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We are finishing our 4th full length album and need your help to put it out. Welcome to the United States of God-Des & She!
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God-Des & She

220 backers pledged $13,014 to help bring this project to life.

G & S merch on the way, Please confirm your current Address

Hey Awesome amazing Fans,

We are currently preparing all the boxes for all the merch that is going out for Kickstarter.  IF YOU CHANGED YOUR ADDRESS SINCE YOU PLEDGED, PLEASE EMAIL US AND TELL US YOUR NEW CURRENT ADDRESS.

If your address is still the same, please don't respond to this email.  We have all your information in our database.  Get Ready.  UNITED STATES OF GOD DES AND SHE IS COMING TO YOU SOON! Thanks again for the support~

One Love

G & S

Update from God-Des & She about United States of God-Des And She

Hey USG&S Citizens,

We are VERY pleased to announce that we FINISHED the record!  We are currently working on the artwork, PR, and printing of it.  It will be finished and shipped to your houses sometime in January (Woo Hoo).  Seriously, without your help this would not have been possible so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

For those of you whom pledged to get a song written by us, we will be creating the songs in Mid-November when SHE returns home from NYC.  Please send positive thoughts her way and to all of those in the path of Sandy.

If you pledged to receive a call for a birthday or just a call from us and we have not yet called you, please shoot us an email with the call date, number, and name of person we are calling to

Thanks so much for your continued support of God-Des & She.  

One love,

G & S

We Made it Because of YOU!

Hey loves, we are so proud to announce we have reached the goal we set on Kickstarter!!!!!!! Holy Crap...AMAZING! Some of you have been asking, "can we still donate?" And the answer is a capital Y.E.S!!! We set the goal at $10,000 because we were confident our fans would step up and really for sure be able to meet that goal. However, the actual cost of everything to put this record out far exceeds that. We have always had to skim on important things in the past in order to get things finished. But Sirens, it would be REALLY great to have the money to do it right this time around. We were thinking to ourselves, "How do we encourage people to continue pledging without seeming like greedy bitches haha?" My thing is to just be totally upfront with you. Everything costs a lot of money in the music biz. That's why people sign up with a label so they pay for all that up front. But then those people OWN you and get to decide who you are. Can you imagine them trying to put us in a box haha? Not likely! Our fans have always been our label. We have learned a lot over the years, mostly by trial and error (lots of errors haha). But we keep pushing one, because of YOU and two, because I (SHE) get fired from everything else :) So yeah if you can, please still donate. I could not be more excited about his record and can't WAIT to share it with you! It LITERALLY is because of YOU that we are getting to share our art with the world! Much love and respect! Together, WE DID!

My Dog Toby Fighting Off Evil Anti-Gay Villains In His Dreams

Toby is a very in-tune stray mixed breed pup that hates bigotry.  He often battles evil in his dreams.  He has been particularly worried that God-Des & She will not be able to release their 4th record.  He is angry and he is willing to fight.  He also tries the huffing and sighing approach.  

God-Des & She Gotye Spoof for Kickstarter