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Measure the wind with your iPhone, iPad or Android phone and share it online. Check conditions at your favorite spots on a live map.
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Status – our name – and a little teaser…

Posted by Vaavud (Creator)

Off to a good start
One week into our kickstarter campaign, things look promising, with 77% of our goal reached at the time of writing this. Several media also picked up the story about our project – most notably Techcrunch, Wall Street Journal, CNET, Gizmag and (the authoritative engineering publication in Denmark). And finally, a lot of people have tweeted, posted and shared etc. Thanks a lot for this, guys! These personal recommendations are extremely helpful for us, so please keep’em coming!

During this week we have also completed the very last iteration on the mechanical design, so the interior parts of the device have now been fully optimized for production. In addition we have implemented a new, and improved algorithm. So things are moving forward as planned

A little story about our name
Some people have wondered what Vaavud actually means, and rightfully so, because it is probably not a word you have heard before.

Finding a name for a start-up company is an iterative process. On the one hand you want something that is simple, and meaningful and points to what your product is all about - on the other hand you don’t want to cough up an obscene amount for a .com domain, that someone has been so clever to register, and put in their drawer. So that quickly ruled out pretty much any meaningful name that contained the word “wind”.

We then started to look at what wind was called in other languages, and eventually we came across a poem from the Norse mythology. According to this poem “Våvud” is the word for wind, in the language of the Norse gods – and being from Denmark, we thought the Norse mythology reference was in its place. So to also give non-Scandinavians a chance to write and pronounce our name, the “å” was changed to “aa”, and that is how Vaavud was created.

So when you feel the wind blow, consider for a second if Thor, Odin or any of the other Norse gods have anything to do with it. And then hold your Vaavud wind meter into the air, to check exactly what mood they are in.

And the teaser...
During the past week, we have also had some very interesting inquiries from a range of people who could see possibilities in using the Vaavud wind meter. Details will follow in a later update – for now we will just reveal that it involves mountains in Portugal, snow-covered plains in Norway, and a 3 month trip to Antarctica. So stay tuned…


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