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Measure the wind with your iPhone, iPad or Android phone and share it online. Check conditions at your favorite spots on a live map.

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Have you ever wondered how strong the wind is, exactly at the spot where you are? If you are a kitesurfer or windsurfer like us, then the answer is probably yes. But perhaps as a sailor, paraglider, model aircraft pilot, etc. etc. you would also like to get a precise reading of the wind, right on the spot? Then the Vaavud wind meter is just what you need!

The Vaavud wind meter enables you to take precise and reliable measurements of the wind anywhere, using your iOS or Android phone. And of course you can share your measurements online, and see live wind readings from other users on a map. So Vaavud can help you plan your trip, choose the right gear when you get to the spot, and alert others of the conditions before they go.

The Vaavud wind meter contains no electronics, but still connects wirelessly to your phone... Wait, what ?? 

Yes, you read it correctly :-) The secret is two small magnets in the rotor. The magnetic field sensor in the phone can detect when they rotate, and by using algorithms normally used for sound processing, the rotations can be converted to wind speed. Complicated engineering, made user friendly and simple. In fact, nobody has utilized the smartphone magnetometer in this way before.

The device has been very thoroughly tested and it has been calibrated in a wind tunnel at The Technical University of Denmark. It will be manufactured with keen attention to detail, so it will great looking, durable, and easy to use.

To realize this project we need to make a significant investment in production tools, and meet minimum order requirements - so we need your help! Please back our project, and share it with your friends.

Thanks a lot for your trust and support!

//Andreas, Maria and Thomas

A note about supported devices

Because the Vaavud wind meter depends on a hardware component (the magnetometer) in the phone, we need to test and calibrate it with a wide range of devices. So far we have confirmed that it works with the following models

  • iPhone 4, 4S and 5
  • iPad 2nd generation and 3rd generation
  • Android: Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII

Given that it works with the Galaxy phones, it will most likely work with pretty much any newer Android smartphone. But at his point we can not guarantee it, because we have not had the time and resources to conduct actual tests yet. 


Vaavud high level project plan
Vaavud high level project plan

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

During the making of a physical product you always encounter a few surprises. Maybe you need an extra iteration on the production tools, before the parts come out just right, maybe a component from a sub-supplier is delayed etc. etc. However, Thomas has successfully steered two products through this exact process before. And several of the suppliers we use for this project are ones that Thomas has previously worked with.

Software development is also an area, that can contain a few unknowns. But Andreas has already delivered a number of successful projects to paying customers. And the core algorithms and features of the Vaavud wind meter are already in place in both the iOS and the Android app. So the work that lies ahead of us is mainly related to creating the user interface (GUI). While this is not completely trivial, we are convinced that it is doable. And we have a good network of other developers, that we can turn to for advice if need be.

Finally, Maria has a firm grip on the finance and administrative side of things, making sure that we manage our budgets, and meet our deadlines.

So all in all we are confident, that if we work hard and focused, we can overcome all of those challenges, and deliver a great product to all of you, at our estimated delivery date.


  • The device will be guaranteed to work between 1 and 25 m/s, and the precision will be in line with that of most digital anemometers on the market today. Once we get production samples we will do windtunnel tests on those as well, and be able to put a figure on the precision.

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  • Vaavud will unfortunately not work with Windows phone from the beginning. We have had several requests for this, and have even been contacted by a developer who has offered to build a Windows Phone app for us.

    For now we need to focus on delivering on the iOS and Android apps, and get our manufacturing set up. But we will look into windows Phone as soon as we have the other things in place. Realistically, this will probably be towards the end of Q3 2013, but we can not guarantee it yet, as there are still many unknowns

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  • So far we have confirmed that it works with iPad 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation. We will test it with other iPad models when we get a chance

    Regarding iPod touch, then we have not tested that yet, but we expect it to work. We will test it as soon as we can

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  • Yes! In the settings tab in the app you will be able to choose between all the common units of measure (m/s, miles per hour, knots, Beaufort etc. etc. )

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  • Yes, you will get wind direction as well.

    We are able to "filter" out the signal from Earths magnetic field, so we can get a compass direction in addition to the rotation speed of the device itself. All you need to do is to point up against the wind when you take the measurement.

    There has also been comments/suggestions about adding a wind vane to help you tell the wind direction. We will look into that, but we will not be able to add it to V 1.0 of the device

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  • Yes! The Vaavud wind meter will still work. A protective case will not disturb the magnetic currents, so that is no problem.

    Also - we have added a small extension to the base of the axle, which has the same diameter as an standard Apple headphone jack, so if you use e.g. a Lifeproof case for your iPhone or iPad, the headphone port will seal just as well as it does if you are using a headset

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