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USB Micro Light cord gives illumination to your USB cable to make connection easy in the dark. A sync and charging cable.
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Posted by Dustin Orndorff (Creator)

Hello all, 

I know a few of you are wondering when you will get your cables. What I can directly answer for you is where we are now, and the direction we are going. Today is Sept. 8. we are currently finishing version number 4 of the circuit board. As you know we expected only to do one version (one thing led to another and we are at version #4). It has been an ongoing project. I have been working with the factories in China everyday since the beginning of this project. 

The mould company have already received the version #4 stencil (for the pcb), and await the circuit board. After they receive the boards they are then going to modify the P90 steel mould for the 3rd time to fit with the pcb. I'm told it will take 7-10 days to modify the mould.  

I had a difficult time locating a company to supply less than 1,000 pieces of coiled spiral cable. So we had to buy already assembled coiled spiral cables and modify them. 

To those of you that returned your cables because of defects..I intend to send you a new replacement, but I must wait until they are finished. I did receive returned packages. Mostly international packages. I'll be writing individual emails shortly. 

My most updated response to the shipping date is estimated at the end of the month. I really appreciate your understanding. Please know this project has been on my mind every single day since the end of the kickstarter campaign. I am still working to get you the cables.  

Here are some pictures of the process. You will notice the different color pcb, these are different versions and modifications. Each modification is meant to give us a better finished product. 

Warmest Regards,


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