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A young man wakes up 60 years after a car accident only to find himself lost in a dystopic world run by machines.

We hit our initial goal of 50K with the support of tremendous people from all around the world! We have set our goal more conservative to make sure we can make a movie! But with a higher budget, we can extend the story, develop the characters more and bring you a better finished product! That's why our stretch-goal is heading for 75K!

So what can we do with the additional funds? 

With 75K we can:

  • Shoot 100 Minutes instead of 90
  • Shoot on 4 more locations
  • Have more props and costumes and visual effects
  • Have a full 5.1 Surround mix
  • And we can afford a special guest appearance!

Any extra will go towards making the film, and will be much appreciated. But what do you get?

Everyone above $10 gets a special "Thank You" bracelet and above $25 the signed special edition "Aurora Book"! Every backer gets to see the full movie in a special private online premiere which we will set up just for you!

Let's make this happen - Aurora 2014!

Aurora is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film, set in 2080 - 60 years after machines have taken over the world. 

Our story follows Andrew (Julian Schaffner), who encounters a car accident on the day of the uprising, in 2020. He wakes up 60 years later, in a world where the human race is almost extinct. 

On his path, he comes across a girl named Calia (Jeannine Wacker), who ventures north to reach a long-rumored stronghold called Aurora, the last human reserve. While on constant watch for the machines, they develop feelings for each other until a horrendous discovery tears their relationship apart.

Andrew is not human.


The Idea

Aurora is a feature film idea created and written by Robert Kouba. It's the result of years of collaborative storytelling experience now combined to take on the tremendous challenge of portraying a unique science-fiction drama. With visually stunning pictures and a touching story, we can create a film entirely different from anything we've seen before on-screen.

It all started when Robert Kouba began reading the books by physicist Ray Kurzweil, who predicts a technological singularity in upcoming decades: an event where technology rapidly advances beyond our control. The concept of humans having to fight for their existence in the near future is, although abstract, a very real and fascinating possibility.

Our Mission

Technology is advancing exponentially, far surpassing our biological counterparts and is steadily on target to overtake the most complex piece of machinery known in the universe: the human brain. Each year, computing power advances at an ever-increasing rate, leading to the unavoidable realization that human intelligence will be replaced by a more logical and efficient artificial intelligence. One day, a robot will say:

This day might not be as far off as we would imagine, but when it comes, it will leave a tremendous impact on the future of humanity. We will have to redefine the definition of what it means to be Human.

In this film, a super-computer that calls itself "Kronos" arrives at the conclusion that mankind is limited by its illogical and irrational behavior, leading to a dangerous and destabilized world which must be controlled. While mankind hurtles blindly down the path of technological advancement, we want to ask "what really differentiates us from machines?"

Our mission is to show precisely what it means to be Human. Machines can advance endlessly in an attempt to create a perfect system, but humanity, despite all its flaws, is truly the better option. For love, hope and freedom - all irrational human emotions - are worth fighting for. True love knows no bounds.

Our goal

We want to tell the story the way it deserves to be told, independently and outside of the typical Hollywood studio system. Narrative films reach the masses and, therefore, are the perfect platform to give people something to think about.

Robert Kouba is the director, writer and producer of "Aurora". He started being involved in the visual arts early on. At a very young age, he started pursuing painting, but quickly switched his focus to moving pictures. His science-fiction short film "Xenopia" won major awards when he was just 12 years old. Since then he has directed several commercials, music videos, and many short films such as "The Rift" (Trailer), "Translucent Unicorn" (which was part of an international campaign from Philips), "Population Zero" and many other fun-projects like "Transformers: The Last Energon Crystal" or "Starters" (based on the books by Lissa Price). 

Despite his young age (21), Robert created over two dozen short films, commercials and music videos, and has been part of many professional productions. He is a graduate of the SAE Film Institute where he met his DP, Sebastian Cepeda.

Sebastian Cepeda is the director of photography and producer of "Aurora". He was born in Argentina and moved to Switzerland in 2001. After graduating from the SAE Film Institute, he specialized in cinematography and color-grading. To date he has worked on many different music videos, national commercials, TV shows, a feature film, as well as many projects from Robert Kouba.


For the visual effects, we created "Vantis Visuals" - a visual effects division giving opportunities to talented artists all around the world to work on an aspiring and astonishing project, and to improve their skills and abilities. Aleksandar Ribar and Luima Morillo, both artists who have worked on Robert's previous works, are the VFX Supervisors and are managing a team of up to six people.

