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A Visual Novel/Dating sim about Hideaki who discovers hidden secrets, meant to stay hidden and potential love in Okutama.
A Visual Novel/Dating sim about Hideaki who discovers hidden secrets, meant to stay hidden and potential love in Okutama.
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Update 140%  

Thank you everyone! We are now 140%! We need you to reach the stretch goals! Take a look of the update with new special rewards!  

2500$ - Additional CGs for all characters.  

3000$ - Unique opening with Japanese Vocals.  

- More stretch goals at the bottom of the page.

Update 260%  

Hey! We are 260% we reached the second pledge, T H A N K Y O U ! We added new tiers for high pledges here! Help us to reach the next steps: 3500$ - Two more girls routes. 

4500$ - Afterstorys with new CGs and characters.

Update 350% 

One more time, you reach a new stretch goal !!! Thank you everyone, you are now 350 backers who believes in No One But You, it means a lot !

The next stretch goal is close : 5000$ :

No One But you fully voiced in English ! It’s a big part of the project, for the studio and we already have some professional voices, it will be fully voiced regardless of reaching the goal. It would be great if we hit it though.

We also worked on some new content, which is the 10$ pledge, it will include the all-ages version on Steam, along with a special content : each character will have their own Love-scenes(Non-Pornographic) if we reached the new special stretch goal (7000$). It’s a big deal but we think it will improve the quality of the game a lot. 

 Fourteen days to make the difference ! We are close :)

Update 400%

5000 $ ! Thank you all!

Another step successfully achieved with you! Almost 400 backers! Meet Yui in our last news and take a look of some awesome others Kickstarter projects.

Let’s go now fight for more love guys :  

6000$ : A part two for No One But You with an extra 15% reduction for all backers ! 

7000$ : Each character will have their own Love-scene in the game (10$ pledge and above). ++ Each backer will receive 2 extra digital wallpapers created from this Love-scene BUT if you pledge more than 10$, you will receive 4! One for each character! And they will be awesome!  

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A Visual Novel/Dating Sim about Hideaki who has moved from his small village to a much larger town, Okutama. He struggles with everyday life, till he arrives at Wanko High. His new school. When he arrives he is presented with many choices and even some hidden secrets. 

He discovers fate, and runs from it at the same time.  

Will you run from it?  

Or will you accept it? 

Can you discover the hidden secrets? 

Once you discover them Will you bury them, once again?

You will interact with the characters and find your path along the way. Will you find your way, even with the help of friends and family? Can you make the right decisions leading to happiness?

Can it be anyone but you?


Right Now The art is progressing fast and most of the story is written. The novel is improving everyday, with your support the team is 200% motivated!

2015, 25th April: We are now Greenlit, this is huge! We are so happy, all your votes, all your comments, thank you! A new step before the release!

2015, 30th April: We have some Voice acting clips take a look! 





Game Play Footage:

Okay I recorded this with OBS and it doesn't look very good, sorry. I hope you enjoy it though. A lot of things will change depending on funding.

Sneak Peek at CGs in the making:

A Happy Goal:

Once we get there:

 I am Here:

 I can't remember this dream?:


 Jazzy JD:

Shiro No Kokoro

A Subtle Night:

 Bonus Tracks:

Don't Forget:

Creator/Programmer :Kyle Tyner  

Sprite Artist/CG Artist: Hibiki9  

Background Artist: Acewalker04  

GUI designer: Camille Arana

Composer: Lemmonias/Brett Martin

SFX: Brett Martin  

Logo Designer: Jhon Tobon  

Programmers: Jonathan Cantao/Brett Martin

Voice Actors: SkywardTalentCasting

Animation: Walter Veneros

Writer: Dark06Star

CG Artist: bunbunz

CM/Marketing Kickstarter: Ben Att

Special thanks to: Invertmouse for being such a great help and friend throughout the process.

Pytom for making the great engine. Other small contributors I couldn't mention thank you. And everyone who is taking their time to look at my project.

