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An explosive science fiction action-adventure comic, set in a post-apocalyptic Earth in the midst of a disastrous first contact event!
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Long Overdue

Posted by Jay Douglas - Vanquish Interactive (Creator)

Hello, Adam speaking (well, typing) the artist for Telikos Protocol. I have never actually written an update here and it's about time I address the frankly inexcusable delays regarding the project and my involvement with said delays, basically it's all my fault.

Everyone who works on Telikos has met the project with enthusiasm and an eagerness to see it completed and even evolve beyond simply a graphic novel but there has always been a wall that blocks that progress and enthusiasm and that wall is me. As the only artist on the project the buck ends with me, everything else can be completed without the artwork.

I wont go listing the various excuses both personal and professional as to why the delays have been piling up as to be honest they only answer for a small portion of the delays, the main delays result from me and my lack of time keeping, work organisation, and motivation.
We don't get paid for this, and that's by no means a gripe, I simply state this so you understand that this is not a grab and run operation. The funds raised by the KS have long been used on our printing with reprinting paid for by the funds raised from sales or out of pocket by our, frankly, overly patient and understanding publisher Vanquish. This has meant that in order to pay bills and to satisfy a powerful need to eat sometime that month I had to prioritise paid commissions which 'thanks' to the success of Telikos involved a lot of time consuming work on other graphic novel projects among other things. 
I owe a lot to Telikos, it is my baby, long before even Pete was lured on to the project by me with promises of fame and fortune (sorry Pete) I had created a portfolio of work tied together with a story that read more like a dissertation than a script. Pete lent his fantastic writing skills to turn that into a gripping, epic sci-fi story and was firmly cemented into the project as a co-creator alongside myself. We built Telikos together and it saddens me to think of how much damage I have caused to our working relationship and much valued friendship due to my delays, and often cavalier approach to said delays.
Neither of us had predicted that Telikos would take this long, or to be more accurate that the artwork would take this long. We wanted this project to be unique, an art style that is so different from the usual traditional style that it begs the question "how did they get his done!" well as Pete knows first hand it's like getting blood from a stone.
I am not easy to work with, the fact that I treat Telikos as a hobby rather than how I would treat my professional work for clients is an obvious issue which has led me to keep Telikos firmly on the back burner for far too long. But I still love the project, I still create each new panel with the same quality I expect from myself with all my other professional commissioned work.
I could have easily spat out passable artwork or even diverted to a more manageable art style in order to get it out the door faster but we always wanted this project to be so much more than just another graphic novel. A deep gripping story and a style more in common with an art book than a comic series, you could read the story then flick through it again to ogle the visuals over and over and still find something new. 
This was what we wanted to create and we both have been so proud of what we have created, from receiving the very first copies of the prelude we self published and launched at a small convention, to holding the first copy of the hardback collected volume in our hands. That feeling has never been rivaled, which makes my lack of progress even more depressing.

2 years have passed since issue 3 was thrown into the world, a year has passed since the first volume was released and whilst sales of the series and interest in it has never dwindled my constant delay with the artwork has evidently frayed peoples belief in the project and their trust in us, and worse still, the loss of our most loyal fans' respect. All this rests squarely on my shoulders. The buck ends with me. And for that I am sorry, I am sorry to our publishers, I am sorry to Pete who has had to suffer my obviously infuriating lack of progress closer than any other, I have not been a great business partner or friend.
And of course I am sorry to you, our fans, without your help, your excitement, and your trust this project would still very much be a pipe dream and much of my own success as a professional artist is owed to the success of Telikos.

So now what? I will spare you all the usual "it's coming soon" rhetoric and say honestly that I don't know when it will be completed, only that it will be completed. Telikos is not dead and to be honest I am in a better position now than I have ever been with regards to being able to get the pages completed, and Telikos has never been in a better position regarding its future.
The artwork for issue 4 has been started, it's the best I have done to date and I have no doubt that it will please but obviously 2 years is an inexcusable delay.

I failed and I stumbled, but I will get back up, I always have. I understand that I have lost the respect and trust of many here thanks to my own inaction but the only thing I can do is to try and rebuild that respect and trust. Telikos will be completed you have my word, whatever that is worth right now.

I speak for all of us on team Telikos when I say thank you to all of you, our supporters, and I speak for myself from the bottom of my heart when I say I am sorry, to everyone. I will fix this.

Kind regards,
--Adam Burn 


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    1. Mikel Muxika on

      +1 @Warren

      Its late, but its clear and that's a plus. To me, the most frustrating thing about this project has been the lack of updates (even with a lack of progress) and the lack of substance or following in some of them, and at least things have become clear.
      I understand there's no schedule or date but it would be very appreciated by backers if you guys posted some updates to let us know how you are doing with the project.
      Good luck, I'll be waiting for further updates along the road :)

    2. Warren Rehman on

      I'm going to be frank, of course I'm frustrated by the delay but more so by the lack of updates and communication.

      Thank you for your direct update, I appreciate the honesty.

      Please commit to at least making regular updates on your progress even if you stall in making progress. News of no progress is better than no news at all.

      Looking forward to the next issue and your commission pieces. You have a solid start and an eager audience.

    3. Peter Holthaus on

      Well, even with the fourth part being two years late: you're faster than another project that produced a "preliminary PDF" and several "working on it" in four years.
      I treat this like Kickstarter should be treated. Support the idea and be happy when it arrives.
      And your idea so far was very interesting!