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This chaotic, casual card game combines quick combat with crazy abilities to create fun and fast gameplay for 2-4 players.
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Halfway there! Bonus Art Sneak Peek!

Posted by V3G (Creator)

Seriously, you guys and gals are awesome! We busted through half-way late last night, and are clipping right along today. So before I reveal the surprise art... NO PEEKING, KEEP YOUR EYES RIGHT HERE... Just a couple updates you might be interested in.

Game Rules Update. We wanted you to know that we are listening. We're listening to our backers, the game reviewers, and our playtesters. One of the stickest things that some people love and some people hate is the way Locations currently work. In the rules, we state to play them using table-talk, and provide an online guide in case you want clear-cut designations on what character goes with which location.

We're 90% sure we're going to flip that around, based on much consideration and collective feedback. To do this, we'll be flipping that section of the rulebook around, stating to play Locations based on the types indicated on the cards. To enable this, we'll be adding small icons to the cards that match icons on the corresponding Locations. Never fear though, casual players, as we'll be including the table-talk rules as an optional way to play, if you prefer to banter your way to additional glory!

Let us know what you think of this proposed change, as we're not just making this game for you, we're making it with you!

And now, thanks to your support... here's our first three bonus characters, making their techi-colored debut! And remember, we're trying to bring these fearsome 'Brawlers to you a little more quickly... so stay tuned early next week for revamped stretch goals! :)

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    1. Thor Jw on

      Will the new updates be applied to the lite print and play version ??

    2. Jason V on

      I know with certain members of my group, debates overtake the game in many cases. So for me its nice to have these minimized as much as possible.

    3. Ahzile on

      Yeah... debates aren't as fun with a lot of play groups.

    4. Alex Draper on

      Great art.

      Rules change from table talk to clear no doubt association with icons is the way to go for the landscape cards: keep banter style as an optional rule.

    5. Justin on

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the new art!

      "we'll be adding small icons to the cards" - PERFECT!!!!

      I was going to download the "suggestions" anyway because, well, yeah, kids don't always play nice together. Being able to have table side chat as an option is much better. In the end there always needs to be a "ruling".