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Be a super villain. Spell enormous words, steal priceless artifacts, wield devious powers & conquer the world! Can you spell disaster?
An award-winning word / area control game. Be the super villain. Spell massive words. Steal priceless artifacts. Take over the world!
An award-winning word / area control game. Be the super villain. Spell massive words. Steal priceless artifacts. Take over the world!
2,858 backers pledged $115,685 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mark Romero
      on September 12, 2017

      +1 for excellent customer service: The creator responded quickly to my email request (ie replacement box). I received my box a month after they sent it!

    2. Missing avatar

      Beth Bray on September 10, 2017

      Checking in again on the app.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mario Forcellati
      on August 29, 2017

      What's the word on the app?? I thought it was suppose to be ready when the game was released.

    4. Missing avatar

      Eden Roberts
      on August 14, 2017

      I'm unsure how to send a private message but I haven't gotten my copy yet.

    5. Karl Rahenkamp on August 10, 2017

      Any updates on the solo app?

    6. Missing avatar

      splinx001 on August 1, 2017

      Got my replacement box with the quickness. That's some great customer service and a fun game as well. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Rajnesh Jindel
      on July 31, 2017

      I'm still waiting for my copy in the UK, I PM'd you last week but got no reply.
      Could you please check it's status for me.

    8. Missing avatar

      on July 26, 2017

      I see some backer questions here deserving the courtesy of a reply from @Creator...

    9. Steven Paradise
      on July 23, 2017

      My box lid got dinged up quite a bit, but nothing I can't live with. I agree that the box wasn't well designed -- either it needed to be taller to fit the player cards, or the player cards needed to be shorter to fit in the box (either upright or laying down across the tiles). I added some chunks of cardboard to shore it up -- pretty hokey looking, but it works.

    10. Mike Rhynold on July 19, 2017

      Love the game so far! Where is your Facebook page? After a couple play through, my friends and I have a few ideas for variations and end game points

    11. Mark Romero
      on July 19, 2017

      Received mine (Philippines)! The packaging wasn't nice, i received a copy that is badly crumpled around the edges!�

    12. Jonathan Houchin
      on July 18, 2017

      Evil Genius backer and haven't received my custom card?

    13. Missing avatar

      Beth Bray on July 15, 2017

      Any updates on the app?

    14. Dave Gabriel on July 15, 2017

      Received safely in New Zealand. Box in perfect condition. Thank you! Have played a few games and can see it coming out quite a bit. My only concern is storage of the mat.would have been nice folded and rolled in a small tube but I'll make do :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Olsen on July 14, 2017

      I have received my copy of the game and like a lot of others noticed a slight dent in one of the bottom corners of the box. It doesn't matter much though.

      I got to play the game with my girlfriend and we were quite entertained. I'm looking forward to get to play the game more in the future. :)

    16. Eagle-Man
      on July 13, 2017

      Received mine the other day (Vancouver, BC, Canada), just in time to make it to the table for game night! It was really fun, but longer than expected due to people trying to maximize and get the best words. Unfortunately, the game came in just an envelope and all the corners are dented in to some degree. Not terribly, but they're all rounded off. I'm a bit disappointed with this packing.

    17. Simone on July 13, 2017

      Got mine yesterday, packed in an oversized box, and no damage to the components. ^_^
      I might colour the meeples myself though.

    18. BlackGauntlet
      on July 13, 2017

      Is there a shipping notification for this?

    19. Missing avatar

      Poochie on July 12, 2017

      Got mine with no damage, components look great! Good job!

    20. Michelle Baxter on July 12, 2017

      Received mine safely in the UK thanks, and it was perfectly packaged with no damage at all. Now I just have to lure some unsuspecting soul into a game, mwah ha haaaa ...

    21. getchristylove
      on July 11, 2017

      @JeffBeck... When will a final rulebook be available for download? The word doc on site is editable and therefore not final. Something non-editable such as a pdf would indicate some level of finality. Thanks!

    22. Rob Bendig
      on July 11, 2017

      Arrived in Calgary, Canada

    23. Jonathan Houchin
      on July 11, 2017

      So I backed the Evil Genius Tier, received the game this morning but no custom card? Am I reading something wrong on the tier or am I missing something?

    24. Kasper Hansen on July 11, 2017

      Received mine in Denmark. Everything looks great. Great production value over all.
      Looking forward to trying it out!

    25. Missing avatar

      Bkc on July 10, 2017

      I must be slow. I don't see any problem with the box. I put half the player cards on one side, half the player cards on the other side, the rules in between the two, and the components on top, and everything fits nice and snug. I can't imagine the pressure required on such a small area to be able to cave in the box, or damage the playing cards.
      After years of complaining about boxes of air, I was delighted to see that this would easily fit in my suitcase (just in time for my family trip btw) without having to repackage into a smaller box like I have to do with most of my games.
      Components are great! (ok the colours kind of stink "i will take over the world with the pistachio colour! mwahahaha" really doesn't work)
      overall really impressed with components, and count me as the only guy that likes the packaging.

      Oh. since i plan to travel with this and throw it in my duffel bag, I am not too upset about dings. Which is a good thing, because I received the box in an oversized, small-bubble wrap envelope. A really smooshed corner, and two fat ass dings on the sides are the result of the poor wraping.

