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pledged of $8,200pledged of $8,200 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 3 2014
pledged of $8,200pledged of $8,200 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 3 2014

Stay tuned!

Posted by Twizz Entertainment (Creator)

Thank you to everyone. I canceled a few hours early as I wasn't getting any new backers but several people were canceling in the last couple of hours. I figured some people might not realize they don't get charged. I'll be putting this back up in September most likely, this game will definitely get made though so I will be sure to update everyone interested. Thanks again.


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    1. Twizz Entertainment 4-time creator on

      @Everyone, thanks for the support, I am going to do a mini campaign here in a week or so for roleplaying fans so anyone into D&D stay tuned. If I end up making a few $ off of it i'll put it toward lowering the goal of Dungeon Escape so that it will be easier to fund.

    2. Captain Chaos on

      You've got my pledge when you relaunch! You can market on YouTube, and to Fanboys, and Comic Book fans, as well as the Rpg players, and Larp players. They may not be necessarily gamers, but usually people that are into those types of things will be more open and inclined buy a game like this. Creating Social Networking account on multiple platforms and utilizing hashtags and auto posters will greatly increase your results as well. Just throwing some outside-the-box tips out there to you. Remember Anthony, don't ever give up. It took Thomas Edison over 1,000 times at perfecting the light bulb before he finally got it right. Just like him, when you know you've got something great, you'll stop at nothing to get it out to the masses. Keep it up bro, we've got your Back(no pun intended)

    3. Benjamin Tieman

      I second everything that has been said. You've got my pledge when you relaunch.

    4. Born to Play Games on

      Press on, bro! Maybe go to Gen Con and shake hands with podcasters and bloggers there. Give them your card and maybe a sample of the artwork. Get some mentions and reboot!

    5. Missing avatar

      Rebb on

      Aww man, I'm really bummed that it didn't get fully funded. This would have been a perfect Christmas gift for me and my buddies. Please don't lose hope, Anthony. Many of us look forward to you re-posting this on KS in the future. I know I will be a future backer!

    6. Raffaele Negrin on

      Will you let us know through an update here? So we don't need to haunt KS in search for it ;-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Vleeschouwer Stefaan on

      Very sad to see this get canceled again. What was the final tally on backers / backed amount.

      Third time's a charm :) I'll be around when you relaunch.