For the film score, we have David Mason, composer of many of Robert's films and several games like Warm Gun and Potemkin.

We have different departments with several artists in the art, costume and sound department. We also have producer and actor George Benedict on board. (Son of Dirk Benedict, who played Faceman in the original A-Team series).


The main roles in the film are those of Calia and Andrew. After several castings, we have found two tremendous actors that fit perfectly into those roles:

Jeannine Wacker plays the role of Calia. After graduating from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York, she continued playing in several different productions in New York, including off-Broadway, short films and many different musicals in Europe from "Titanic - The Musical" to "We Will Rock You".

Julian Schaffner plays the role of Andrew. After starting modeling at a very young age he soon changed his focus to acting. After graduating from the the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles, he played in several short films, commercials and many independent productions.

Kickstarter is a meaningful platform for creative projects, like ours, to secure the funding needed to be able to finish our film properly. It allows you, the fans, to be a part of our project at an early stage by pledging money towards the cause. In return, we have gifts for you based on your pledge donation (check out the rewards section→).

How can I be part of the film?

To be part of the film, just click the green "Back This Project" button in the upper right-hand corner. You can also find a reward you like on the right-hand side and click on it!

Since the Kickstarter community is scattered around the world, we would like to remind you that anyone can donate. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact us!

Making a film is expensive. Especially a film like this.

Fortunately, our production team includes a core group of incredibly talented and professional volunteers who generously donate their time, talents and energies. That way we can focus on making this film look and sound tremendous. 

However, when renting the equipment, putting up cast and crew, location and insurance fees, set design, props and costumes - money disappears fast.

To demonstrate this better, we created a quick budget breakdown of "Aurora":

As you can see, the overall budget is 100k - Why is that?

Prior to Kickstarter we were already able to raise 40k, therefore covering the costs of the post-production process. 

Now, we need your help to cover the production expenses and get this film made! In addition to that, we have potential investors who are going to invest in the project once we reach our goal!

But what happens if we don't reach our goal?

With Kickstarter being an all-or-nothing deal, we get nothing if we don't reach our goal. Donors pledge the amounts, but don't actually pay until the goal is reached.

Everything helps, no matter how big or small.

Can we exceed the goal?

Absolutely! Nothing stops us from going over! Since we get nothing if we don't reach our goal, we have set it more on the conservative side. 

However, if we exceed our goal we can tell the story with more impact. We can shoot longer, go to more locations and make the film better! Any extra will go towards making the film, and will be much appreciated! 

You can take a good look at our rewards section(→). We have some great rewards for you, from finished DVDs, Blu-Rays, Posters, Movie Soundtracks and T-Shirts to actual roles in the film!

  • Digital Download of the finished film!
  • Access to the "Aurora Club" with lots of behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive previews and artworks!
  • Limited Signed DVDs & Blu-Rays of the finished film with signed posters and artworks!
  • Special edition Movie Soundtrack CD (by David Mason)!
  • T-Shirts with various cool designs!
  • Downloadable Wallpaper pack!
  • Tickets for the premiere and after-party!
  • Private Lunch with Robert Kouba and Sebastian Cepeda & Private Pre-Screening of the film!
  • A special edition "Aurora Book" featuring all the cool creative art that was used to bring this story to life!
  • A Walk-On and Speaking Role in the actual film!
Original Artworks for Aurora
Original Artworks for Aurora

When do I get my gifts?

You will get your goodies as soon as they are available. Right now we're planning and focusing on the shoot, but we're also already preparing the rewards. Some will be ready sooner than others. The "Aurora Club" will be available instantly and we will have weekly updates on our progress!

I don't live in the US. Can I still get the rewards?

Yes! Just add $10 to your pledge for international shipping, and we'll send out the gifts as soon as they are ready!

Can I gift a reward?

Yes you can! If you know someone with an interest in science-fiction and robots, or someone who's just plain obsessed with post-apocalyptic scenarios, please consider gifting one of our reward packages! We'll contact you as soon as our funding period ends to get the details.

How can I contact you?

Through or in the Kickstarter comments, or via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

If you have any questions or suggestions for rewards that you would like, please just leave us a comment.

5 things:

  • Make a donation, any amount. Everything helps! It's intriguing to know that you are part of this project!
  • Spread the word. Share a link to this page on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The more people we reach, the greater the chances are that the film gets made!
  • Encourage at least one person to donate! As Sebastian would say: Each cent counts! Thank you!
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share your thoughts and ideas!
  • Check out our film website: and stay tuned!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Making a film always brings challenges and risks, from unforeseen weather situations to actors dropping out or location trouble. However, we feel one hundred percent capable of solving these challenges and completing this project given our experience, teamwork and fighting spirit.

