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A strategic, 2-player, tarot-sized, card game combining open information and unique abilities with deep, combo-creating gameplay.
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3 days left for Shadows & Steam! Set vs Set Playthrough!

Posted by V3G (Creator)

Just a reminder that there's only 3 days left to join us on the new campaign for Strife: Shadows & Steam, still for only $15. We've already unlocked our big game-related stretch goals, but we still have a couple small ones to blaze through. If you were a fan of the first set, we'd love to have your support for the new one! Here's everything you get for the basic pledge:

Interested to see how the set's play against one-another? As our original backers, we're giving you the first glimpse of this video, that we'll share in our campaign update tomorrow. This not-so-epic clash of designer vs publisher leaves one wondering just what was that one poor sap's strategy? :) Who am I talking about? What this playthrough to see! 

Ready for some Steampunk goodness? Back us today!

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    1. Chris Hamm on

      It is what he means and yes they are quite balanced. In playtesting, both sets won about the same number of games. Plus, it is a lot of fun!

    2. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      When you mention the sets playing against each other, do you mean asymmetrically? Like one player taking a set of Strife 1 cards and another taking the second?

      That sounds interesting, if a completely different game. Are they balanced against each other to play well in that variant?