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Measure the wind with your iPhone, iPad or Android phone and share it online. Check conditions at your favorite spots on a live map.
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It all started with this

Posted by Vaavud (Creator)

Below is a picture of the very first working prototoype, and a screen shot of the very first version of the Android app (sorry about the poor picture quality). We have come a loooooong way since then! :-)

To see what has happened in between this version and the, almost production-ready, current version, see update # 5, which is exclusive to backers

Further below you can also see what the colour of the standard version will be. To be honest - we had completely forgotten that we actually never wrote anything about the colour anywhere. Sorry!

The rotor will be red, and the pin and interior parts will be black. All surfaces will be in high-gloss - i.e. they will be completely smooth, and a bit shiny. Hope you like it!

For the kickstarter edition the rotor will be green (we will try to get as close to the actual "kickstarter green" as we possibly can), and in addition there will be some custom elements on the neoprene bag (a kickstarter-edition label + custom colours).

For our awesome backers: check out update #5 which you will receive shortly

//The Vaavud Team

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