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Bringing the first map of Dhaka’s bus network to life for its millions of daily riders.
506 backers pledged $15,000 to help bring this project to life.

Maps and Totes are Ready!

Posted by Urban Launchpad (Creator)

Dear backers, Happy summer! Hope this message finds you relaxed, tan and smiling wherever you are.

We are smiling here because we finally have your maps (and totes) ready to ship! To make sure we get them to you, please be sure to answer the backers survey that popped into your inbox last night, so we can start getting these in your hands. You will find a little more info about the story of each product below.

on behalf of the Urban Launchpad team

PS. The digital version of the map is now available via

PPS. For our amazing supporters who sponsored a large format map and / or bus signage, we are working on them! In fact, Stephen has exciting news to share about that in the near future. One immediate piece of feedback we received from our team in Dhaka on signage was that it sounded great but that in many instances, the buses don’t actually stop at a fixed place. Riders board whenever the buses is moving slow enough for them to hop on even if it is in the middle of the road.

BUS MAPS: With the print run of bus maps here in the US for the Kickstarter supporters, we took the opportunity to push the production materials and methods even further. That’s why this edition of the bus map took us awhile, even after the launch of the first run in Dhaka. For this version of the map, we decided to use Tyvek, the same material used for other real maps, home insulation wrapping, and envelopes, to make them far more durable. We had to source a more boutique printer in San Francisco who would be willing to print on this less traditional material (props to one of our Kickstarter supporters and fellow map-makers, Eric, for pointing us in the right direction!). Now, the maps are finally folded and ready to be shipped out! We’ll be translating these production learnings into the next, larger run of the bus maps on the ground in Dhaka.

RICKSHAW TOTES: These totes were designed by Stephen Kennedy, manufactured by a responsible supplier in Dhaka (we met the owner and visited the factory) and hand dyed by us back in the US.

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    1. Missing avatar

      John Tassell on

      Just got my map in the UK today. Looks good.
      I am really happy to have been able to support this project.
      I hope it continues to grow.

    2. John Dimatos

      just got my maps, thanks! It looks awesome, congrats!