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A strange glowing face once smiled up at a boy from the bottom of a polluted lake. Now older and alone, the man obsesses over seeing it again.
A strange glowing face once smiled up at a boy from the bottom of a polluted lake. Now older and alone, the man obsesses over seeing it again.
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Recent updates

Hey, guess what?

I'm ecstatic right now. Nearly 3 years after I initially storyboarded and pitched this project to a then-new company called Kickstarter, asking if they'd let me use their site, it is finished!

The DVD cover is about ready. I need to put together the DVD elements and edit something together for a “Making-Of” type video, but before that happens I will be getting you guys the digital download version to watch - SOON! I need to sit on it a while and make some final decisions on how best to make that happen... Not much longer, I promise!


Animation is Complete!

So, this thing happened today - I rendered out a (VERY near) final version of the film! Every scene is animated and I don't hate it! I... actually like it and think its saying what I was hoping it would say. I can't even express how good that feels!

OK, what now?

The vast majority of the work is done, but I still need to do the sound design and work out the music. I'll journal more about that as I figure it out.

I will probably shave some frames off here and there in Premiere to really tighten it up and do some color correction and minor tweaks to a couple scenes while I work on the audio. Also- backer treats!

Sorry I can't really show new stills really - Ive run out of spoiler-free material I think! I'll try to think of something to post soon.

I doubt this little film and its quiet, insanely drawn out production is top of mind (or even lower-middle of mind) for many of you reading this, but all the same your early support nudged me along and has been on my mind throughout!


Character animation is done!

At 11:51pm tonight, I drew the final frame of character animation.

Theres still some background and special effect-type work to be done (and audio), but this is certainly a landmark!

New Post on the Tumblr!

Read the ful post here. Excerpt: “Well folks, its been 2 years since we started on this journey together. Sorry I’ve been so quiet, but I honestly ran out of ideas on how to update you and keep it interesting for so long! Progress has been slow, but it is still very much actively happening and taking up all my free time. I am still energized by Lake Beast, and although the story has evolved over time, there have been surprisingly very few rewrites. A difficulty in projects that drag on this long is that you end up reshaping it to suit whatever your changing tastes of the moment are and it becomes a jumbled mess. Or you try to turn it into the end-all-be-all greatest thing ever and keep changing and/or adding to it. I can thankfully report that has not happened. Its still the same film I pitched to you 2 years ago.”

Read the rest!

My Final Title Choice + An Art/Video Update

Tile choice: Lake Beast

Sometimes the first idea is the better idea! Thanks for giving your input and help with this. I think for simplicity's sake this title is better, and as a friend pointed out it leaves more room for your imagination to breathe.

I've been using a site called dribbble to post small art updates as I work on the film, and you can check that out here!

Also, I recently painted some concept art and recorded it. You may or may not have already seen this but here ya go! Take Care!