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Measure the wind with your iPhone, iPad or Android phone and share it online. Check conditions at your favorite spots on a live map.
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Good progress on the product front

Posted by Vaavud (Creator)

Hi all,

Over the past week, we have made quite a lot of progress on the software front. The app can now upload avg. and max. wind speed as well as wind direction and GPS position, so the information can be plotted on a map. So instead of having to email a log file from the phone and do all sorts of manual tricks (which is what we have had to do so far), we now have a direct link between the app and our servers. Below is a screen shot of the map, showing a measurement taken in Copenhagen yesterday.

The next step is to create a settings tab in the app, so you can choose e.g. unit of measure and other preferences, and after that we will create the history tab, where you can access past measurements. Furthermore we will soon get to work on the graphical design of the app and the website, so everything will look great - but for now we are focusing on building and fine-tuning the technology.

With regards to the physical product, then we are getting very close to pushing the button for for the tooling work (i.e. for the tools in which the plastic parts will be molded). And in parallel we are working on sourcing the packaging, magnets etc. We have also just received a sample of the small neoprene bag, that will come with the device. The bag is in great quality, 2 mm neoprene, and it will be large enough to hold both the Vaavud wind meter, and your phone (up to the size of a Galaxy SIII)

Stay tuned for more updates - we will soon have and interesting story from a beta tester, and a look at how our mechanical design has evolved from the very first prototype, to the final design that will go into production

All the best

The Vaavud team

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    1. Vaavud 2-time creator on

      Hi Michael. Thanks! And yes, we plan to keep writing updates a long the way, so you guys can follow the progress.

      And thanks for the suggestion. We have already thought a bit about adding an apparent wind vs. true wind feature, but we can not yet say when this will be ready

    2. Michael Schrøder on

      Fantastic to follow your work with these small updates - keep them coming :-)
      One idea for the software could be to take the groundspeed and calculate the relative windspeed - if I´m sailing the boat moves and the absolute windspeed isn´t very relevant...


    3. Vaavud 2-time creator on

      @Richard. That is pretty much what we are doing :-) If you compare our timeline to that of many other projects on kickstarter, you will see that we are indeed planning on delivering quite fast. Our main bottle-neck is getting the production tools built and fine tuned. We are doing the software development in parallel, and can always postpone some things to a later software update if need be, once we are getting close to being able to ship the physical product.

      All of that said, we do take great pride in the entire product experience that we deliver - not just the physical product. So we don't want to just hack out something and get it out the door. We want to build something great!

      //The Vaavud Team

    4. Vaavud 2-time creator on

      @Gjis. Thanks! You can still measure the windspeed anywhere, without having a connection. The upload then just happens once you have a connection again. Each data packet is only a few Kb, so it will upload in a couple of seconds, and will "consume" virtually nothing of your data allowance (if you are on a limited data plan), or just happen via wifi

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Sablosky on

      Just get the product on the market, an then make changes to the software

    6. Gijs Spruyt on

      Great to hear about such progress!
      But...i would like to comment on this: i am primaly interested in measuring the windspeed. I would prefer to have no need for a Connection to anywhere.

      Keep up the good work guys!



    7. Vaavud 2-time creator on

      Hi Jason,

      We are simply using the compass function in the phone. We can separate the signal from the rotating magnets in the device, and the signal from Earths magnetic field, so we can get both a compass direction as well as the wind speed. All you need to do is to point up against the wind with your phone when you take the measurement


      The Vaavud team

    8. Jason on

      How are you getting the phone to determine a heading to go with the wind speed as is reported on your map there?