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Zip it like a regular jacket but on your legs. Keep your pants dry!
Made to last you a lifetime.
✪Free World-Wide Shipping!✪
Zip it like a regular jacket but on your legs. Keep your pants dry!
Made to last you a lifetime.
✪Free World-Wide Shipping!✪
Zip it like a regular jacket but on your legs. Keep your pants dry! Made to last you a lifetime. ✪Free World-Wide Shipping!✪
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    1. VEAR 2-time creator about 7 hours ago

      Hi @David, yes it is.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Duong
      about 11 hours ago

      I’m backer 510 in USA. By any chance was I one of the + after the 500 that got mailed off?

    3. VEAR 2-time creator 1 day ago

      Sorry for the late reply, guys, but it took almost two days to get on track on what the Europe shipping guys did based on the report they've sent me.
      @Dirk and @Kristoffer Yes, we know and we'll send the other pairs once they are returned from the factory with the reflective material applied.
      @Sim, both of your pairs were supposed to be sent to you but the workers that sort it sent the second pair in HK instead so we'll send yours alongside with Dirks and Kristoffers.
      @J, @Dave and @Daryl All of your pairs will be sent in this batch, I've received an info that everything was good from our side and on the shipping platform, I see they are in the process of sorting those 500 plus pairs because we have 60 variations (sizes x inseams x color x gender) and they will send it once it's done. It shouldn't last more than a couple of days for them to do it.
      @Markus, great to hear that, feel free to send pics and some feedback:)
      Another 22 pairs for Europe will be sent tomorrow.

    4. Sim Knur 1 day ago

      Five days later after the arrival of the first one, the second pair isn´t here... Any news from the shipping company?

      Greetings from Germany.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daryl Lang
      1 day ago

      So I’m a backer in the mid 400’s and it suppose to be shipped to Canada... is that mean it has been shipped out in this batch? Would like it as soon as possible as it’s getting cold here. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong 2 days ago

      Hi VEAR,

      Am I suppose to receive a tracking number?

      When will you receive update from the shipping company about the status of my order?

    7. Missing avatar

      Markus Quetsch 4 days ago

      Finally: It's there, it fits, it works. I am happy, really. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      J Cornwell 5 days ago

      Thank you for your updates and responsiveness. It is ten days since the Hong Kong shipper received, according to your notice below. I am U.S. When will my 2 pair be shipped; via what carrier here in the U.S. (USPS, UPS, FedEx), and will I receive a tracking number? Thank you.

    9. Dirk Leysen 5 days ago

      I just received one pair aswell, I pledged for three!??

    10. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer Hollesen 6 days ago

      Where's the other pair? I meant

    11. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer Hollesen 6 days ago

      I just recieved a package with one pair, but I pledged for two pairs.
      Where's the toget pair?

    12. Sim Knur 6 days ago

      Ah okay. Good luck with the research. Will contact you. if there will be a second paket suddenly...

    13. VEAR 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @Sim, that was the thing I was talking about. I contacted the shipping company once more in order to get that shipping report so I could know to whom it's sent to. We send each pair separately but if I tell you it's sent or it's still in their warehouse, it would be a lie because I don't have the info and I don't want to do this. I'll inform you as soon as I get that paper.

    14. Sim Knur 6 days ago


      got one of my two ordered pairs yesterday. What happend to the second pair?

      Thank you.

    15. VEAR 2-time creator on November 16

      Hi Guys, first of all, sorry for this bulk response that will follow but I've somehow managed to respond to messages so far from the hospital (had some health problem but it's hopefully resolved for good) but I didn't here.
      - @Dave and @John, your pairs are in HK and will leave or they already left the country (will know when I receive new update from the shipping company)
      - 60 of 80 Europe pairs are sent last week and I didn't send you tracking codes because I'm waiting for a report from the shipping company and a reason why they didn't send it all. All I saw on the table is that @Markus and @Sebastian are marked green and @Sim is not and I'm getting to the bottom of it to fix some mistake if there was one.
      - @Erik, I see you wrote me two times in direct messages and I replied you there.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on November 15

      Hi VEAR, could you please check whats the status of my order, and when can I expect my 2 pairs to arrive?

    17. Missing avatar

      John M. Sanchez on November 15

      Between this and another ripoff artist on Kickstarter, I've been soured on this stuff. Never, ever again coming to this website and backing anything.

    18. Erik Dasque on November 15

      Still waiting on refund. Company has gone silent.

    19. Erik Dasque on November 13

      Still haven't received a refund. Dishonest practices.

    20. Sim Knur on November 12

      Ah, okay. So I´ll have to be patient until i got somthing...

    21. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Schuchmann
      on November 11

      I have received one tracking number in October and got one trouser delivered.
      But I have ordered two in my pledge. So where is my missing one?

    22. Missing avatar

      Markus Quetsch on November 10

      Okay, so I assume what you told Sim is the case for me, too - since I haven't heard back from you. Greets from Berlin where it's raining cats & dogs outside, I wish I had new rain trousers...

