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From Pythagoras to the present, tracing the deep roots of today's movement for animals. Free audio download.
From Pythagoras to the present, tracing the deep roots of today's movement for animals. Free audio download.
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Thank You for Such an Inspiring Start!

Posted by Ian McDonald, The Vegan Option (Creator)
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Wow. The generosity of the first few days has really humbled me. Nearly a quarter in 24 hours - and standing at 43% after just a few days. 

But I need your help to let folk know about this if the telling of our history is going to be all it could be.

It's been a busy week - editing shows for Resonance FM and British Public Radio, keeping the Kickstarter campaign running, as well as interviewing Stephanie Redcross of Vegan Mainstream for an update to The Vegan Option. One of the duvets is still hanging up!

The support from the vegan community has been amazing. Kip the Messy Vegetarian Cook blogged that it was "to put it bluntly, a really neat project"; food swop blog All About Vegan Food invited readers to "help history come to life"; and the UK's Jewish Vegetarian society said it was "fantastic to support independent journalism and help raise awareness"

I've also been on the other side of the microphone (and the other side of the pond)! Bob Linden interviewed me on his US GCN network show "Go Vegan Radio" (at 24 minutes) about The Vegan Option's invasion of mainstream radio; as has Alice Armstrong of SoundArt (an art radio station in the west of England) interviewed me. And Tanya and Dawn interviewed me all about the project (as well as various tangents about US and British history) on Episode 12 of their podcast Progressive Kitch. As it's almost all about Vegetarianism: The Story So Far, I'm including their show here: 

Progressive Kitch Episode 12: Brave New Project, The History of Vegetarianism (29mins) 

Tanya blogged about the project, saying she's "now completely excited about this ... it offers something the veg movement has never before had: a complete, accessible, and cohesive picture of our historical roots".

So I'm thankful to you, whether you're a friend, or one of the backers I don't yet know personally. It's great to know it's getting support from all across the world!

But this is where I need your help to spread it further. Almost half (47%) of the clicks on have been through Facebook, which tells us that word of mouth is very, very important.

So weekend, I've got a request. Let everyone in the vegetarian and vegan community know about this. To let the veggie and vegan friends who, for the first time, might want to have a history of our own that we can download and enjoy.

Only half of the visitors are from outside the UK. I know that the project has more international appeal - not least because roughly two thirds of the audience for The Vegan Option is non-UK. There are many people, who would probably want in. So please let them know, so they can learn about it over weekend brunch!

Thank you for making this possible. Please spread the word. Let's make history!


The Duvet Studio,


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