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"Soap Life" is a new documentary about the unprecedented changes taking place in the world of American television.
"Soap Life" is a new documentary about the unprecedented changes taking place in the world of American television.
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    1. BJ Collins Brame on April 18, 2012

      Yeah - can't wait for the DVD!!!

    2. Cindy Clark on March 17, 2012

      So glad you did it,knew you could!

    3. Patti Verdon Riggans on March 14, 2012

      congrats on getting the Documentary done!!! Can't wait to get the DVD!!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tina Gray on March 5, 2012

      Oh Matthew! I am thrilled for you!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    5. Tom Beavin on March 5, 2012

      As a soap fan, and a working class stiff, I do believe this to be a very sound investment in the entertainment and enlightenment of millions. As a worker, I deal with countless individuals who don't seem to grasp the concept of treating people with dignity and respect, accepting responsibility, or in general decency. It kindof makes me wonder if there even is an alleged 'Goodwill among men'. Now introduce Agnes Nixon; a woman that has touched us through subjects like sexuality, medical and mental issues, teenage life, mysteries and such. I believe in Agnes Nixon. I believe in the soap fan community. I believe in the soap opera genre. So, get off your buns and make a donation! SAVE OUR SOAPS!

    6. Matthew Damato Creator on March 4, 2012

      The premiere will be towards the end of june / early july. Everything will be mailed to the backers. As of now, we are unsure about guests. It will depend on how many people we have and the size of the venue.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tiana Mastrianni on March 4, 2012

      When is the premiere, and how do I get my tickets? Can I bring a guest?

    8. Matthew Damato Creator on March 4, 2012

      Thanks everyone, we are so excited!

    9. Missing avatar

      Rosemary Oleaga on March 3, 2012

      This is truly an amazing project and you did it!! Congratulations!!

    10. Christopher John on March 3, 2012

      Congratulations! Can't wait to get to see the finished product!

    11. Matthew Damato Creator on March 3, 2012

      Any pledge $20 or above automatically comes with the DVD.

    12. Missing avatar

      Susan Aaron Ostrinsky on March 3, 2012

      If you've already pledged an amount - how do you add buying the DVD?

    13. Cindy Clark on March 3, 2012

      I am so glad way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can not wait for this to come out.

    14. Kymberleigh Mclaughlin on March 3, 2012

      so excited! congrats! cant wait to see it :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Blackburn on March 3, 2012

      YOU GUYS DID IT! Can't wait to see the final product!!!