Maria on October 11, 2015

      It's really interesting to see how some of those 'backers' want to succeed this project so badly, while everybody who came to this thread and demonstrated some security knowledge agrees that this product only is going to give users a false sense of additional security. You'd almost start to think they're associated with the company. ALMOST :)

      Anyway who cares, with a week out and only 4% backed this project is going to fail for sure. Like snake-oil most of the times does.

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