The Orbit Turntable

by U-Turn Audio

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    1. Robert Camba on

      I received my blue turntable in time for Christmas. I love it! Beautifully engineered, the Orbit plays my records with grace and aplomb. The speed is accurate, it plays music withdetail and beauty. Great job, guys!

    2. blueumbrella

      I am assuming we each receive an email when our turntable has shipped. Anxiously exiting. Thanks

    3. U-Turn Audio Creator on

      @Robert C - Happy to hear it! Enjoy!
      @Robert Z - Yep, you will get an email from UPS with a tracking number when it leaves our shop.

    4. Brad Groux on

      Merry Christmas to the U-Turn team, hopefully you guys some much needed rest! I too have read the reviews and am VERY EXCITED to receive mine!

      With that said, I want to thank you for your diligence in making sure that you deliver the best product possible. You could have rushed it out, but you stuck to your quality standards and for that I thank you!

    5. Missing avatar

      michael orr on

      estimated delivery MAY 2013. nice joke. funny. haha. i wonder if im the only one that would have waited to back if i would have know it would be a year before any delivery.(which i still have not received) i personally would have waited and just bought full retail...

    6. U-Turn Audio Creator on

      @Brad - Thanks for the warm wishes! Hope you are enjoying your Orbit!
      @Michael - I apologize that the wait has been frustrating for you. Please contact us directly if you have specific concerns about your Orbit. As mentioned in the update, we are in the process of getting the last tables out the door - so just bear with us a little longer.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andre Chapman on

      Should I expect an email confirming shipment? I haven't heard anything yet.

    8. U-Turn Audio Creator on

      @Andre - It should be shipping out in a few days. I would expect the shipping notice to arrive before end of week!

    9. Missing avatar

      Ajit Rudrangi on

      Would I be getting my shipment notification by end of this week? It would be nice to know. Thanks!

    10. U-Turn Audio Creator on

      @Ajit - If not by end of this week then early next week!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ajit Rudrangi on

      Looking forward to it!

    12. Missing avatar

      Ajit Rudrangi on

      Nearing end of week and still no notification :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Ajit Rudrangi on

      Wow... Its been a year since the funding ended, and I am still waiting!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Steve Crowley on

      Same here Ajit...I ordered the last day of the campaign, and still waiting for the table.

    15. U-Turn Audio Creator on

      @Ajit and Steve - Should be shipping out this week. Sorry for the wait!