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Zip it like a regular jacket but on your legs. Keep your pants dry!
Made to last you a lifetime.
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    1. Missing avatar


      I really like these pants! They work just as well (if not better) than the popular 3-letter outdoor brand. Thanks for a good product!

    2. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Rizvan As we've seen from the previous pair, taped inseams still hold. Could you please describe (if you know) where's the exact spot of leaking? You and one more backer had the same problem but it was resolved by sending the second pair to other backer and that pair is fine.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rizvan Jacob on

      Anyone else having issues with the pants letting water in? My pants are letting water in from the seam at the crotch, and the zippers don't seem to be very waterproof. This is the 2nd pair I've tried (after facing the same issue with the last pair), so I really don't think it was a manufacturing defect on my previous pair. Just wanted to ask if anyone else had the same issue?

    4. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Jayne, I've answered you in DM.

    5. Jayne McClelland on

      hi, i just sent a seperate message. i just received my trousers for the first time, but they are damaged, they have a cut in them, the packaging was really poor and there wasa handwritten note in there from someone in canada related to an exchange, so i think they did not come from you directly. i think i received someone elses by mistake somehow, the name on inside note is Anders Lau, i have no idea who that is . Please advise what i shoudl do, who can i return them to to get a correct sized new pair, thanks Jayne

    6. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Mitchell Hmmm, that's odd because I've sent the tracking numbers by email. The important thing is that you received it and that you like it:) You're welcome, let it serve you well.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Nurse on

      Just received my new pair today, the fit is great. And perfect timing as we’re going backpacking this weekend and it might be raining. I didn’t receive a tracking number though so I was pleasantly surprised to see it in my mailbox today. Thanks Vear!

    8. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Mark and @Julian, everything has been shipped during the last week except two pairs awaiting confirmation. I'm waiting for the rest of the tracking numbers so I can forward it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Julian Eliz

      @Creator - have replacement pants been sent out for people who returned theirs due to incorrect sizing? It’s been 3 weeks since you said mine would be sent out and I have not received anything.

    10. Missing avatar


      Still waiting for an email with tracking info

      Backer number: 135

    11. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Alice and @RyuGa Valentin are away but he updated me and told me that the remaining tracking codes will be sent to me by Friday so I'll try to send all 150 of it in one day.

    12. RyuGa on

      Hi, I am backer 805
      Is there any shipping progress to Indonesia?
      Thank You

    13. Alice Raunsbæk

      Will you make an update, when you receive the last pairs? We picked up a package the other day and thought it might be the vear for my husband - he was a bit disappointed to find that it wasn't

    14. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Gordon, I'm forwarding tracking codes as I receive it. I've forwarded just now 80 and waiting for the 150 that's left. It should be in a matter of days, just to handle them and to pass the customs.

    15. Gordon Ho on

      Can I please get an update on when my pair is shipped ? i still havn't any shipment info yet.


    16. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Gerry, I've sent your shipping data as well. The shipping lady told me she should ship it all this week.

    17. Missing avatar

      Gerry G on

      Backer #689 here.
      Any idea when mine has been shipped?

    18. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Mark, yes, when everything is shipped, I should receive all tracking numbers and then I'll send them to everyone's email address. The packages are being shipped daily and it started slower because of the customs but no worries now, every last pair was finally delivered to us. There is nothing more to wait from the manufacturer.
      @Jeri, you're in the shipping process as well and your pair will be sent soon.
      @Anthony, I've written you in the inbox here and you have one question as well.

    19. Missing avatar

      Anthony Barnes

      Can I please get an update on when my replacement pair will be shipped to me. As I have shipped back the first pair that was sent to me and have yet to receive the replacement pair yet.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeri Ong on

      Hi, I have not received my package yet. Can i have an update of the status please?

    21. Missing avatar


      Backer number: 135

      Just to confirm, emails will be sent with tracking details once our order is shipped?


    22. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Martine, our next version will put a stronger note to the manufacturer that a female pair, because of the anatomy, should have bigger hips to waist ratio. Thank you for your feedback.
      @Alex, we've discussed this via email and your replacement pair will be sent.

    23. Alex Dearden on

      Hello, I was loving my trousers until they really let me down today: the seams are not waterproof at all and neither seems to be the crotch area!

      What can I do about this? Is there a replacement programme? I can send pics if needed.


    24. Martine Dubois on

      Hi, I am replying to your last email where you say some of us did not yet make arrangments for a replacement pair. I did not reach out even though the leg jacket I got (correct size) doesn't fit because the problem is not the length of the leg or the size of the waist. My problem is that I am not a factory model size: my thighs are big and none of your pants can be zipped up past them and even if they could, I don't think I could bike with them on (not stretchy).
      This is too bad as I love this concept and how easy it would have been to put on/off.
      I am disappointed only that I can enjoy this great product; maybe your next endeavour will consider some stretchy material in the back of the leg so that the top is protected while allowing movement.