      Coop rules look great as well. Played the pnp over the last hollidays with great success, looking forward to breaking out the box for summer vacation

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kinsey on July 10, 2017

      Arrived today, well packaged so no damage to box. Cards a bit bent inside, but otherwise ok. Look forward to trying it out.

    27. MaltaX on July 9, 2017

      Agreed. Jeff had replacements for my damaged items shipped out ASAP. Great customer service.

    28. Patrick Bradley
      on July 8, 2017

      Just want to say that after sending a private message to @Uproarious, I received a replacement box lightning fast (and boy, was *that* one packed super carefully). Thanks!

    29. Stuart Pogacic on July 8, 2017

      Received today in UK. Perfectly packaged and I had the playmat as well. Quality of the components are superb, nice thick tiles, the playmat is just amazing. Yes the slight spelling mistake on the back of the player boards but it is only on the reverse side of the player power boards so will not be seen that much so it's not a big thing at all after all the commotion about it. Yes the box doesn't fit the cards but mine were not bent so the quick fix by adding some extra cardboard in the lid to compensate will easily to the trick. Overall very impressed and will be playing tonight.

    30. Pamela Moreno
      on July 7, 2017

      Hello, it says it was delivered to me but I never received it.

    31. Will Templeton
      on July 7, 2017

      Thanks @Stuart, that matches my set, so looks like it's likely to be present and correct :)

    32. Will Templeton
      on July 7, 2017

      Thanks @Stuart, that matches my set, so looks like it's likely to be present and correct :)

    33. Judgement Dave
      on July 7, 2017

      Arrived here in Manchester, UK

    34. Ragamuffin Jojo
      on July 7, 2017

      Gotta say I really feel you guys dropped the ball on this one. The packaging is terrible - the box is too small, the player cards are warped now because of that, there's no plastic insert, and overall everything just does NOT fit well.

      A slightly larger box for character cards to lay flat, as well as a plastic insert for letter tiles, would've gone a looong way.


    35. Stuart Pogacic on July 7, 2017

      @will here is an unofficial list but something to work with I guess, be nice for the actual designers to give an offical list which should be easy enough for them to share.

      Great to hear that 1) They are starting to arrive in the UK and 2) They are packaged in a box :)

      I got my dispatch email just a moment ago so hoping mine will turn up soon.

    36. The Ludoquist on July 7, 2017

      Arrived in the UK. Looks great, except...Aresenal?

    37. Will Templeton
      on July 7, 2017

      Just got mine in the UK! Kudos to Spiral Galaxy who chose a box and nicely avoided the crushing people seem to have been experiencing with Ship Naked.

      Is there an official distribution list of the tiles anywhere? First thing I usually do with a game like this is do an inventory, and want to make sure it's right for my first game :)

    38. Iris Malis on July 6, 2017

      Just got mine, Quebec, Canada. Box is a bit smooshed on the upper corners but nothing major. Components look good! Haven't really played with all the stuff yet but I can't wait to bust it out next week for game night!

    39. Missing avatar

      Anthony Greenwell
      on July 6, 2017

      i got my copy of Word Domination today... side of box is crushed... who do I contact

    40. Randolph Streich
      on July 5, 2017

      In Canada - My copy of Word Domination arrived today. Looking forward to evilly leveling my lexicon at unsuspecting friends. My diabolic discourse will distract them while I purloin and pilfer the playing field!!! Muahahaahahahahaha!

    41. Bram Bresseleers on July 5, 2017

      Near shipping notification in Belgium. Curious to see if the EU distributor handled things differently...

    42. MaltaX on July 5, 2017

      My group played our first game last night. Excellent overall; it was a hit.

      But yeah, the two guys who helped me put it up immediately said "Wait those cards can't go in vertically, they're taller than the box" and then gave up and let me do it. Lol

    43. Missing avatar

      on July 4, 2017

      A bit more exposure now, want to say again that the physical quality of the play components is excellent, much better than average on my shelves, so nice!

      Opposite though for the box, even worse than I first thought in putting the game away even with customer modification.

    44. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kinsey on July 4, 2017

      @stuart pogacic not yet!

    45. Stuart Pogacic on July 4, 2017

      Anyone from the UK got there's yet?

    46. getchristylove
      on July 4, 2017

      Received my 'Super Villain' pledge (group buy of 8 copies) which was shipped in a cardboard box. As a result, no damage to game boxes. But, like everyone else, the rule book was bent in the individual box. Someone posted a solution to modifications to box to avoid bent corners on BGG. I also posted thread with component list. I'm kind of disappointed that the 'arsenal' tiles are not the light colored blue in the prototype but instead black. That is not enough color differentiation to easily identify them (on first glance) from the standard letters which are dark blue. I'm hoping to learn the size of the villain cards as I would like to put a premium sleeve on them, if possible that is.

    47. Airk on July 4, 2017

      Just got my copy in San Antonio, TX. The box corners are a little smushed but nothing major at all. No misprints that I can tell either. Game looks super high quality. I can't wait to try it out!!!!!

    48. Missing avatar

      on July 4, 2017

      @Bryant, thank you very much! :)

    49. Robin Richardson
      on July 3, 2017

      Received, but one corner of the box was smooshed. Other components seem fine.

    50. Bryant Dean
      on July 3, 2017

      @Eileen: The PNP for the tiles was shared in update 13. It looks like their were 8 As. That's how many are in my box, so I assume that's right.

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