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A strategic, 2-player, tarot-sized, card game combining open information and unique abilities with deep, combo-creating gameplay.
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Remnants, Upcoming Blitz Challenges and a Live Stream!

Posted by V3G (Creator)

Hey everyone! We've done pretty well over the normal mid-campaign lull, busting through 4 stretch goals already! A huge thank you goes out to each and every one of you for that!!! Now we're on our way to the next set of cards we're adding to the game, extending your options for gameplay even further - REMNANTS!

Remnants are special locations scattered throughout Aerim that are teaming with magical energy. Why are these places so powerful? Well that's a question we'll try and answer with our special Bonus Blitz short story! In terms of actual gameplay, Remnants are very easy to add into your game of Strife: LotE

First, randomly draw two Remnants to add to your location deck for the game from the available Remnants (cards will have the same backs as normal locations). This brings your location total to 12 for the rounds, versus 10. Next, before revealing the first three locations for the first round, take the top card of the location deck and seed it as the first discarded location. (Bonus Tip: this also means the Druid is now a much more viable first turn Legacy Champion!)

Play continues as normal. When a player wins a Remnant, they claim its VP as normal, but place the card directly in front of them for the next turn instead of in the discard pile. Then, during the next turn, that player may use the ability granted by the Remnant as indicated on the card. Once used, the Remnant is immediately placed on top of the location discard pile as normal.

At the end of a round, before locations are shuffled and replenished, simply remove the top card of the location discard pile (the location of your last battle) and leave that as the starting card in the discard pile as you shuffle and replenish.

We're sure you'll love the new wrinkles these cards will bring to your games of Strife! We sure do!

Tomorrow and Friday (and maybe Saturday!) will be another round of our special Bonus Blitz Challenges! Stay tuned for an early-morning update on what you all will need to do to keep earning more words for that amazing introduction story to the world of Strife! You've done great so far, so let's keep that momentum up!

And lastly, we'll be doing a live Designer vs Publisher match of Strife tonight on our YouTube channel, starting around 6:30 pm Eastern. It'll be me (Jake) against Chris. We had an epic match this past Saturday, which I won... barely! My only goal for tonight is to not embarrass myself too bad, as I think Chris was taking it easy on me... so we'll see how it goes. We'll post a link in the comments here when we're live, and a link afterwards to the full video!

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Youtube Direct Link:

As always, keep sharing the love!

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    1. V3G 3-time creator

      @Rich Thanks for that! We certainly think so!

      @Morgan The wording on the Remnant's isn't finalized yet, and we're tweaking that language right now, with explicit timing notes as we're able. Expect an update on this very issue (clear wording), along with the Events, in the near future!

    2. Rich Langston on

      This is really turning into a cool game... and for $15, it's kind of a steal! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Morgan on

      If I have a remnant ability that triggers during the Battle Phase, which Battle Ability resolves first, my Champion's or the Remnant's?