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$81,321 pledged of $8,800 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$81,321 pledged of $8,800 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      just now

      This seems odd to say, but I'm actually hoping that we've reached the end of new stretch goals being added. I'm getting apprehensive about deliverability at this point.

    2. Missing avatar

      dustypie about 2 hours ago

      We unlocked the police barricade meeple upgrade.

    3. Steven B.
      about 5 hours ago

      I'm with Kickstarter Addict here. Unplanned additions and changes should be considered veeery carefully!

    4. Kickstarter Addict
      about 14 hours ago

      I think all these suggestions are great but most need testing and balancing and definitely cause delays.
      I think all suggestions should come back as an expansion and/or even upgraded to a board or printed dual sided mat.

    5. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      about 15 hours ago

      Unlocked the barricade meeple upgrade, onto the next SG 😄

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark E. about 16 hours ago

      @Don, Colin, Andrew I like your ideas....a train could be epic.
      Has anyone mentioned spike strips? They could slow down the getaway car without stopping it.... giving police the chance to catch up....just an idea... not sure how it would integrate with gameplay.

    7. Jaime about 16 hours ago

      Right @Scott! Now let's smash the next sg!

    8. Scott C
      about 16 hours ago


    9. Jaime 1 day ago

      @Andrew I like your idea!

    10. Missing avatar

      Colin Wright 1 day ago

      How about some train track tiles that you lay out at the start of the game. Then, on each turn you move a train along the track which might block the driver and / or police. You could use a boost card to try and get ahead of it or do a jump stunt. The train could even be 2 tiles in length to make it more of an obstacle.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kinsey 1 day ago

      How about a neoprene mat as an an add on (like word domination)

    12. Don Riddle
      1 day ago

      Stash cubes to —> either silver briefcase meeples or black “duffel bag” meeples
      Enforcement cubes to —> badge meeples

    13. Jeff Beck, Uproarious Games 2-time creator 1 day ago

      @Dan & @Wade - The 3d cardboard obstacles we are envisioning are natural obstacles you might encounter in a city, that would require driving around - a mountain, a lake, a large park, etc. They are placed at the start of the game by the police and are a useful tool in their arrsenal, knowing the driver will be unable to drive (or have tiles placed) if the obstacle is blocking the way. Getaway Driver already allows players to use any objects on hand as improvised obstacles like these but thought it would be fun to include a few in the box.

    14. Jeff Beck, Uproarious Games 2-time creator 1 day ago

      @Denny - We will offer a 2-box set for Canadian and Australian backers with discounted shipping inside of the pledge manager.

    15. Missing avatar

      Wade 1 day ago

      3d cardboard obstables? Elaborate

    16. METADNA
      1 day ago

      Frozen frosted if I allow myself to answer ^^

    17. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      2 days ago

      @Scott Is it frosted? 😉

    18. Missing avatar

      dan reilly 2 days ago

      Kind of curious what cardboard obstacles are referring to, care to elaborate? Sound awesome...

    19. Scott C
      2 days ago

      @Angela - but Burgle Bros is awesome and shiny. You like shiny. ;)

    20. METADNA
      2 days ago

      @Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies Burgle Brs isn't an KS exclusive you can get it at any time in retail ;)

    21. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      2 days ago

      I'm not planning to get Burgle Bros since I backed The Big Score on KS earlier, which fits the theme perfectly too.

    22. METADNA
      2 days ago

      @Jeff Beck i'm glad ^^
      to stay in the same thematic background while adding a touch of crazyness with the Godzilla option, also remains the King Kong option or flying saucer...
      1 or 2 promo tiles and some rule cards (maybe a pdf file for DIY standees) should be enough without being frustrating for those who don't have Burgle Bros.

      Adding a new element of gameplay that would not have existed without that is a gain for all ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      Denny Hopkins 2 days ago

      I just backed the Two driver and noticed that single box now has an option that lowers the cost of shipping to Canada. Will you be offering the same lower shipping option for the two box set?

    24. Missing avatar

      dustypie 2 days ago

      Wood is Good

    25. Missing avatar

      bigduff 2 days ago

      @Cian : That's because the people have spoken already ... and they want wood !!! Good, custom-shaped, wooded tokens ! Ho yeah.

    26. Missing avatar

      Cian Molloy 3 days ago

      Stretch goal survey appears closed

    27. Jeff Beck, Uproarious Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Metadna - I like your idea about using Burgle meeples - keep the thematics high between the two games. We'll have to think on that one and see if we can come up with anything. We probably couldn't make them required - wouldn't want to be unfair to anyone who doesn't currently own Burgle Bros - but I could see it as a fun optional cross over.

