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An award-winning word / area control game. Be the super villain. Spell massive words. Steal priceless artifacts. Take over the world!
An award-winning word / area control game. Be the super villain. Spell massive words. Steal priceless artifacts. Take over the world!
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Word Domination - The award-winning area control / word game




Part strategy game, part word game, Word Domination is a completely unique experience that lets all kinds of players excel. Some players enjoy the freedom to use any letter on the board, allowing their inner word ninja to come out and spell ridiculously long words. Others prefer a more strategic route, carefully selecting which letters to use to control the board and mess with their opponents.

Will you expand your holdings by spelling long words? Will you strategically block your opponents or steal priceless artifacts, permanently claiming the associated letter for your exclusive use? Will you use the super-mega-evil arsenal letters with their devious powers?

The winner of Word Domination is often not the player with the largest vocabulary, but the player who can most strategically use their vocabulary to come out on top.

  • Take the role of a 1970s-era criminal mastermind, each with their own, unique character ability
  • Every letter represents a priceless artifact or landmark that you can steal - over 100 different artifacts included, each with its own unique art
  • Hard-to-use letters are the super-mega-evil arsenal - things like the Vaporshock Rocket, X-Ray Goggles, or the Zeppelin Lift - each with their own devious power
  • Feel like a genius - even non-word gamers can spell massive words, thanks to the open playing area
  • Completely interactive - unlike many word games, you'll be messing with your opponents on every turn
  • Strategic gameplay - deciding which letters to use can make the all difference
  • Co-op gameplay variant included - team up with your friends and pull off the heist of the century
  • Solo variant also included - who needs friends? Conquer the world on all your own
  • Easy to learn, easy to teach - read the rules or watch an overview


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In Word Domination, players spell words using any available letter on the board, canvassing the priceless artifacts they contain. On subsequent turns, players attempt to steal those letters, claiming them for the player’s exclusive use. A cunning player will carefully select which letters to steal, as adjacent letters can be more valuable at the end.

For a quick run-down of how to play, check out the video below:

For a complete description of game play, see the player manual here.


To ensure Word Domination is as attractive as it is fun, we've brought in two of the most talented illustrators in the industry.

The character illustrations are being created by Ryan Goldsberry, the same illustrator whose art is featured on Paperback and Burgle Bros. His clever and unique take on the 1970s-era "bond villain" perfectly captures the theme of Word Domination.

For the letter tiles, we wanted a "blueprint" theme - something that would represent the villains scheming over priceless artifacts. We worked with Andrew Colin Beck, whose icons and illustrations have been featured in some of the biggest magazines and websites in the world.

There are over 100 tiles in the game. Each tile contains a unique priceless artifact or arsenal to steal, all with completely unique artwork.


Here are a couple bonus items you can add to your pledge. Here's how to add these items to your pledge: Click "Back this Project" and then select your pledge tier. Add the amount for the desired Add-On to your pledge total. After the campaign, we'll send a survey asking which items you ordered. All items ship in May with Word Domination - the savings are because they will all ship together.

Give your play area the comfort it deserves. This oversized playmat is the perfect size to play any configuration of Word Domination. It includes preset grids for a 2, 3, or 4-player game, with enough extra tile spots to allow the game to naturally grow. There is a built-in round counter, spot for unused tiles, and a reminder of basic turn mechanics and arsenal tile powers. This mat will not only look great but also help streamline your playing experience. Artwork still in final developed and subject to improve over time.


Interested in playing Word Domination in a non-English language? Thanks to the clever ideas of our backers, we've devised a solution: blank tiles. Each set comes with 10 tiles to which you can add the letters you need to play in your language. To make the tiles more accessible to international backers, we are providing flat rate shipping for these tiles. Add up to 5 sets of 10 to your order for $5 each and only pay your associated shipping fee once.


Paperback is an innovative mix of word game and deckbuider - but you are writing Romance Novels. You can win by being great at words or great at deckbuilding. It's the perfect companion game to Word Domination. Includes all stretch goals. Check out more about Paperback


By popular demand, it's the "Genius by birth, Evil by choice" backer pin. Let the world know your stance on morality. Note: there is a limited quantity of these pins, and once they're gone, they're gone.


  • Without your help, we won't be able to print this game and share it with the world.
  • Help guide the development of this game. We listen to our backers and strive to implement their clever ideas.
  • Once funded, our stretch goals will add more content and better components to improve the game for everyone.
  • Backers receive the game at a discount compared to after the campaign.
  • This game is not going to distributors. It may not be in your local store.
  • We don't fill up your shelf. It's a big game that we've squeezed into a small box.
  • European copies will be sent from inside the EU to avoid VAT.
  • Non-English backers can purchase blank tiles, allowing them to customize the game for their language.


Jeff Beck is a game designer and host of the gaming podcast, Your Tables On Fire! He got the bug at the age of eight when he beat his uncles in the family Monopoly tournament. It wasn't long before he started inventing house rules (ask him about CandyWorld sometime), which led to complete games, which ultimately led to intense therapy. Follow Jeff on Twitter @jeffbeck 

Tim Fowers is the designer of several successful board games, including Paperback, Burgle Bros., and most recently, Fugitive. He loves creating unique experiences through board games and loves playtesting and listening to player's ideas. Some of Tim's best ideas come from his wife and 3 kids. You can follow Tim on Twitter @tfowers 

Ryan has spent most of his career making video games and animating people running around beating people up. He's animated Lara Croft in every Tomb Raider game for the past ten years (including the most recent Rise of the Tomb Raider). Ryan also has a wife and five kids, which might signify that he is insane. These days, when Ryan is coherent, he uses most of his energy to make art for children's books and board games. Follow him at or on Instagram @goldsberryryan 

Poet. Nomad. Scientist. Dreamer. Andrew Colin Beck is an American illustrator and graphic designer. You can see Andrew's work in GQ, Vanity Fair, Men's Health, the Boston Globe and Monocle magazine. Andrew just returned from 9 months of traveling the world and is currently living in the dusty deserts of Arizona with his small flock of Becklings. Follow him at or on Instagram @andrewcolinbeck 

Also, a special thank you to:

  • Richard Wolfgram for your incredible work behind the camera
  • Red Lotus School of Movement for letting us film on your beautiful location
  • My amazing wife and children for supporting me through many long nights
  • And the hundreds of playtesters who had the courage to tell me when the game needed a little love

Risks and challenges

Though this is my first Kickstarter project, I am working under the close tutelage of Tim Fowers, the creator of Paperback, Burgle Bros, and Fugitive, who has fulfilled thousands of Kickstarter orders.

Overseas manufacturing can have quality and shipping risks. This is why I will only be working with established manufacturing and fulfillment partners. If there are any manufacturing issues I will address them. If anyone has trouble receiving their copy or problems with parts in their copy, contact me for a replacement.

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