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Strap, carry, stick, clamp, wrap, hang, prop and even protect the iPad 2 almost anywhere with the FLEX Kit for iPad 2.
325 backers pledged $22,797 to help bring this project to life.

Basic instructions

Posted by Joe Pearce and UZBL (Creator)

We will begin shipping tomorrow, as promised:

This video may help if you have any issues putting your kit together.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tan Jun Xian on

      Hey, I haven't receive my kit yet, may i know why?

    2. Missing avatar

      Joyce on

      Where is my Flex Kit you have $45.00 but i don't have kit. help. joyce reams 142 scenic dr. montezuma iowa 50171

    3. Casey Sherman on

      Got my Flex Kit, and absolutely loving it! Extremely versatile. Just wish I could use my Smart Cover while the Flex Kit is attached. Thank you

    4. John Higley on

      It's great, and works great with the iPad 3. A little snug, but works great.

    5. fpaz on

      Just received mine and its absolutely stunning! It looks like a batman inspired case for my new iPad. Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      John Hirabayashi on

      Received my Flex kit and absolutely loving it! Would really like to buy an additional back clip so I don't have to remove the hand strap each time to use one of the tripods. Is this an option?
      Thanks Joe!

    7. fpaz on

      Same here. Constantly checking for any notification but no luck. I've got the new iPad too and really curious it if will fit the frame. Hopefully I'll receive mine in a weeks time.

      @Joe Pearce any update if you sent out all the kit for international backers?


    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Shay on

      I'm with Emeka, soooo excited to receive, but have no way to know when it's coming.....

    9. Missing avatar

      Emeka Ene on

      It's March 17th and I still have no word on when I am going to receive my package. No way of tracking it either. I just received the new iPad (3) and wonder if the FLEX kit will fit.
      How can I check on the status of my package?

    10. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      Thanks Sue and Rick. I agree, I always keep the silicone cover on, because I like the softer feel and I confidently lay the iPad on it's face when not in use.

    11. James P Walker

      Just got mine.

    12. Sue Mickelson on

      Just got it over the weekend.
      It looks amazing. As good as I imagined!

    13. Missing avatar

      Rick OConnor on

      The product works great. I am a happy customer Keith and have introduced it to several folks. Regarding the case fit - i now understand why the silicone cover bulges at the top and bottom- to protect the face. I learned this when my daughter dropped it face down and the cover kept the screen unscratched. I also find holding the ipad a lot more comfortable with the silicone skin on.

    14. Missing avatar

      Keith G. on

      I'm confused Rick...DID THEY NAIL IT OR NOT? You say they nailed it but then you commence complaining about it...???

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick OConnor on

      Joe and company. I got your product yesterday and am very happy with the results. You nailed it.
      I had a essentially the same idea a year ago but you made it happen. Furthermore, you've covered a lot of uses of it. I hope you get it in the apple store. I would like to invest if that is an option.
      Some feedback- the silicone case is "awkward/poorly fitting" but does the job. It does not hug the ipad. The single flex mount is not very useful though i see you intended it as a prop. It would be good if you shipped a second snap swivel as I use both the tripod and hand device and having a second swivel would mean I could just pop it in and out w/o taking the velcro off.
      The frame however is brilliant and works great. The tripod and hand hold system work great. You really nailed the design of this thing. I'm sure you will sell many.

    16. Jørgen Ringvold Ljønes on

      How many have been shipped by now?

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ron Kramer on

      Hoping it also fits the ipad 3. Bummer when it arrives, it may notmfit my new device.. Hoping upgrade kit follows soon.

    19. BarryG on

      Fantastic.. Can't wait to get mine hopefully before the end of the week... I've backed a lot of projects on Kickstarter, and your's is definitely the fastest product shipped out of all of them, so great job, and continued success!