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Strap, carry, stick, clamp, wrap, hang, prop and even protect the iPad 2 almost anywhere with the FLEX Kit for iPad 2.
Strap, carry, stick, clamp, wrap, hang, prop and even protect the iPad 2 almost anywhere with the FLEX Kit for iPad 2.
325 backers pledged $22,797 to help bring this project to life.

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      A preservationist on

      For anyone else reading, If you click on the link to Joe's website, he has provides a phone number and email to contact him. He responded to my call within a few minutes and assured me that he will have things mailed out soon. Looks like nearly everyone else has their product. Thanks Joe.

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      A preservationist on


      You really ought to check your Kickstarter comments more often. I have yet to hear back from you since my earlier post on July 3rd 2012. Have you been on vacation ? If I don't hear from you soon, I am going to have your kickstarter charges removed from my credit card for services not rendered. I hope to hear from you soon so I can enjoy your product instead of doing that.


    3. Aseem Kishore on

      Hi Joe,

      What happened to the customer service? I am still waiting on a new Flex kit to replace my broken one. You hav disappeared. At least give us an update. I'm going to stop recommending this product to my friends if I don't get some kind of response.

    4. Missing avatar

      A preservationist on


      I have yet to hear from you....

    5. Missing avatar

      A preservationist on


      I have yet to hear from you....

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      A preservationist on

      Hi Joe,

      I too have yet to receive the product. Please contact me to confirm you will be sending it out soon. Also, I have moved twice since I made the purchase and need to give you an updated address. Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      PPerry on

      Hi Joe, I haven't received my FLEX kit yet. Mail delivery is not top-notch in my area so it may have been returned to you. How do I follow-up on this?

    8. Aseem Kishore on

      Hi Joe, I was very excited about getting this product and I've been super happy with it for the last 2 months. However, today after only 2 months, one of the adjustable arms simply came off! Yes, I do pretty much use it everyday and adjust it into many different positions, but I didn't expect it to just break like that.

      I was able to push the ball back into the socket, but now whenever I bend that particular arm, it just pops off. I am very disappointed as it's now impossible to use it like I was before.

      Is there a way for me to get a replacement? Maybe I have a defective piece of something.



    9. Missing avatar

      Murad Ahmed on

      Sceptical -
      that I would ever use this actually when I got it here in the UK.

      Put the cover on and used the mount for the iPad to the windscreen as a Sat Nav.
      The mount was strong and didnt fail
      The quick release button for the mounting easy to use.

      Thinking now - a well developed, quality product.

      Well done ! I am going to use it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Joe Barry on

      Joe, I bring my kit everywhere with me and people are constantly stopping me to see it all in action. Tripod stand makes a massive hit in any coffee shop too! Great product!

    11. Peter Hollens on

      Joe, is there any chance to buy an extra cover for my iPad?

    12. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      I just sent you an email Merissa.

    13. Missing avatar

      Merissa Badali on

      Hi there, have sent a couple of messages with no response. Survey completed long ago, still no flex pads... Really looking forward to receiving them. Could have saved me a few hundred dollars in replacing damaged iPad. So sad :( but looking forward to your fab looking product

    14. Jørgen Ringvold Ljønes on

      I've got my kit today. Its working great! No problems or bad parts. Thank you, Joe!

    15. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      Btw, if anyone has any photos of cool or creative ways that you are using your iPad and Flex kit, then feel free to email a photo to joe at and let me know if I may post it on the blog or website.

    16. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      Gen3, thanks for the detailed feedback. Well, all orders have been filled with the exception of a few internationals that I need to collect shipping $. Anyone can go to and follow the links to order the iPad Flex kit through Amazon or Mediastore. I will be going through the messages again, just in case I overlooked any requests. Again, I appreciate everybody's support and comments.

    17. Missing avatar


      Hooray, my Flex kits are here! Thanks again, Joe, for getting the shipment out to me so quickly after receiving my resent info. The Flex kit is great! Even better than I originally thought. The pivot is fairly easy to insert, but once in place, is really secure. The handstrap/ pivot combination is quite comfortable. I also appreciate the extra effort you took on the shoulder strap hooks; the overlapping hooks make carrying the unit even more secure. Less worry that the hooks will open during movement and allowing the iPad to fall. Excellent quality and obvious critical attention to detail. Congratulations and best wishes for your success.

    18. Missing avatar

      karuna on

      Hi Joe
      Had pledged US$ 60 for the product. Have still not received the unit. Appreciate your help on this.
      Karuna / Hong Kong

    19. Missing avatar


      dang...all the data are there. Survey sent Feb 27 response Mar 5 along with the info provided. However, I am not allowed to edit or resend survey. I have provided my name/ address via the direct contact link. Hope you receive the msg. Thanks

    20. Missing avatar


      Thanks for response, Joe. I checked and survey was completed and sent. I will resend info.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ben Abraham on

      Hi Joe
      Received the goods on Saturday. Perfect fit and superb. All the best to you and your team
      Azman, Malaysia

    22. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      Jason, Irene, and Mischa...thank you very much!

      Gen3SF, I never received a completed survey with your address. Jorgen, USPS doesn't update the tracking info until it is delivered or close to.

