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FIVE (5) Graphic Novel Adventures game books that take the genre to the next level by implementing graphics into the gameplay!
FIVE (5) Graphic Novel Adventures game books that take the genre to the next level by implementing graphics into the gameplay!
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I bet you want to know what the next five books are....!

Posted by A.J. Porfirio (Creator)

By now most have you have gotten your books

I know there are a few of you still waiting - namely in Canada (due to a bit of a fulfillment hiccup with S&L) and World locations (but those are on the way) and we are working through resolving everything and making sure you get your rewards. 

But most of you have the books and we have seen reports all over of folks enjoying the books and it thrills us to no end! We are glad to see most people love them as much as we do! 

If I had to guess what you are thinking right now it would be... "Get to the news about the next five books!!!

Ok. Ok!

Announcing the next Five Graphic Novel Adventures

Our intention was to write an update before Gen Con for all of you, announcing the next five books... but then things got crazy. So since we didn't get to that we decided to announce our upcoming releases on a live stream at Gen Con with the folks at Twist Gaming.

But not only that... we also announced that we are localizing for the USA and Canada a family friendly cooperative Graphic Novel Adventure game for 1-4 players (our version title TBD, but it will be something different than what's discussed in the video). 

You can watch here... skip to about the 20:00 minute mark if you want to get straight to the new stuff. We are INCREDIBLY excited about these new titles! 

You are probably wondering if these will be coming to Kickstarter. We will almost certainly bring the new books to Kickstarter (no specific date has been set at this time). For the game, however, we still aren't sure. We'd like to, but we are still working details out with the licensor, so we will have to see. Of course, we will let you know as things develop.


For those waiting on customer service resolutions we appreciate your patience and are working through all the items. As always, anyone needing customer service help should reach out to us though our contact form at

Bookmarks - We believe that the bookmarks should soon be available through the BGG store for anyone wanting the printed versions we made. Keep an eye out for them. As a reminder, these are also available in printable form from our website.

Retail release and web store release - Some of you didn't get all the books but want the rest of them now (or have friends that do!). We have been advised by our fulfillment agent that the retail release will be Sept. 4th or thereabouts. We may have them available on our website a little before that, but we want to make sure all the backers are taken care of first.

Ok, that does it for now. We appreciate your continued support and hope you are excited about the future for Graphic Novel Adventures!


AJ and Evan

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    1. Christian Villarreal

      I never got the books, but did want to. I missed the KS late window too. I feel so behind lol.

    2. retainerbox on

      Totally agree with you, Ivan! I was really hoping for Les magiciens du fer (Iron Magicians) because I love the theme and art of that one! I will probably only be picking up the superhero one this upcoming time. :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Jenny Hadfield

      @Evan I had no idea there was a website :-/ I used the link for what I think is the right page :

    4. Brendan McGuire on

      @Evan, no worries. Saddle stitch is far superior to perfect bind anyway. Thanks for the quick response!

    5. Evan Derrick Collaborator on

      Glad so many of you are as excited about these as we are!

      @Heath, @MrQ - Thanks for the laugh this morning. :)
      @Wolfe - For the Cooperative GNA game, we're still debating whether to put it on Kickstarter or not, but it's looking likely. Stay tuned, and if it's going to be on KS, we will definitely let you know.
      @Brendan - The Cooperative GNA books are paperback, but we currently don't have any plans to do trade paperbacks for the stand alone GNA books (although the one Pirates book was printed in France in paperback). They'll be hardcover for the foreseeable future.

      And for those of you asking about shipping, if you have questions please email us through the contact form on our website. We can't handle customer service requests through KS comments.

    6. Brendan McGuire on

      Instant back for sure!
      I noticed in the video that one of the books is a trade paperback. Will that be an option in future kickstarters?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jenny Hadfield

      I haven’t gotten mine yet (Denmark). Last update I got was that happyshops had received it and it should ship in the next few days - that was around a month ago. Any update please? :-)

    8. A.J. Porfirio 13-time creator on

      Localizing means that we can only offer it to US and Canada. Trust me if we could offer it to more places we would. If and when anything changes we will let you know.

    9. (Angela) Mrs Prendergast welcomes you...

      @Joost "localizing for the USA and Canada a family friendly cooperative Graphic Novel Adventure game for 1-4 players"

      Seems we EU are out of luck then :(

    10. Eugene Khoo on

      Ooh, the Superhero book sounds nice. Curious about the Pirates series of books.

    11. Joost Nauw on

      "...we are localizing for the USA and Canada a family friendly cooperative Graphic Novel Adventure game for 1-4 players." What does that mean? Localizing in the USA and Canada?

    12. Missing avatar


      A new set! Woo-hoo! So excited for the next set, the superhero one! Backing for all 5 once I can. Also, will the 4-player game be on KS too?

    13. James M.

      Two more Sherlock books with additional characters to play sounds great! I'm sure the others will be interesting, too, but I'm kind of partial to Sherlock Holmes. :)

    14. Jesse Mejía on

      I haven't gotten mine yet (USA) - should I have by now?

    15. Yuri Q. on

      @heath, I threw a piggy bank at my I also need to buy a computer screen.

    16. Heath on

      I'm throwing money at my computer but nothing is happening. Please advise...

    17. Ivan Soo

      How come of the five books they are doing, two are the same style (pirates) and two are sequels (Sherlock)? While I probably will back it anyway, what I liked about the original five was that all five were completely different to each other.

      This new set will give us effectively only two new styles.

    18. Enzo Maini

      “a family friendly cooperative Graphic Novel Adventure game for 1-4 players”

      This would be great. I listen to Ian Livingstone's read his Death Trap Dungeon book at presentation at UKGE and he created the character and used the crowd to participate in all the decision of the story. It was awesome and it would be great if you could have 4 players and one person be the GM for the game. It would be amazing if you could have RPG elements into the books.

      Sound great, cannot wait!

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Schott

      Interested in Mystery and the two Sherlock books. Not quite as crazy about the Pirates, but that's just not my theme. :)

    20. Robert Haddon on

      “a family friendly cooperative Graphic Novel Adventure game for 1-4 players”

      That’s right down my alley! I look forward to learning more.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Garton on

      These look incredible! Got to check out the early versions at Gencon.