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This chaotic, casual card game combines quick combat with crazy abilities to create fun and fast gameplay for 2-4 players.
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    1. Justin Foster on

      Awesome, thanks. I will check that out tomorrow.

    2. V3G 3-time creator

      @Andrew Great idea! I'll update the text descriptions and add-on graphic later tonight, but consider adding the other choice (play mat or Tshirt) for only $10 more! This would be for the Roboshark, Pirate and Superhero Levels!

    3. Justin on

      @Justin F. - For $20 it better be something better than paper! There's an online company that for $20 will take any image you upload to them and print you out a rubbery mat....forget the name though :(

      @Andrew - If you scroll down on the home page to the Add-on section you can add the T-Shirt or Playmat to any pledge level for $20 each.

    4. Andrew Berben on

      Is there a chance we could maybe pay a bit more on top of our pledge and get both the shirt and the play mat?

    5. Justin Foster on

      Ah nice, that's enough incentive for me to upgrade to RoboShark. I was afraid they might have been like the original Summoner Wars playmats which was unfolded paper and you could never flatten it out.

    6. V3G 3-time creator

      @Justin All pledge level graphics have been updated with the T-shirt OR Play Mat choice, as well as the corresponding description text. Can't adjust the actual KS pledge text once someone has selected it, so hopefully it doesn't cause any confusion!

      @Justin F The Play Mat is a soft facing, rubber-backed playmat, just like those used in traditional CCGs. Very nice quality!

    7. Justin Foster on

      Is the playmat going to be a cardboard fold-out or paper?

    8. Justin on

      Woot! Just upgraded to RoboShark! Awesome deal to get the playmat.

      The Pirate level folks are probably wondering if they automatically get the choice of the playmat or a second shirt? Since their tier states all previous rewards? That would be a steal for them!

      Also, what's the deluxe box? Something above and beyond the already upgraded quality mentioned earlier? Or did the upgraded box quality get moved down to the 21k level?

    9. V3G 3-time creator

      Ninja's get the 9 "exclusive" guaranteed cards we posted about yesterday, no matter how many stretch goals we unlock (or don't). If we clip through these stretches we've got more planned, with potentially more Ninja exclusives as well!

      Zombies do NOT get those exclusive rewards. Make sense?

    10. Adam Carter on

      That's what I was just about to ask. What then remains the difference between the Zombie and Ninja funding levels?

    11. Justin Foster on

      So there's now no difference between Zombie and Ninja levels?