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Detective: City of Angels is a board game where detectives solve mysteries in the dark and violent world of 1940's Los Angeles. Late pledge access is LIVE! Click the link below.
Detective: City of Angels is a board game where detectives solve mysteries in the dark and violent world of 1940's Los Angeles. Late pledge access is LIVE! Click the link below.
3,102 backers pledged $267,112 to help bring this project to life.

A BIG Announcement - A new strategic direction for Detective

Posted by A.J. Porfirio (Creator)


We wanted to notify you of an important strategic decision we have made regarding this campaign and Detective: City of Angels. While our original intent was to offer the game through retail distribution, as we have with all of our previous titles, for a variety of reasons we have made the decision to change our strategy for Detective: City of Angels. This will be our first VRG Select title that will only be available via this Kickstarter campaign and through very limited direct channels (, at conventions, and through any other direct partners that acquire the game directly from us) upon release. Said plainly, Detective: City of Angels will not be available through normal retail channels*

VRG Select titles will not be sold in Retail
VRG Select titles will not be sold in Retail

Due to the high cost of the game to produce we believe this is the best route for Detective (you have probably seen this approach taken with other high-cost games funded on Kickstarter). This direction makes a lot of sense for both us and the game and allows for more flexibility in many areas, in particular: the quality of the game components; being able to price aggressively compared to cost (note that the Kickstarter prices will be the best pricing); and being able to produce future expansions for the game at the same level of quality that you expect and Detective deserves! 

We want to be very clear that we have the utmost respect for and very much understand the value of the retail sales channels. This has no impact on our other titles which will continue to be made available through retail as well as future titles that are not VRG Select titles. We wanted to have a brand label in the event another game in the future warrants this strategy so you will be able to quickly and easily understand that the game will not be going to retail.

We are very excited about this decision and feel like it really positions us to succeed both with this title and the company. If you have any questions at all about this decision we will answer them to the best of our ability. 

*Note the exception that retailers that back this project are able to carry and sell the games purchased through this Kickstarter campaign. 

Thanks and let's get on to that next Stretch Goal!!!

AJ, Evan, and Vincent

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    1. Danny Shafer

      @A.J. Porfirio - Thanks. That is what I wanted to hear. I wish you great success.

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Krag on

      Does this mean that future expansions will go on kickstarter so EU-backers can get them without having to pay extra due to VAT/custom duties?

    3. A.J. Porfirio 14-time creator on

      Hi @Danny. YES! That is one of the things this strategy allows us to do, confirm solo/coop paragraph book support for the cases. Whereas before, we were weighing if the added cost was worth it or not for a retail version, now we don't have to worry about that and the game will just be fully and always supported with the solo/coop content. Thanks and good question.

    4. Danny Shafer

      I play everything solo. This game, with the coop, solo variants and theme caught my eye. Do you plan to keep the coop and solo variants in the game when making future content? This would be very important for everyone who enjoys playing solo.

    5. Brian Baker

      @AJ - Thanks for the clarifications, your answers are as I expected.

    6. A.J. Porfirio 14-time creator on

      @Di Stasio Luca this decision does not effect our ability to license the game in other languages and we do not dictate our retail strategy on any licenses we grant. That is a wholly separate issue.

    7. Di Stasio Luca on

      That's really unfortunate and a pity too, this game needs to be translated so badly, it needs some kind of retail localisation, I'm thinking about all players around the world that will never play this because of its language.
      I'm really thoughtful about pledging myself as the game could be such difficult for my fellows, and I'm not sure even I could easily go through a hard boiled slang so easily.
      Don't get me wrong! I'm sure if you thought so it will be a good choice!

    8. A.J. Porfirio 14-time creator on

      @Matthew we have multi-copy pricing for anyone that is interested as mentioned on the campaign page. Anyone interested in that pricing can direct message me.

      @Brian 1. There will now only be one version of the game. We will print a limited number of games to sell directly but they will contain everything achieved in this KS, for a much higher price. 2. Yes, in the same limited fashion and at a higher price.

      @Bernie Yes, but at a higher price.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bernie Roessler on

      Buy do I read correctly, that backers of only the base game such as my self, will be able to order the expansion sometime in the future directly from you website (providing it's in stock) ?

    10. Brian Baker

      A couple of questions.

      1. What does that mean for the "KS exclusive" items in this campaign? Will they now be included with future direct sales?

      2. Will Bullets Over Hollywood be available through the direct channels as well?

    11. Missing avatar

      Junaid Ansari

      If this helps bring more content and future support to this game. I am all for it.

    12. Matthew Dimalanta

      I don't think this decision is a bad one at all. You have to do what is in your best interest to do as a company.

      You mention the exception is for retail shops that support the kickstarter. Will you create a retail pledge?

    13. Missing avatar

      Rhubarbio on

      Very exciting! Love this approach, which has clearly worked so well for other companies/ surely will be a hit for Van Ryder too!