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Song Lyrics to "I Know You Love Me God"

Posted by God-Des & She (Creator)


So Please, God Forgive Me for all my Sins

I know you Love Me

People have used, your name in Vain

And all those people should feel ashamed


I try to live life, In the best way

I try to stay positive in the hard days

I wanna spread love, as much as I can 

And if you need a hand friend, here I am

As a little kid, I used to dream big

I'd be well known, well go fig

Here I am now, I'm God-Des

and when I die, I wonder what's next

And on judgement day

At the pearly gates

Will God look at me

And turn me away

Because I loved Hard

I love my soul mate

We have a home together

Where we both lay

She is a therapist

works for the city

Helps troubled kids

Has a smile so pretty

She lights up a room

Together we exude

I type of love that only a few knew


So please God forgive me for all my sins

I know you love me

People have used, you're name in vain

And all those people should feel ashamed


Verse 2

And I don't understand

Why man

Justifies using you any they can

They kill for you

They hate for you

But that's not what you intended them to do

I know it isn't, it isn't true

Love is simply, you're only truth

But Man's constructed, a power structure

That puts them on top, and my people under

And what they believe, is not the same as me

But I don't crucify them, for their beliefs

So why can God, they do that to me?

And why can't I just be free?

So shame on them, for their bigotry 

Cuz I know God, that you love me

And shame on them, for their hatred

Cuz God, only you can judge me


Bridge sung by SHE:

Please God Forgive Me

I know that you love

Please change the hearts of those who judge me in your name



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    1. Lisa Davila on

      AWESOME!!!!!! I can't wait to hear it!!!