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We are finishing our 4th full length album and need your help to put it out. Welcome to the United States of God-Des & She!
We are finishing our 4th full length album and need your help to put it out. Welcome to the United States of God-Des & She!
220 backers pledged $13,014 to help bring this project to life.

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      Leah Rochelle on

      Fantastic! I'm so proud of you and our community! Keep up the excellent play, oh, I mean WORK ;)

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      Jeri Trice on

      Congrats God-Des and She! I'm tickled you met your goal and the project will be funding. I doubled my pledge in celebration!

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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    4. Amber Griffith on

      Come on everyone!! Almost there!!! Share share share!!!

    5. Lisa Davila on


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      Kaitlyn Westemeier on

      I upped my pledge too! You ladies rock! Thank you for making music to inspire, make me laugh, and make me proud! When you guys make it back to the Wisconsin/ Milwaukee area make sure you set up a show at Walker's Pint! We miss you ladies there! Take care! I hope you reach your goal soon!

      P.S. that Gotye spoof had me cracking up!

    7. Lisa Davila on

      I found a little extra cash so I increased my pledge. If any other backers can increase by any amount, I'm sure we can reach that goal. Let's not fall short!!!

    8. Kate Doster on

      God-des and She, I have donated all that I can because A. I believe in your music and your passion and B. It was one of your songs that saved my life, literally. I hope you will indulge me for a minute. I don't drink or do recreational drugs but following a bad fall over 4 years ago that ended a promising career, I was put on medically ordered oxycontin, dilaudid and morphine. My doctor pulled me off the dilaudid and morphine (the oxy had been replaced by morphine) cold turkey a month ago. I have never experienced anything so horrible in my life, pain, hallucinations, paranoia, rage, grief. I would end up in my pool for hours with my headphones on listening to your song Addiction over and over and over until things calmed down for me. My relationship with my partner was ruined, I am losing my home, my cat. My world is upside down right now but your music is a constant in my ears. I am a writer, at least at heart. I was published in 2007 with a book called Dudley the Brave and I donate the proceeds to charity. Right now, I don't market myself so I could wallpaper my house with the books I have. What I went through in that detox which is still too fresh in my mind has led me to my 2nd and 3rd project. One is a children's book about differences and bullying since Dudley is a children's book. The other is a book about addiction in all forms. I have been a victim of domestic violence from a man and a woman, I have an eating disorder and food is a huge addiction, I have been addicted to morphine, sex, love, you name it. I wanted off the morphine because I wanted to live a natural and clean life even if I had to live with pain. I have lost almost 200 pounds and wanted the rest of me to just be natural. I had no idea it would destroy my relationship, nearly destroy me and those around me. Your song saved me literally, it kept me in the pool calm and relaxed instead of putting a gun to my head which the hallucinations were leading me to. I wish I had more to donate, believe me, but I am packing to leave my home with no income, no way to work and a 2 year wait on my disability review. I make about 200.00 a month from a trust fund and I would rather go without to ensure that this album gets off the ground. Thank you for what you do....for giving me the strength to grit my teeth and hold on knowing it would end eventually. I wish more than anything I could see you in Vegas in September. Hopefully I will one day and I can hug your necks for real. - Namaste.....Kate

    9. Melissa Lee on

      I have loved every live performance I've seen with you guys (3 in all, twice in salem and once at portland pride) You guys are great and I hope you make your goal! My only regret is I don't have more to spare!

    10. Melissa on

      Best of luck with your new album ladies, watching that video, once it got to the part when God-des talks of losing her father a year & a half ago....brought tears to my eyes. I was the GM of Chrome Cat the night you were playing & got the news...I remember bringing you a water downstairs & squeezing your shoulder, saying if there was anything at all I could do, I would...loss of a parent at any age hurts more than anything. I lost my dad when I was 7.
      I look forward to hearing the completed album soon! ♥

    11. Rocket on

      Hey y'all,
      Wish we could give more, but best of luck with the new album and thanks for your kindness and your sweet jams!
      Rocket and Aviva