Vectorships: A different and standout educational game!

  • Greetings and salutations all! I am Nicholas Hand, a graduate student with USF's college of education instructional technology program and I invite you to take intrigue into this very different educational board game I have designed with others as part of a class assignment. In this game, you will experience all of the following key aspects:
  • Intuitive 2 player game that pits each player against on another arrangements of ship pieces whereby they try to advance their turns either by just taking one advancement each turn, or going for general knowledge challenges that are designed hone players thinking whilst they play the game. In so doing, they will gain   the following:
  • More shots per turns, power up cards that allows for more plays per turn, chance to capture a vectorships challenge which means they can acquire two power cards for the price of one if they succeed as well as gaining the ability to upgrade a single ship to a vectorship.
  • Currently, the game features the following general knowledge challenge cards which is chosen by the opponent of the player who is taking the challenge and selected by them. The exception is when a vector challenge is played then that player may decide which topic they're asked about and also received the vectorship challenge questions which are a tad more difficult.
  • When players win either a vectorchallenge or 3 different topics of the standard challenge cards, they receive the following possible added ability/power up cards to play: Repair: allows the player to play this on their turn or opponents turn. In the case of the former. You simply remove a hit/damage and replace it with a repair that stays on the vessel for the next turn preventing it from being hit on the opponents next turn. In the case of the latter it can interdict what could otherwise be a capture/ sinking of your vessel by an opponent. (if it is regarding a single finishing hit) 
  • Players my flip a coin or roll a dice to determine who goes first.
  • Players may initiate a vectorchallenge on the other player in an attempt to negate a shot after 3 power ups have been attained. (including the vector card)
  • When a player selects a ship as a vectorship it receives one additional hit point and may be moved, but if the vectorship is lost you lose the game.
  • Each player as a standard deployment as you'd expect from a battleship inspired game. However, it must be done in this way: S/He may place the four “ships” anywhere he wants, but he must place the cards of each ship next to each other either vertically or horizontally like in this example: 

The game is over when one of the conditions is met: 1) One player has won the bulk of vector challenges (there are 6 in total) 2) All the opponents vessels have been captured/sunk. 3) A player concedes defeat then final scores are taken. 

Risks and challenges

This project is an attempt to bring more educational opportunities by way of a fun board game in an after school program at a local elementary school. As such, the prototype must pass through the following hurdles: 1) Appeal: I have been working tirelessly to address this by devising the game in many iterations and trying to find the iteration that has the perfect balance between fun and hard learning. 2) Distribution: Being able to get the word out on the challenges of us being able to grow our learning communities and reaching outward to other neighboring schools to make the product more viable is a key challenge as well as opportunity! 3) Priority: whilst this game is currently being play tested towards the key audience of elementary students I will need to adjust the scaling of difficulty and tutorial features as we go from that target audience and expand our initiative.

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