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Zip it like a regular jacket but on your legs. Keep your pants dry!
Made to last you a lifetime.
✪Free World-Wide Shipping!✪
Zip it like a regular jacket but on your legs. Keep your pants dry!
Made to last you a lifetime.
✪Free World-Wide Shipping!✪
Zip it like a regular jacket but on your legs. Keep your pants dry! Made to last you a lifetime. ✪Free World-Wide Shipping!✪
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    1. Missing avatar

      Fran WATKINS about 21 hours ago

      I know you have had some real problems with suppliers, manufacture, etc. (not to mention the pink fabric on 1 April!) so it as been a long wait for us backers. I just wanted to say thanks. I backed this project (when I was sick, thinking maybe by the time these arrive I'll be well enough to get out on my bike again, or go for a hike, fingers crossed). I have been on a few rides and got wet hiking in the meantime. Then, on Thursday there was a mystery package from Italy when I got home. (I guess that was your switch system in action - grazie Ettore!) The Legs Jacket fit perfectly, so congratulations on getting there in the end. Now, I need some real English weather to try them out - the sun has been shining for the last two days...

    2. VEAR 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @Paul, @DaveV, @David - your pairs will be sent in this batch. Valentin reached to the manufacturer and he stated he'll be done in two weeks including these new pairs of the switches.
      @DaveC - I'm doing sizes totals after this day and if we will not have it in stock to send you right away from the batch, I'll push it to be made.

    3. Paul herman
      on February 10

      Backer 852 checking on status my pledge

    4. Missing avatar

      Dave VanDerwill on February 9

      HI, it's been 4 weeks since you stated it would be 3-4 weeks for the final batch. Can you please confirm shipment of my legs jacket? It's frustrating to see your updates about switches when many of us haven't even received notification that our pants have shipped.

    5. David M Goldstein
      on February 9

      Backer 78. I have not received my pants. Any update?

    6. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on February 8

      May I know when is the last batch expected to be shipped out?

      Please also confirm if my two pairs are included.

    7. VEAR 2-time creator on January 28

      @Kyle Oh, how I love to read this kind of feedbacks:) Glad to hear your pair is serving you well. You are free to send some photos from the snow while using it at

    8. Kyle Bringhurst
      on January 26

      Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I love the product! I was one of the backers who also was worried after seeing that the Sympatex material on the performance didn't say "performance". However, I put the pants under the tap at my house and didn't have any issues, and I wore them while snowboarding all day today without any water getting in and without it being too cold. Well done!

    9. VEAR 2-time creator on January 26

      @Paul, you're also scheduled for this upcoming/last batch.
      @Brandon, I've sent it to your email:)

    10. Brandon Yeo on January 25

      Thanks for the reply! Could you kindly email me to check if the address is correct? We won't want it to go to the wrong address and the lucky guy gets 2 pairs of free Legs Jacket....

      Remember that I'm backer #138 and shall be waiting for your email to get in touch! :)

    11. Paul herman
      on January 25

      I’m back 852
      Wondering on status

    12. VEAR 2-time creator on January 25

      @Brandon, don't worry, I've noted it and the new pair will be sent to you once this batch is done.
      @Gannon and @Gordon, your pairs are being produced in this final batch and will be sent as scheduled.
      @Dave, you will receive your two pairs. In the worst case scenario, we will send two new pairs from this last batch when it's done. If it's returned earlier to the warehouse, even better, because it will be resent sooner.

    13. Gordon CHU
      on January 23

      I am backer 92 and I has not received my reward yet. Please advise the situation.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on January 22

      Hi VEAR,

      Its already 2 months since the failed deliveries of my orders.

      Can you please share when can I expect my two pairs to be re-delivered?

      All we need is a promised date, and of course, fulfilling that promise.

    15. Gannon
      on January 22

      Can you check the shipping status of my item? Thanks.

    16. Brandon Yeo on January 22

      Hi I'm backer #138 and I have yet to receive my item. I remember that i got a tracking number
      LP008485336HK and says that it's delivered but I have never received it!

    17. VEAR 2-time creator on January 19

      @RyuGa, it will take place at the same time as for the other countries. In three weeks.

    18. RyuGa on January 18

      I am backer #805. Is there any update about delivery process to Indonesia?

    19. VEAR 2-time creator on January 18

      @Melissa, check your inbox here because I've sent you the address we have so you can confirm it or write us a new one.

