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Strap, carry, stick, clamp, wrap, hang, prop and even protect the iPad 2 almost anywhere with the FLEX Kit for iPad 2.
325 backers pledged $22,797 to help bring this project to life.

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Basic instructions

We will begin shipping tomorrow, as promised:

This video may help if you have any issues putting your kit together.

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Barry and the Backers


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Just 32 hours to go...

Well, we are almost there and it won’t be long before we will ship the Flex kits.  Fortunately, we began designing the skin back in July and the frame assembly in August.   Naturally, we had to go back and forth between design and engineering to work out the tiny details like getting the frame to snap perfectly onto the thin ledge between the glass and the aluminum.  By November we had our first prototypes of the frame and pivot and were simultaneouly sourcing the manufacturing of the straps.   Actually cutting the steel and building the injection molds only took six weeks and by early January we had our first production samples.  Upon receiving these samples is when we launched this project, there were still minor issues to correct, but we’ve already worked through them.  This is why we’ll be able to ship very soon after the project funds.  We’ve received a handful of the units and we expect to receive the rest by the end of this week.  We will package and ship soon thereafter.  The packaging will be minimal to keep the cost of shipping low.  So thanks again for everyones support...all 300 of you.

New blog launched

The purpose of this blog is to create an open forum for attachment ideas that could benefit all of us.  The link is   I'm buying various mounts and flexible attachments and each week I will test, photo, and try to post at least one new application or idea.  There will be a link to the item if you have a need to purchase one.  Most are available from Amazon or various industrial suppliers.   Many originate from the photography industry, but others are used in pro-audio and medical.   If any of you have thoughts, ideas, or other resources for ways that the FLEX kit can be further connected using the universal tripod thread or any of it's existing components, then please comment or email.  Thanks again for your support.

Mission Accomplished....?


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