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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 16 2014
pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 16 2014

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The Project is Cancelled

Posted by True Adventures, Ltd. (Creator)

Dear UpWorks Backers,

Darryl and I have decided to cancel our UpWorks Kickstarter campaign. 

This was not an easy decision to make, but we feel it is the best course of action for our respective families. Darryl (my partner and talented designer) has been offered and has accepted a “dream job” that will ensure a bright future for his young family. I completely support Darryl in his decision. Darryl was extremely committed to seeing our UpWorks vision come to the marketplace, but the reality of the situation could not be ignored. He needs to do what is best for his family. 

I also think it is best for my family if we cancel the UpWorks campaign. I would like to go into great detail about the reasons why this Kickstarter campaign was started, my successes and missteps, and the reasons I wish to close it now. However, to do that accurately, I would need to give a backstory that involves other people and their actions. I feel it would be best to continue to remain silent on that subject, even though it may have been costly during the campaign. 

You may be asking yourself:  

Why cancel the project now? Why not wait until the final day to see if the project could have a big final few days? Perhaps it would gain enough support to find a replacement for Darryl? 

This is a very good point. However, in the end, I did not want to risk having to close the project on the final day (Nov. 2nd) – and causing our backers to miss out on another cool Kickstarter project that closes in four days (Oct. 20th). The fine folks at Medieval Building Authority currently have a Kickstarter project that involves a pre-painted castle system, and I think it is important to give our backers a chance to back their project before it ends on Oct. 20th. CLICK HERE to see their cool castle Kickstarter project. 

A photo of the Medieval Building Authority castle system
A photo of the Medieval Building Authority castle system

So, we are shelving the UpWorks project. I cannot say that it is a permanent ending, as certain events could cause us to re-launch UpWorks again on Kickstarter. But it is not likely. 

This decision was made easier by an unexpected solicitation (made before we started our KS project) to buy our UpWorks website URL. It feels like the universe was trying to tell me “you get a mulligan on this one for all your hard work on True Dungeon”, as we have just sold the URL to an unknown identity. Apparently, some company is eager to launch an Upworks initiative of their own in the near future. The sum is enough to mostly recover our Kickstarter costs, and we have moved our UpWorks website to

I would like to apologize to all our backers for the disappointment they may be feeling. It would have been amazing to use the UpWorks system in a RPG campaign, but the reality of the situation cannot be ignored. I appreciate your help in spreading the word about our Kickstarter, and I appreciate the words of encouragement sent our way these past few weeks. 

Best Regards, 

Jeff Martin

Three Add-On Packs Released!

Posted by True Adventures, Ltd. (Creator)

Dear UpWorks Backer,

We are excited to announce the immediate release of THREE new Add-On Packs!  You can "over-pledge" now for the dollar amount of Add-On Packs that you wish to add to your order, but you won't be able to select any of these Add-On Packs inside the Kickstarter system.   We will get all your order details after the project closes via our Pledge Manager.

The Accessory Pack is an especially amazing deal.

Inspiring Castle Video

Have a quick look at this short video that shows the great fun you can have with the UpWorks building system.

Thank you for your support!

Jeff Martin

Amazing Stretch Goal Unlocked! FREE Set!

Posted by True Adventures, Ltd. (Creator)

Amazing $65,000 Stretch Goal UNLOCKED! 

We have unlocked an incredible free stretch goal at $65,000. Depending on what Reward Level select, you now receive a HUGE amount of FREE pieces:  

  • Castle Set Level ($590): FREE Fortress Set is now UNLOCKED! A $295 value!  
  • Fortress Set Level ($295): FREE Grand Tower Set is now UNLOCKED! A $140 value!  
  • Grand Tower Set Level ($140): FREE 2-story 2x3 Tower is now UNLOCKED! A $60 value!  

This means you now get a tremendous amount of FREE pieces with these Reward Levels. We would like to thank our backers for their excellent feedback which guided us to tweak our stretch goal plan. They have also suggested we make some tweaks to our Curved Tower Pack. We have pulled it from our Add-On Pack offerings now while we consult with the factory on ways to improve the pack and lower its cost.  If you have added funding for this Add-On we recommend removing it now until more info is available.  Update coming soon.

$100,000 Stretch Goal Announced  

Depending on what Reward Level you have selected, you will receive the following FREE pieces when we reach $100,000 in funding: 

  • Castle Set Level: 10 FREE Corner Walls 
  • Fortress Set Level ($295): 5 FREE Corner Walls 
  • Grand Tower Set Level ($140): 2 FREE Corner Walls

Backer Icon Graphic

Please show your support of our project by making this your Backer Icon.  CLICK HERE to get the image.  We appreciate your support.

Thank You

Again, we appreciate the feedback from our backers.  This feedback helped us determine that our original stretch goal plan was confusing to some.  We hope you continue to provide excellent feedback to us!  Remember to SHARE this project with your contacts.  The more backers and funding we get, the more FREE items and add-on packs will be available for you.

-- Jeff Martin

We Are Funded! New Floor Frame Reward Level! Curved Tower Unlocked!

Posted by True Adventures, Ltd. (Creator)

 Dear UpWorks Backer:

We are thrilled to announce that our UpWorks Kickstarter is fully funded! We are amazed that the response has been so swift. Hitting our goal in around 26 hours is incredible.  Thank you!

We have also added a new Reward Level called the Floor Frame Set.  This is a great set for Backers who want more flexibility with their other Reward Level(s) -- as well as for those who already have other miniature terrain.  If you support the project at this level, you are also eligible for purchasing Add-On Packs.

We are excited to announce that we have added our first Add-On Pack – the Curved Tower Pack. This very beautiful tower has some curved edges, and it works great as a stand-alone structure or as an exciting addition to another build – like a castle wall.   The Castle Set would be nicely complemented by a Curved Tower Pack at each corner!

 If you would like to add one or more of this Add-On Pack to your pledge, you may do so just by “over pledging” your current pledge by the amount equal to the cost of the set(s) you want. We have a handy Pledge Calculator that determines your new pledge amount for you.

Below is a short 3D animation that gives you a great look at the Curved Tower Pack.

Curved Tower Pack -- $90

  • 3 3x3 Curved Floor Frames  
  • 3 2x2 Curved Floor Frames  
  • 8 Curved Corner Roofs
  • 4 Straight Roofs  
  • 7 Curved Walls
  • 1 Curved Wall with Door
  • 4 Curved Wall with Arrow Slit
  • 4 Curved Wall with Window  
  • 4 Straight Wall 
  • 4 Straight Wall  with Arrow Slit
  • 2 Floor
  • 1 Floor with Trap Door Insert 
  • 1 Door
  • 2 Spiral Stairs

CLICK HERE to see (and interact with) all the pieces from the Curved Tower Pack in full 3D.  It is a great way to see their amazing details.

Best Regards,

Jeff Martin