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With industrial strength and digital smarts, go beyond prototyping and start manufacturing right from your desktop.
With industrial strength and digital smarts, go beyond prototyping and start manufacturing right from your desktop.
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Shipping Begins

Posted by Vaquform, Inc. (Creator)

Vacuum forming is one of those things that are simple in theory, but difficult in practice. It's like what they say about bread-making. Everybody can make bread, but few people can make great bread. It's deceptively simple. My goal was to make it just plain simple.

The production was going great. We had a proven design. We worked closely with our suppliers to get every detail of every component just right. Here we're taking about dozens of custom parts. Indeed most of the KS funds went to tooling.

From the early samples we built prototype units that reflected our design. Time check, it was looking like we'll ship BEFORE October. All we had to do was wait for the parts to arrive and we can begin assembly.

Fabricating a few parts is one thing. Making a few hundred is a different breast. And few our suppliers were dogged by this fact. Some of the metal parts had to be sent back, the early injection molded enclosure had a warp that took the tooling engineers forever to fix. It was like that. That comfortable lead that we had began to shrink. Good thing we had that buffer at all. We could still ship on time, no worries.

It was in early October that I had that feeling in the gut. We might not make it. I hopped on a plane. I pushed my tardy suppliers to deliver. And to their credit each one was professional and they hustled. But the thing that would ultimately cause the delay was the PCB. One of the earliest things on our stock shelves. It was like being drenched in icy water.

So that's what we've been trying to fix these past weeks. The good news is it's fixed. And we've already received a few boards. We had to negotiate for some production time with our PCB manufacturer during their busiest time of year. That they could eke out a small batch of boards at all is a miracle.

Even better news it's enough to begin shipping, starting with our Early Birds then down the backlog as we receive the boards in batches.

The coast is looking clear here on out. By March we expect to get ahead of the demand so no one will ever have to wait for their Vaquform and we could forget this dark period in Vaquform history ever handled! Haha! 

Thanks for your patience everyone. Expect tracking numbers real soon! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Aurel Jahnke on

      Any Updates on tracking or shipping?

    2. RXCORE

      is it possible to pick up Vaquform in your manila office? thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      Great news! Thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alicia on

      yay can't wait

    5. Vaquform, Inc. Creator on

      Thanks for the supportive comments. They keep us going!

      Benjamin: right, I meant 'BEAST' haha. Obviously still sleep deprived.

    6. Benjamin Summerfield on

      I think you meant “beast” not “breast”.

      Thank you for the update. Before you said we would be able to add materials to the order. Is this still possible to buy additional materials?

    7. Maximilian Zenk on

      Great news, and as always very well communicated, thanks!
      Does that also mean you have your certifications for shipping to Europe?
      If not, do you have a time estimate for that?


    8. Rene Canlas on

      Woot! Thanks for the great news, John! Can't wait to get mine. :)

    9. Brian Kilo on

      That's exciting new John. Thanks for all of your hard work. This is one of the best KS campaigns I've been part of. I volunteered mine to make some parts for my son's drone competition at his school. They will be happy they are shipping.

    10. Vaquform, Inc. Creator on

      ever happened** :/