    20. Missing avatar

      Melissa Hernandez-Warren on January 17

      Hi, I updated my address, etc, a while back, but I wanted to be sure you received the update. Can you confirm? I'm no longer in San Francisco.

    21. VEAR 2-time creator on January 16

      @Terence, I've seen your message first and replied there.
      @Dave, yes, we are fully aware of that and it's out of any deadline for getting it back. If it's not returned by the time we finish this last batch, of course, we will send you new pairs.
      @Robyn, could you write to me at so we can resolve the problem.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robyn Jaques
      on January 13

      Disappointed that there is very little stretch in the waist of my hubbys XXL pair. (Unlike my pair). The fit is perfect over his pants and legs and he certainly could not have had a smaller size, but there is very little shaping, tightness or stretch to give any firmness at waist. Because there is no firmness at the waist, they are just sliding down. Useless. I queried the sizing and you confirmed this would be perfect for him, although he is not a xxlarge person. one of the zips is also difficult to get started as the head of the zip is hooded with the fabric. The tightening tabs are pretty useless as the Velcro does not extend far enough.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on January 13

      More than 1 month has passed since the failed deliveries.

      If there is still no confirmation that the 2 pairs have been successfully returned from the delivery company, can you please take it that the packages are already lost & arrange for new deliveries right away?

    24. Missing avatar

      Terence on January 11

      Hi I live in Singapore and my item never arrive. Can someone please give me an update pls?

    25. VEAR 2-time creator on January 11

      @DaveVanderwill I wrote you in the different comments section, you can take a look.
      @DaveChong That process is not up to us, we can only wait until we're notified it's received back and then resend it.
      @Tzvia Thank you very much:)
      @Santosh and @An Please write me at with the details
      @Kayla You can also write at with the new address details
      @Raziel Thank you very much for your feedback. We will try to make the presentation even better so everyone can know "what's on the table". As for the model, yes, we will try to make a new model after collecting enough feedback and by adding some ideas of our own. Everyone is welcome to make a suggestion.

    26. An Allsman
      on January 11

      Got the pants, but I gained weight, and while I can wear them, once I put the pants over my regular pants, they are too tight. I want to swap for a larger pair. They look and feel great, but I want a "looser" fit.

    27. Missing avatar

      Raziel on January 11

      Got mine. The pants are very high quality. Tested them in a heavy rain during my ride on the scooter. The performance is fantastic. I am more than satisfied with the product. Very good job done here guys! I actually would be happy to know how can I leave a more detailed feedback on each feature? Are you planning to produce more of those for sale? And are you planning on upgrading this model or leaving it as is?

    28. Missing avatar

      Kayla Cohen on January 9

      Hello, I’m backer #334. I changed addresses and had my mail forwarded for a year but that has now expired. I have still not received my pair. Where do I update my address?

    29. Missing avatar

      Santosh Dash on January 9

      HI, happy new year !! I need to look at exchanging the size as the "S" is traditionally very small. Please let me know the process for exchange.

      Thank you

    30. Missing avatar

      Tzvia Shmuelevitch on January 9

      Thank you for amazing product!

    31. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on January 9

      Another week has passed, and still no new update on my order?

      What is so difficult to re-deliver the 2 packages that was already returned to Hong Kong?

      I don’t understand the complication. Where exactly are my 2 pairs now?

    32. Missing avatar

      Dave VanDerwill on January 5

      Thanks, but I didn't switch sizes and "probably in couple weeks" doesn't instill confidence. Can you confirm my pair has actually shipped?

    33. VEAR 2-time creator on January 5

      @John, we're glad we delivered as promised to you. Too bad for the future projects but I'm sure you will change your mind. There are many people here with brilliant ideas. Some consultancy should definitely exist for the successful projects because the real work starts not when you get funded but when you have to give life to your concept.
      @Casper and Dave Probably in a couple of weeks. We've ordered some more pants to be produced because many backers switched sizes. Many pants will be left on the stock because of the fact that we have 60 variations and backers wanted to switch to sizes that were not in the production totals. We've already received a good part and sent to the backers that had those sizes chosen and we'll send the rest to the HK with the new batch and, of course, send to Europe what's left.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dave VanDerwill on January 4

      Any delivery updates? Still have not received. Backer #82.

    35. Missing avatar

      Casper Christiansen on January 4


      I am just copy/pasting my comment from November as it is still relevant: Hi, I am a backer in the 700s - do you have an updated ETA for my two pairs? Shipping within Europe. Thank you.