    23. Missing avatar


      No response to previous direct private msg, so I will repost here. I am a $100 level US backer and have neither received my 2 Flex kits nor any notification of shipment. A status update or tracking info will be appreciated. I am looking forward to my Flex kits. Thank you, Joe.

    24. Jørgen Ringvold Ljønes on

      According to my tracking info, hasn't the package moved from LA since 17. March. I have not recived anything yet either. Is there a problem or isn't the tracking info updated?

    25. Missing avatar

      Irene Cruz on

      Awesome i just got mine...5 min ago! Love it! Very well done! I couldve done without the customs charges but, what can you do? Awesome job guys!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Kristen Burgess on

      Hi Joe, I sent a question about the frost silicone skin via the contact form on the Uzibull site last night... would it be better to ask it here on the Kickstarter comment thread?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jason shears on

      Love it!! Great job!! When is it going public ?. Everyone that sees it loves it.

    28. Mischa on

      Receive mine yesterday and is is working perfect.

      Keep up the good work :)

    29. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      Charles, I accidentally pressed the 'Report Spam' button on my iPhone. I apologize and sent a message to KS to notify them of my error. I hope you'll still refer us, it was a good comment.

      K Lins, that's funny. Uzibull is a play on 'usable' to imply functional.

    30. Missing avatar

      charles barone on

      Got mine. works great on new iPad! Love using the tripod instead of holding the ipad in my hand.
      I have a monoprice screen protector on mine and the flex is so unintrusive it didn't even come near it.

      So when do these go public? Some people who missed the boat want to know. I would like to purchase extra pivots too.

    31. Missing avatar

      K Lins on

      Haha, I received the notification today and nearly deleted it as spam, because I did not remember knowing a Joe777from Hawaii ...then I realized they had my address, but "uzibull" sounded quite dangerous. Had I by mistake ordered some paramilitary equipment?
      Luckily with some use of logic I did find out in the end. Now I'm really looking forward to my parcel!

      Michel, I feel your pain! At least you got a good reason for buying the better new iPad now ...

    32. Michel David on

      Aaaarg... Too late...
      As international backer, I have not yet received my Flex Kit.
      I just received the shipping notification.
      Unfortunately, someone dropped my iPad this weekend, and the glass broke...
      Life can sometimes be cruel...

    33. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      Peter, the update videos offer the best visual i think.

    34. Peter Hollens on

      Just got mine, enjoying trying to figure it out a bit... Joe do you have further instructions for a visual n00b?

    35. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      Kevin, On the large tripod there is a small 1/4" screw under the large 3/8" screw.

    36. fpaz on

      Joe, Just reading the comments below makes it even more exciting now that the kit works fine on the new iPad. Any updates on when the international backers will expect to ship?

    37. Missing avatar


      Haven't received my 2 Flex kits, yet. Thanks for letting us know that the new iPad will fit. Thought so as the differences are so slight, but good to know for certain. Looking forward to receiving my kits.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kevin Muensterman on

      received my unit and had a question about the tri-pod. The screw ontop of the tri-pod does not screw into the backer it has a larger screw than the one with the suction cup. Is there another connection piece needed?

      Love the unit overall just want to have the tri-pod feature work also.

    39. Kai Mallea on

      I received mines yesterday; wow, great job! It's everything I expected it to be. I wish you guys continued success with this great product.

    40. Alli Flowers on

      What's the chance of getting a second pivot so that I can easily snap in and out the strap or tripod?

    41. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      Thanks Ron for the prompt good news. Indeed it does I was about to type this Fedex arrived with the new iPad and I confirmed it. I personally can't tell any difference between the iPad 2 and new iPad in terms of dimensions.

    42. Alli Flowers on

      Just received mine. It is everything it was promised to be. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with this! Will get a full review out over the weekend!

    43. Missing avatar

      Ron Kramer on

      Flex fits ipad3. !!! Even more secure than my ipad2. Im amazed. Just took a little pressure at each clip on the x frame. Seems better than it did on ipad2.

    44. Missing avatar

      scott stuessi on

      Received mine today. Excellent job, everything was as advertised. Absolutely love it!

      good work!

    45. Jørgen Ringvold Ljønes on

      When do you shipp international orders?

    46. Joe Pearce and UZBL Creator on

      Thanks Hannah and Martin, very kind. Tracy, Irene and Christa I will email you each directly.

    47. Missing avatar

      Tracy on

      I haven't received mine. I emailed you Joe, but didn't realize there was a "survey" at the top of this page. I filled out the survey. Can you let me know when I should be receiving it. thanks, tracy

    48. Martin Olgren on

      Got mine today and all I can say is AMAZING!

      You guys did a damn fine job making this!!!!

      I can't recommend this highly enough!

    49. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    50. Missing avatar

      Irene Cruz on

      Hey guys, after reading the comments im itching to get mine! Any idea of when that will be? Also, i was the first to ask for the white silicon and upped my backing to get one of each color, because we have two different color ipads here in the house and its better to keep the colors different to avoid any quick confusion. I hope you saved one for me... Thanks guys in advance i am truly impressed with your communication response times!

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