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An explosive science fiction action-adventure comic, set in a post-apocalyptic Earth in the midst of a disastrous first contact event!
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Volume 1: READY TO GO!

Posted by Jay Douglas - Vanquish Interactive (Creator)

Here we go, Telikorps! IT'S TIME!!!

They've been a long time coming, but Volume 1 is now in hand, with First and Second Edition hardbacks and paperbacks in stock straight off of the presses in China. By God, these books are beautiful. Take a look at some of the shots of the books below:

Better still, the 3rd Phase Studios boys Adam and Pete have the Limited Editions all signed and ready to ship!

A bit of admin: Some of you should have received emails requesting a confirmation of your current mailing address, and if not, you should receive an email from Pete very soon. If you were lucky enough to get a Limited Edition version of the book, each of the books has been individually numbered from 1 to 100, and no more Limited Edition books will be produced. 

We cannot stress this enough - if you have moved, you MUST let us know, as we WILL NOT be able to supply replacement books for Limited Editions should they go awry. In all cases, from Limited Editions to Second Edition trade paperbacks, if we haven't heard from you after a month of the notification being sent, your book will be dispatched to your originally supplied address. So please, please come back to us with confirmation of your current address! We want to make sure you get your books as soon as possible!

With that out of the way, needless to say, we are both utterly thrilled to be at this amazing milestone, and we thank you all for your patience. We're getting ready to hit issue 4 with renewed vigour, and hope you all continue to support us and get the word out about our project.

Thank you so much for helping us to make this happen. We hope you love the books, and look forward to hearing from you as they arrive!

<3 !

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gawyn Lloyd on

      Has everyone received an email saying its been dispatched yet?

    2. Missing avatar

      Drew on

      Just wondering if you received my confirmation email Peter, sorry my computer flipped and i lost my emails recently and just wanted to make sure.
      Cheers for the care and the help.

    3. Missing avatar

      Drew on

      found it. I have returned your email .a and confirmed the address

    4. Peter Cooper on

      Hi Drew! I sent you an email asking for confirmation of your address and never received a reply? I didn't want to send the books until confirmation of addresses was received.

    5. Missing avatar

      Drew on

      Has distribution started yet of the volumes?

    6. Warren Rehman on

      I still haven't received anything, have they been sent out already?

    7. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      @Jay @Gabriel Thanks! I've been getting behind on things & some things have *really* slipped off the radar, so I wasn't sure this wasn't one of them. :-)

    8. Jay Douglas - Vanquish Interactive Creator on

      We were indeed working on producing the volume, as there was over an issue's worth of bonus content that went into the extras at the back. We're returning to work on the standard issues now, though, and issue 4 will be under way shortly!

    9. Gabriel Meunier on

      @Sonia You haven't missed anything. I guess they decided to focus on getting Volume 1 done before sending next issues.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      Where are we up to with the digital issues?
      I think I've got 3, but the last one was almost a year ago.
      Did I miss some since then?

    11. Drea O'Dare on

      Can't wait to get mine!

      ... and I can't wait to get that email requesting my new address so I can be sure that I'll actually receive it!