    36. Missing avatar

      John M. Sanchez on January 2

      One of the few Kickstarter projects that I've backed that has delivered a product that looks like what was advertised even if a bit late. Kudos.

      However, I'm still soured on Kickstarter because the ratio of undelivered or delivery of a sub par product has been so high for me. I will no longer back anything else here.

    37. VEAR 2-time creator on January 2

      First of all, Happy New Year, guys. You deserve nothing but the best in 2018.
      @Benjamin, that pants went by the specs that include YKK zippers and I'm sure it is because otherwise, Sympatex wouldn't give us their labels and we would have to resend them for testing. Yes, please test them because it's a little bit late now. I'm convinced you'll find them ultra useful.
      @Rajesh and @Anthony, we've made the switching plan, just waiting for some warehouses responses because there's no option for sending it back to our HK shipping company like individual orders.
      @Dave, I've received a response from the shipping company and they will forward me the news on when the Legs Jacket are back in their storage for the same day resending.

    38. Missing avatar

      Anthony Barnes
      on January 2

      Any update on when we can exchange the wrong size for the correct size? Because it is cold and wet here in Seattle and I really could use the correct size pants.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on January 2

      Hi VEAR,

      Could you please quickly get my 2 pairs re-delivered (to the correct address), as per discussed in email?

      There has been just too many delays. I have waited very patiently & tried to be understanding with the situation, but I’m starting to lose my patience as its been more than a year now since I backed you guys.

      Please follow up.


    40. Missing avatar

      on January 1

      Gday hope you had a great festive season any updates on the replacement ? Thanks Rajesh

    41. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Dori on December 28

      As far as I can tell,none of the zippers on my pair are YKK's as there is no YKK logo on them (if I'm wrong please correct me).
      I will give the pants a chance, but only because I don't have an option to get a refund, do I?

    42. VEAR 2-time creator on December 27

      @Benjamin, sorry to hear this but let me walk you through. First of all, sorry about the package, we are currently negotiating to make our custom one which will be much safer.

      The zippers are high-quality ones, made by YKK, so it couldn't be something we found by filtering the cheapest section on Alibaba. The materials are, as we wrote in the last update, high performance made by Sympatex. You have all the specs. Please, don't judge it before you try it outside during the rain when it's supposed to do it's best. Give it a chance, wear them outdoors and then leave us a feedback, hopefully, a positive one because we know you'll see the difference.

    43. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Dori on December 25

      I put a lot of good money and time purchasing and supporting this project only to find out I purchased an air resistant pants :(
      I don't write reviews, simply because I don't care enough. But this time is unique. I ordered the expensive high performance fabric and all is well except it clearly states wind-resistant and not water resistant because someone got cheap on the seams and zippers (which look like a cheap plastic zipper bought in a 1$ store).
      It looks great, sizing is spot-on but come on I waited for these pants over a year, spent 169$, read each and every update got excited as I thought "WOW the people there are really into high quality QA and as the production went on I felt secure - My money and wishes are safe, someone at VEAR takes care of it". I can't express how disappointed I was when I opend the package (which was just a brown paper bag, torn on the edges - with no additional layer of protection, the fabric of the pants was just dangling out of it. A 169USD dangling out of a brown paper bag.
      So, anyone interested in air resistant 169usd worth pants?

    44. VEAR 2-time creator on December 25

      @David After fulfilling all pledges made by backers, we will develop a new rain jacket and it will be super good:)
      @Gordon You're scheduled for the next and final batch. We'll wait for the second half to be received (we received the first part) and to send it all together to you.

    45. Gordon Ho on December 22

      any update about my delivery ? i live in hong kong but didnt get any update on it. thank you

    46. Missing avatar

      David Duong
      on December 22

      Do you make jackets too or just these pants?

    47. VEAR 2-time creator on December 21

      @Anthony It's meant for the labels for the sizes, from the inside. As for the material, you can read the full info in this update.
      @Edgar your pair wasn't shipped because we received half of the last batch and we're waiting for the rest to ship it to HK and we added some more pairs to be produced because it changed the total sizes number.
      @Simon You have replies both in direct messages and on email.

    48. Sim Knur on December 20

      An i need a correct bill, it was missing on the paket, which is showing the costs of transportation.

    49. Sim Knur on December 20

      Great. I have to pay customs 28,50€ to get my european jacket back into the EU.

      on December 19

      Like others I received ONE pair about 2 weeks ago when I ordered two pairs. When can I expect the second pair to arrive in the U.S.?

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