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BoardX is a collection of electronic circuit boards that stack on top of one another to share resources and communicate
BoardX is a collection of electronic circuit boards that stack on top of one another to share resources and communicate
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    1. Hans-Peter Hemmer on April 27, 2012

      Hallo out there, I need help.
      Want to use BoardX as a data collector for Neo Helicopter a home build aircraft.
      Please have a look at
      Question: Systemsoftware and framework?
      LabView on BoardX?
      Please contact me, for more details.

    2. Richard Mansell on January 12, 2012

      Congratulations, Kevin! Looking forward to seeing/using your cool products!

    3. Kevin Green Creator on January 12, 2012

      Quality will be factory grade, and the video as far as I know is working correctly for my other German backers. The music should not be a problem! The videos are available on Vimeo as well.

    4. Hans-Peter Hemmer on January 12, 2012

      Pleas take care of quality!
      The video from Kevin cannot be shown in germany bacaus of, maybe music?????

    5. Kevin Green Creator on January 11, 2012

      Thank you Karl and everybody! This video seems especially apt to describe my mood:…

    6. Missing avatar

      Karl Schlagenhauf (deleted) on January 11, 2012

      Hi Kevin,

      Well, I've no idea what's going one here, but I just couldn't resist to become backer 100 - and what ever this BoardX is good for it looks as sexy and cool as a Shelby Mustang - great design job!

      In four hours you have made it - Cheers and congratulations


    7. Kevin Green Creator on January 10, 2012

      Thanks! 100 backers would be totally cool.

    8. Martin on January 10, 2012

      This project seems totally awesome, really looking forward to receiving this! I just hope your coffee supply doesn't run out.. Maybe you can break the 100 backers barrier before the end. Good luck!

    9. Kevin Green Creator on January 2, 2012

      It still feels weird ordering 1000 of anything, even if they're capacitors from mouser. In other news, guess what I'm doing all day!

    10. Kevin Green Creator on December 30, 2011

      Ian - yes, the store front is open and will stay that way!

    11. Ian Springer on December 29, 2011

      I'm thinking of moving my open-source reef aquarium controller from the RasPi SBC to this platform. Will you continue to sell these from a store-front once the project is completed?

    12. Richard Mansell on December 24, 2011

      Addition of the XBee and thus allowing wireless connectivity was a great idea!

    13. Kevin Green Creator on December 22, 2011

      There's no FPGA yet but that's a great idea!

    14. Missing avatar

      Fahrzin Hemmati on December 22, 2011

      I'd love to see an FPGA as a possible add-on or processor board. I'm willing to upgrade to a much higher level to get that.