    25. VEAR 2-time creator on

      Guys, sorry for no reply, the notifications didn't arrive on email. Everyone who wrote via email or via messages got a reply on time. I'll answer here and you can read the full update that will be posted today.
      @Fran - nice to hear you like it. Feel free to send some photos.
      @Jennifer, @Gannon, @Jordan, @Tony, Gordon, @Ryuga - Your pairs will be sent during this and next week because we received almost all of it and the rest is coming. Everything up to the last pair will be sent by the end of this month.
      @Dave, @Terence - I've finally received info about your returned packages 9 hours ago and it will be resent to you ASAP. Could you just provide me with your phone numbers and confirm your addresses on
      @Zoe - Your shipment was sent and tracking number was sent to your address but no one has picked it and it's being returned to the warehouse to be resent.
      @Alice - I've forwarded data to Valentin and he'll handle it once we complete all returns and switches.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Neff on

      743 has also not received anything yet.

    27. Gannon

      Can you check the shipping status of my item? Thanks.

    28. Jordan Ronkin

      I’m confused about the status of this project. I haven’t received anything yet and I’d like to make sure you have everything you need from me. Thanks

    29. Missing avatar

      Tony Tan on

      Backer 107 here. What's going on? Where is my items?

    30. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on

      VEAR stopped responding for a month now. Whats going on?

    31. Alice Raunsbæk

      Can we have an update about what is going on with the last (missing) leg jackets? Please?

    32. Missing avatar

      Terence on

      Hi, I'm backer Number 85. And I've not gotten mine yet. From Singapore. Please reply.

    33. Zoe Tsui

      It had been two month from update #32 about the last shipment. I am backer 151 and just wonder if my pledge have been sent. Thanks!

    34. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on

      Hi, what is the status of the stock count? Are my two pairs already found?

    35. Gordon CHU

      I am backer 92. Please advise the status of my reward.

    36. RyuGa on

      Backer 805 from Indonesia checking on delivery status
      Thank You

    37. Missing avatar

      Fran WATKINS on

      I know you have had some real problems with suppliers, manufacture, etc. (not to mention the pink fabric on 1 April!) so it as been a long wait for us backers. I just wanted to say thanks. I backed this project (when I was sick, thinking maybe by the time these arrive I'll be well enough to get out on my bike again, or go for a hike, fingers crossed). I have been on a few rides and got wet hiking in the meantime. Then, on Thursday there was a mystery package from Italy when I got home. (I guess that was your switch system in action - grazie Ettore!) The Legs Jacket fit perfectly, so congratulations on getting there in the end. Now, I need some real English weather to try them out - the sun has been shining for the last two days...

    38. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Paul, @DaveV, @David - your pairs will be sent in this batch. Valentin reached to the manufacturer and he stated he'll be done in two weeks including these new pairs of the switches.
      @DaveC - I'm doing sizes totals after this day and if we will not have it in stock to send you right away from the batch, I'll push it to be made.

    39. Paul herman

      Backer 852 checking on status my pledge

    40. Missing avatar

      Dave VanDerwill on

      HI, it's been 4 weeks since you stated it would be 3-4 weeks for the final batch. Can you please confirm shipment of my legs jacket? It's frustrating to see your updates about switches when many of us haven't even received notification that our pants have shipped.

    41. David M Goldstein

      Backer 78. I have not received my pants. Any update?

    42. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on

      May I know when is the last batch expected to be shipped out?

      Please also confirm if my two pairs are included.

    43. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Kyle Oh, how I love to read this kind of feedbacks:) Glad to hear your pair is serving you well. You are free to send some photos from the snow while using it at

    44. Kyle Bringhurst

      Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I love the product! I was one of the backers who also was worried after seeing that the Sympatex material on the performance didn't say "performance". However, I put the pants under the tap at my house and didn't have any issues, and I wore them while snowboarding all day today without any water getting in and without it being too cold. Well done!

    45. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Paul, you're also scheduled for this upcoming/last batch.
      @Brandon, I've sent it to your email:)

    46. Brandon Yeo on

      Thanks for the reply! Could you kindly email me to check if the address is correct? We won't want it to go to the wrong address and the lucky guy gets 2 pairs of free Legs Jacket....

      Remember that I'm backer #138 and shall be waiting for your email to get in touch! :)

    47. Paul herman

      I’m back 852
      Wondering on status

    48. VEAR 2-time creator on

      @Brandon, don't worry, I've noted it and the new pair will be sent to you once this batch is done.
      @Gannon and @Gordon, your pairs are being produced in this final batch and will be sent as scheduled.
      @Dave, you will receive your two pairs. In the worst case scenario, we will send two new pairs from this last batch when it's done. If it's returned earlier to the warehouse, even better, because it will be resent sooner.

    49. Gordon CHU

      I am backer 92 and I has not received my reward yet. Please advise the situation.

    50. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on

      Hi VEAR,

      Its already 2 months since the failed deliveries of my orders.

      Can you please share when can I expect my two pairs to be re-delivered?

      All we need is a promised date, and of course, fulfilling that promise.

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