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These ain't your grandma-grocery-getters! Now you can customize a comfortable, urban, lowrider adult big wheel trike with your style. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 20, 2013.

These ain't your grandma-grocery-getters! Now you can customize a comfortable, urban, lowrider adult big wheel trike with your style.

About this project

They're not just for kids anymore...  

Urbantrike brings you all the fun and excitement of a pedal-driven, low profile point of view without sacrificing comfort or practicality.

Why is it that most adult tricycles are more embarrassing to look at than to ride?  It doesn't have to be that way.  We proved it by creating the Urbantrike - the world's first customizable adult big wheel tricycle that makes triking look... badass.

Changing Your 3-Wheeled Game

Big wheels are back.  The first adult big wheel that revives the memories and sensations of big wheels from your childhood...and allows you to add your style.

Last time you rode something this fun, you were probably six.  Let's face it, you've changed a lot since then - good thing the big wheel has, too.  We designed Urbantrikes to be badass, but they also come packed with features you won't find on your run-of-the-mill three wheeler.

  • Spin Freely - Freespin 20-inch 38-spoke front wheel makes downhill and coasting a breeze.
  • Endure - Welded from high-grade 1.5-inch .095-gauge steel tubing to provide durability and tight tolerances.
  • Relax - Fully padded and comfortable 18-inch wide vinyl seat provides the perfect style and comfort.
  • Support - Our quality steel frame and high capacity rear hubs are rated over 500 lbs.  Tote your BFF on the back.
  • Meld - 10-inch long sliding seat track ensures a perfect fit for every bum every time, no matter your height.
  • Customize - Pimp your ride with a variety of design options, from frame color to handlebars.

Removable Axle

Our initial models looked great and instantly caught people's attention, but there was a practicality issue: unless you drove a pickup, they wouldn't fit in your car to take on location. We've worked tirelessly on a solution and redesigned the Atticus to have a removable rear axle using just 2 Allen wrenches.

We are now focusing on making all models more compact, transportable and storable. Kickstarter is crucial in helping us develop the tooling necessary to produce this new design feature.

Hot Models


The Bailey is based on the original Urbantrike design. Versatile with its 6" clearance, it has more terrain options and allows it to cruise easily over grass, gravel and sidewalk. The lighter axle supports 250 lbs and it comes with the same number of options as its bigger brothers. The universal base design makes this trike compatible with future customization options. A great everyday Urbantrike.


This gladiator straight turns heads. Hot-rod inspired, with its fat front tire, chromed out alloy rears and dropped frame, this trike commands the street. Perfect for traversing the sidewalk on your way to lunch, tailgating before the big game or causing a rubber-neck at the auto show. With a removable rear axle that supports up to 500 lbs, this model can shoulder the biggest of loads and still fit in the closet or trunk of your car.


When customers call us to build their own creations, it's one of our favorite tasks. But when a custom creation gets as much attention at this one did, you gotta find a way to get it into production. The Adairicus, created by one of our best customers, caused such a stir that we're compelled to build it as a production model. It's the prom king of the trike world.

With all the appointments of the Atticus plus a dually set of rear wheels, it's the smoothest of rides while its automotive-grade rear hubs and spindles give extreme durability and capacity. It will come with a removable axle like the Atticus, for the easiest possible transport and storage. Adairicus truly is in a class of its own.

Custom Urbantrike

For those with highest desires of personalization, we can also build a trike specifically for you or your business.  Custom Urbantrikes are handmade in our Phoenix shop, complete with fenders, custom colors, and graphics.  What better way to catch a the eyes of each passerby and every potential customer than with you very own branded Urbantrike?

Each custom Urbantrike comes with a 500lbs weight limit and removable axle for the same easy transportation you'd expect.  Plenty of room on the rear fenders to showcase your designer graphics well as customized vanity license place to top off your creation.

Customize Your Urbantrike

Make a statement.  Once you choose your Urbantrike, it's a simple process to pick the features you want.