We’re planning everything down to the last detail, from production insurance to contingency plans to storyboards and animatics. That way we can concentrate on the most important part: Telling a good story.


  • We're already in pre-production and preparing everything for our shoot in July and August. The heavy post-production process is going to happen in the fall and throughout the winter.

    Last updated:
  • We're going to release the film in the Summer of 2014 in a limited theatrical release. But for all Kickstarter backers we'll make the film already available in early 2014!

    Last updated:
  • You'll get your digital download through a digital retailer, we'll notify you at least one month prior to release! For the $10 reward you get an SD version of the film (720x480) and for the $25 reward you get an SD DVD and a FULL HD (1920x1080) download of the film!

    Last updated:
  • We tried to come up with a variety of cool and astonishing rewards. Because there are so many different items, and because we don't know how many backers we'll end up with, we don't know exactly when each item will ship. However we do have an idea about each item and you can see the estimated delivery for each reward in the reward section!

    Last updated:
  • YES! We have close contact to the IMDb editors and you will get an IMDb credit from the $25 reward and up!

    Last updated:
  • We're shooting a small part in Switzerland (end of July) and the biggest part in the Czech republic.

    Last updated:
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    Our eternal gratitude for helping to make this film possible. Your name will be acknowledged on the film's website.

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    A digital download of the finished film plus access to the "Aurora Club" on the film's website where you can check out weekly updates of behind-the-scenes goodness, early exclusive previews and much more. Your name will also be acknowledged on the film's website.

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    A DVD of the finished film with limited edition cover art only available for Kickstarter-Backers! Also you'll get access to the "Aurora Club" and a limited edition "Aurora"-Postcard featuring artwork and still images from the film plus your name immortalised in the film as a contributor!

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    A SIGNED SPECIAL EDITION DVD of the finished film, including interviews with director Robert Kouba, Sebastian Cepeda and a making-of featurette, plus a signed copy of the LIMITIED EDITION POSTER, a PDF of the final shooting SCRIPT and ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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    SPONSOR PACKAGE - All of the goodies above, TWO PREMIERE TICKETS and an invitation to the exclusive AFTER-PARTY where you can meet the director, crew and the actors, plus a SPONSOR credit in the movie! (Travel and accommodation not included.)

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    PRODUCER PACKAGE - All of the goodies above, plus you get the chance to be on the FILM SET for a whole day in the Czech Republic and take an exclusive PROP from the film with you at the end, plus you'll get an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit in the movie! (Shooting dates estimated end of July, beginning of August - Travel and accommodation not included.)

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    STAR PACKAGE - All of the goodies above, DVDs, Blu-Rays, premiere tickets, T-shirts plus you can BE IN THE FILM! You'll get a walk-on role and experience how it is to be an actor for a full day, go through make-up and costumes and see some movie magic! Also you'll get an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit and an EXTRA credit in the movie! (Shooting dates estimated end of July, beginning of August - Travel and accommodation not included.)

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    BANDIT PACKAGE - All of the goodies above, DVDs, Blu-Rays, premiere tickets, t-shirts, artworks plus you'll get a SPEAKING ROLE IN THE FILM! You'll have a line in the film and experience how it is to be in the middle of production for a whole day! Also you'll get a standalone CO-PRODUCER credit in the film - No one will miss your name! (Shooting dates estimated end of July, beginning of August - Travel and accommodation not included.)

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    THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE - ALL OF THE GREAT STUFF ABOVE, DVDs, BLU-RAYS, PREMIERE TICKETS, T-SHIRTS, ARTWORKS, PROPS & MUCH MORE - PLUS you will have the OPPORTUNITY to have a LUNCH MEETING with Robert Kouba and Sebastian Cepeda in either ZURICH or PRAGUE & you will be the first one to see the finished film in a PRIVATE PRE-SCREENING! Plus you can help out on THE SET, be a PART OF THE FILM and you'll get a unique page of the SCREENPLAY with notes from the director! In addition you will get an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit - Yes, that's right. And as an extra special thank you for your tremendous amount of support, you'll receive an extremely rare "Aurora"-Book featuring storyboards, illustrations, designs and a lot of background information on the project - This book will give you a unique view of the creative minds that were part of "Aurora". (Shooting dates estimated end of July, beginning of August - Travel and accommodation not included.)

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