    23. VEAR 2-time creator on November 10

      @Sim, yes you are. An email to the post is sent to see the progress of the Europe shipping because we handed it over last week. Will write you when I receive info.
      @Russell, I've responded to you also in direct messages that your pair has been returned to the factory.

    24. Russell Dean
      on November 9


      Can you tell me when I can expect to receive my shoe protectors and the legs jacket I won in your competition.

      I haven't received a tracking number yet?

    25. Sim Knur on November 9

      So i´m not part of the last european batch? Any progress for germany?

    26. VEAR 2-time creator on November 9

      @Sebastian, you've received your tracking code on October the 2nd on your sebastian*** email. Please respond there if you didn't receive it or with your original address if there is a difference between that one and the one you wrote in the survey so we can make further actions.

    27. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Schuchmann
      on November 8

      Still waiting for my tracking # for Ireland. Update please

    28. VEAR 2-time creator on November 8

      @Greg, the bulk shipment has landed a couple of hours ago in Hong Kong and your package will be sent from there by the shipping company we hired once it's handled.
      @Erik, you have a direct message where you also wrote to us.

    29. Erik Dasque on November 8

      You didn’t send my pair before agreed deadline. You moved it from Romania to another country. My pair hasn’t shipped to me yet and deadline was end of October. You are being dishonest. Refund me.

    30. Missing avatar

      Greg Gering on November 8

      Hi, I read your last update and given I have not received an email about tracking I assume that shipping to Australia hasn't started. Is that right? Any idea when shipping is likely?

    31. VEAR 2-time creator on November 7

      @Eric, you have a reply in your direct messages. We understand your concerns but we also sent your pair before agreed deadline.

    32. Erik Dasque on November 7

      The manufacturer has eroded any good will, breaking promise after promise. At this point I have no trust that they will ship to me a quality product anytime soon. I want a refund now.

    33. VEAR 2-time creator on November 1

      @Thomas, the shipments for Europe should start today and I'll send the tracking number to everyone which package is sent via email.

    34. Missing avatar

      Thomas Avril on October 31

      Hello Vear,

      Can’t we receive shipment tracking numbers ?

      Thanks for your feedback

    35. VEAR 2-time creator on October 31

      @Anthony, the last news we received is that the package didn't leave the country on Friday by standard shipping but it will leave on Thursday by express one which takes 3-4 days to arrive. The standard time for the USA would be 2-3 weeks when sent from HK. This is an ideal situation but we can't guarantee how efficient the customs officers will be. I've ordered some goods from China a couple of times and it travelled less than two weeks but it was just standing in the customs for 10 days. Let's hope we will have the efficient custom workers on the way:)

    36. Missing avatar

      Anthony Steyermark on October 30

      Hi there - I was wondering if you could give an expected delivery window for the United States, given what you might know about the shipment's transit to Hong Kong, and then how the orders are being processed and shipped in Hong Kong? Thank you!

    37. VEAR 2-time creator on October 30

      @Dave, the bulk shipment for Hong Kong has departed on Friday. We expect for everything to go smooth and for everyone to receive their pair soon.

    38. Missing avatar

      Dave Chong on October 30

      Hi VEAR, is my order shipped yet? I’ve not received any update.

    39. VEAR 2-time creator on October 30

      @Paul, it's nice to hear this. We're eager to hear a feedback. It's easy to be polite and patient, especially because it mostly goes both ways. Nice words are always better and much more helpful.

    40. Missing avatar

      Paul on October 29

      Got mine 2 weeks ago (Austria) - fits great - I love it - awaiting the rainy season now.
      Thanks for the transparent and good communication and your great work!
      It is always good to see the questions answered politely as you do (even if they are redundant), this always gave me a good feeling that everything will work out in a good way.

    41. Sim Knur on October 23

      Thank you for the information.

    42. VEAR 2-time creator on October 23

      @Thomas, everything is produced, sent from Moldova. It passed Moldova customs but it was without a reason held on Romanian customs for days. We will ship it this week and based on what we tracked and your Europe residence, you can expect it probably next week.

    43. Missing avatar

      Thomas Avril on October 22


      Are all the pants shipped as promised ? Did not received any tracker ....

    44. VEAR 2-time creator on October 18

      @Anthony and @Michael The latest update (a literally couple of mins old) is that the shipment is cleared by Moldavian customs and it's headed to be cleared by Romanian. As soon it's done, we will separate the pairs for Europe and the ones for the rest of the world which will be headed to Hong Kong distribution centre to be sent from there. I would say a couple of days.

    45. Michael DeVisser on October 17

      Can you give me a specific date when you will ship my goods?

    46. Missing avatar

      Anthony Barnes
      on October 17

      So when can I expect to get my pair as It is now time that they are needed .

    47. Sim Knur on October 16

      Sounds good. Hopefully soon.. ;-)

    48. VEAR 2-time creator on October 16

      @Michael We are shipping all the remaining pairs during the last days of this week so you can expect it soon (in a matter of weeks).

    49. Michael DeVisser on October 13

      Hello, Wondering when you will ship my order?

    50. VEAR 2-time creator on October 12

      @Richard, you can write in the messages or directly on mail

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