      As for the tiles you mentioned, you'll be glad to learn that many of them are already in the game. While the rural (green light) city tiles are alll hazard free, the urban (yellow) and downtown (red) tiles all have specific hazards on them for the driver to negotiate. We've got traffic jams, raised bridges, oil spills, construction zones, and a whole lot more. We don't currently have Godzilla, however... that could be a lot of fun :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Wade 3 days ago

      Great ideas. Update?

    29. METADNA
      3 days ago

      @Jeff Beck it would be possible to have police cards to be able to use the meeples police of burgle bros for example as police officers making the traffic in the crossroads. Also the possibility to use the meeples burgle bros thieves as thieves who should also be prosecuted by part of the police. Otherwise among other ideas puddle of oil, Godzilla, tunnels, a lever bridge to cross a river, traffic jam tiles

    30. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      3 days ago

      Advanced City Tiles unlocked 😄

    31. Jaime 3 days ago

      Since there are more people interested in buying Burgle Bros, could it be of any help adding a new pledge level Getaway Driver + Burgle Bros so we would raise funds even faster than we are actually doing?

    32. Jeff Beck, Uproarious Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Don - Good point. We picked black/gray so it would be clearly visible on the campaign page. But we'll make sure the final products (including the police cars, motorcycle, etc) match the art.

    33. Jeff Beck, Uproarious Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Torborg - That's a fun idea about the journalist. I could see that as an expansion at some point. Regarding Burgle Bros, you are correct that you will be able to add it during the pledge manager. We actually don't sell the tower, but you can pick them up directly from the company that manufactures them here:

    34. Jeff Beck, Uproarious Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Wade - We'll have a lot more details about the advanced city tiles in the next update - probably tomorrow. As for a list of police abilities (if I understand your question), you can see the list at the bottom of the rulebook. Check the campaign page for a link.

      Perhaps I don't understand your request for a token to track "tailing". It is literally defined as being on the same tile as the driver. It is true that, during the driver's turn, they can move away one space, but the time between that and the police moving is typically not more than 30-60 seconds.

    35. Scott C
      3 days ago

      Co-op would be cool too

    36. Scott C
      3 days ago

      +1000 Solo mode

    37. Scott C
      3 days ago

      +1 Big box to hold 2 copies of the game

    38. Don Riddle
      3 days ago

      I think the Helicopter Vehicle-meeple should be *white* like it’s illustration instead of the gray-black it is now.

    39. Missing avatar

      dan reilly 3 days ago

      @Lawrence. Agreed the Burgle Bros cards are absolutely stunning

    40. Missing avatar

      Wade 4 days ago

      So I hear there will be a burgle bros add on but I thought there was burgle bros legacy or expansion that's suppose come out? I'd rather wait for legacy or expansion but if it's not true I'd buy it now

    41. Alan Chan 4 days ago

      @Wade, I'm not certain, but I believe the advanced tile upgrade (from the survey for stretch goals) was in regards to upgrading some city tiles to include driver bonuses (stash cubes?) like how the cops can gain enforcement cubes (badge symbol on certain tiles)

    42. Torborg 4 days ago

      Just saw in the comments below that B.B. will be avsilable as an add-on. Neat. Would that also apply to the 2-floor tower add-on you had during your KS campaign? Or is there another way one could get that? Would greatly increase table presence...

    43. Torborg 4 days ago

      Also: Any chance to get a deluxe copy of Burhle Bros in the PM?

    44. Torborg 4 days ago

      Hey there!
      Any thoughts about adding a journalist to the game, e.g. for a three player variant?
      That player could try staying close to the driver without impeding the police, and then get points for doing so - especially if nearby when the driver gets arrested.
      Would probably be best on a motorcycle...

    45. Missing avatar

      Wade 4 days ago

      Also there should be tokens that help remind us which cops are tailing. I am so forgetful. I think that would be great.

    46. Missing avatar

      Wade 4 days ago

      What are the advanced tile upgrade mean? Also where can I see a list a cop ability and explanation of each one? I would love to see drawbridge.

    47. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kinsey 4 days ago

      Ditto comments from Alexander. A big box option for X2 games!

    48. Jeff Beck, Uproarious Games 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @Patrice - You've got it. Multiple copies will be available to all locations at an improved price in the pledge manager.

    49. Patrice Hallé 4 days ago

      No need to answer, I found the answer for Australia. I presume it apply to Canada.

    50. Patrice Hallé 4 days ago

      I love your games, can’t wait to play this bad boy.

      Question, will we be able to purchase two copies with the special delivery price for Canada?

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