But we won't be stopping here.  A successful campaign will allow us to offer more options and interchangeability, opening up new color choices, handlebars styles, and wheel options.  

These designs and changes take a lot of work and Kickstarter will help us bring these awesome changes and new ideas to the market.  We'll even be able to provide a shop where #trikenation can find Urbantrike-approved aftermarket parts for their creations.

The Urbanizer

The Urbanizer is an awesomely fun new concept, which will allow potential trikers to get a glimpse of what their customized trike will look like.  Choose from a list of options, build your Urbantrike in front of your eyes, then pull the trigger to order your creation.  Still can't decide?  Tag a friend in - Urbanizer will let you share your creation via email, post to facebook, pintrest and twitter!

Stretch Goals

We are currently funded and now offering a variety of stretch goals if we meet our funding targets.

Add Ons

As promised, we have created multiple add on kits that will allow you to further customize your trike.  Just include the amount of the package you want added on and we will ship it with your trike.

We will be reconciling every backers pledge, so don't worry - we will make sure we get your add ons confirmed before anything get's shipped!

Why Kickstart Urbantrike?

We're not some giant corporation. We are a tiny crew with a massive love for big wheels, working out of a small workshop in Phoenix, AZ. With limited resources and a vocal fan base, we have been perfecting our designs over the last 12 months to bring you something never seen before.  We are trying to create movement and innovation in the brutal bicycle industry which has remained largely unchanged over the last 50 years.

Fabricating these badboys is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Tooling fees, molds and minimum order quantities will swallow us alive, unless we hit them head on with an army of fans and supporters.

That's you.


We have assembled a cadre of kickass rewards for our fellow trikers. Check em out:

Special Thanks

Risks and challenges

Successfully funded kickstarter campaigns can encounter problems when entering production. Finding reliable suppliers and meeting quality standards is essential for building products for mass production. Urbantrike is unique from many other campaigns in that we have sorted through many of the initial issues concept products run into. Tight execution is key to overcoming new issues and Urbantrike has been diligently working for months negotiating with suppliers, testing samples, and building a reliable team capable of executing our promises. A successful campaign will provide the resources needed to execute. We're ready. Let's do this.

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    DIGITAL WALLPAPER! We appreciate your support and will provide all backers a sweet set of digital wallpapers for your PC, your smartphone, and your Facebook cover photo!

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    URBANTRIKE TEE! Show off your support with a unique "We're Kind of a Big Wheel" Urbantrike tee. Men's and Women's styles and sizes available. Wear it proud!

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    TEST DRIVE! Get a personal one hour test drive and tour of Scottsdale. Don't live in AZ, no problem! We'll set up a personalized test drive as soon as Urbantrike is in your area.

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    CUSTOM BAILEY! Get a custom Bailey built through our Urbanizer. Choose your color and handlebars to fit your style.

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    KICKSTARTER EDITION ATTICUS! Get in on this limited edition, cost optimized Atticus. Comes in two-tone Kickstarter colors, 8in steel rims with 18in rear tires, black vinyl seat and grips, and ape hanger handle bars. Own a little piece of history.

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    STANDARD ATTICUS! Bring your own personal touch to the Atticus by choosing your color and handlebar style from our kickass options. Prepare to own the sidewalk.

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    JAW DROPPING ADAIRICUS! Okay, you travel in style - we respect that. Add your own touch to the Adaircus by selecting from our options of colors and handlebars. Rubber necking each passerby comes standard.

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    CUSTOM URBANTRIKE! Get your very own custom, handmade Urbantrike complete with fenders, vanity plate and custom graphics. Perfect if you want something extra unique or as marketing for your business.

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    BECOME A MAD SCIENTIST! We will build a complete Urbantrike to your specs from the ground up. We will send you two prototypes, productize it on our site, and name it after you. Congratulations, you have achieved immortality!

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