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USB Micro Light cord gives illumination to your USB cable to make connection easy in the dark. A sync and charging cable.
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Posted by Dustin Orndorff (Creator)

We are still working with the manufacturers to get some of the cable finished so that we can ship out of the rest of the cables. Thank you all so much for your support and patience. 

About the cables:
The USB Micro Light is composed of 28 AWG stranded and braided cable with a PVC shell. 28 AWG is the thickness of the copper used inside the cable. It is more than adequate to supply your phone with sufficient power. When a USB uses braided metal inside it adds protection to ensure noise reduction of/on the cables. That means other surrounding cables should not interfere.

How does phone charging work? 

You need a power source and your USB Micro Light cable. 

Plug the cable into your power source (a ac/dc wall adapter, or your computer). 

Each power source has a different electricity output. You might want to check. The best is a 2,000mA (2Amp) unit.  

- The USB port on my computer supports 500mA (5 Amps) at 5V. - So my computer isn't really going to supply my phone all the juice it needs. It will take a long time to charge. 

- My ac/dc wall adapter supports 750mA (.75 Amps) at 5V. - This is so so, but still could be better. 

 - My adapter in my car supports 1,000mA (1 Amp). - At 1 amp, it's not optimal, but can't complain. 

-2,000mA would be a good fit for my phone and supplying enough power through the cable to the phones, and tables.

Note: These are generalizations and some phone require less power. Either way the cable is designed to provide the power you need. 

Our phones can handle input of about 2,000mA (2 Amps). When our smartphones are turned on and using “juice” they are consuming more electricity than is being supplied to the phones. So yes, it is possible the phone could shut off while it is charging. To optimize your phones charging it is recommended to not be using your phone, and check your ac/dc wall adapter to know the size of the input. Remember these cables were designed specifically to charge your smartphone even if it is inside a case.  


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    1. Tiffany Ross on

      As much as I like the light, it's inferior to my other USB cables, so I can't use it. :( I'm not happy. I was hoping that I'd have a longer cord plus a light than the ones that came with my device, but the charging using this cable is taking ten times longer in comparison, with it off. I don't know if I got a cable that's defective or what.

    2. Christina Stilwell on

      Just got mine in the mail Friday. Been using it since that night. So far so good. I got the red light one. I like it just fine. Bc it doesn't put off much light. It works just fine. Thanks a lot. Going to use this cable in my camper. So when my husband comes in late from fishing he won't have to turn the light on to see to plug he's cell phone in. Thanks for keeping the lights off to pull in our phones.