Where the money is going:

$250 Music
$200 Sprites
$300 GUI
$300 CG
$150 Proofread
 ---------The game starts with the sound of the car driving----------
----Scene shifts Hideaki looking out the window----
Hideaki ”It seems like we are entering a city… We have been driving for a long time now.”
Hideaki ”I shouldn’t really complain because my mom is the one who has been driving for hours, but I have to admit it’s getting real boring in here.”
Hideaki “I don’t even know for how long I have been staring outside this window..”
Naito “Hide, honey.”
Hideaki “I can’t really even tell what’s going on outside. It’s like I am looking at nothing.”
Naito “Hide? Are you listening?”
Hideaki “ Just looking at this empty world moving by slowly while-“
Naito “Earth to Hide! Wake up!”
Hideaki “O-oh what? Sorry… I guess I spaced out for a second there.” Naito “Oh it was more than a second trust me.”
Naito "Anyway here we are, Hide."
Hideaki "..."
Hideaki "So this is the place you’ve been telling me about?"
Naito "Yep this is our new home!"
Naito "Come on, let’s have a look inside.”
"We just moved here from our hometown. For some reason, my mom out of nowhere decided to move.”
“I just went with it. It’s not like I had much going on in my hometown anyway.”
Hideaki " Umm so…Where are we exactly?"
Naito "We are in Okutama, not too far from Tokyo~"
“Not too far from Tokyo huh? Well that’s something I guess…”
Hideaki "Why this city in particular though?"
Naito "I actually have some old friends out here. I thought it would be a nice change of pace. That village was starting to get dreary."
Naito "Besides, your dad had always wanted to come out here."
"I didn’t argue, mainly because I didn’t care."
"As I got out of the car, I saw a large traditional Japanese house."
Hideaki "Woah… This is actually pretty cool.”
Naito "They said that the inside is a mess though. So we will have to clean it up a bit."
Hideaki "I'm sure it’s fine. How bad could it be?"
"As we entered my worst nightmares became a reality."
Hideaki "You sure they said only a little?"
"Looking in there, you would think a couple of homeless people had taken shelter inside."
Naito "I was told some very violent people lived here.. and that they never really bothered to clean or fix what they broke."
Naito "That's what the real estate said, at least."
Naito "I don't know if one family could do all this."
Hideaki “ Uhh.. I’m pretty sure a dinosaur can’t do this. I mean look at this place!”
Naito "Oh come on it’s not… That bad. Let’s get to work, and you’ll see how we’ll make this place good as new!"
Hideaki "Might as well. Why are you in such a good mood anyway?"
Naito "It's an adventure~"
"She never ceases to amaze me. I remember once, on an otherwise completely normal spring day, she took me skydiving."
"I had never thrown up so much..."
Naito "Hide! The color’s gone from your face all of a sudden. It’s like you’ve seen a ghost."
"I wouldn’t be surprised if this house was haunted honestly.”
Hideaki "I was just…. recalling our fond memories together"
Naito "Isn’t that sweet. Maybe we should do skydiving again, I remember you enjoying that.”
Hideaki “Oh god no- … I mean, l-let’s just focus on cleaning the house now.”
Mom “ Alright, that’s my boy! Let’s get to work!”
Hideaki “Dodged the bullet there…”
#­­Fades out to clean house, night-
Hideaki "It's already night-time, we sure did work for a while… but it looks great now."
Naito " I told you we could make it look as good as new.”
Hideaki "' I didn’t think it was possible… But we somehow managed to do it.”
Hideaki “My body feels like it has been beaten by three wrestlers. So tired…”
Naito “You should probably have some rest. After all, you have school tomorrow.”
Hideaki “Oh right…. The semester already started I can’t afford missing more school days”
Naito “You go and sleep. I have some things I need to do.”
Hideaki “Alright mom, good night.”
Naito “Good night, honey.”
-----Hide climbs up the stairs leading to his room----
----- He opens the door and goes inside.--------
Hideaki “Ah… Mom did a good job cleaning my room. I am glad the weird substance on the ceiling is gone…. I don’t even want to know what that was.”
Hideaki “The room looks pretty neat now.”
----- Hide opens the window and looks outside.-----
Hideaki “Wow… The view from here is surprisingly beautiful. I can get used to this.”
----- Hide changes his clothes and lies down on his bed.-----
Hideaki “Man… Every muscle in my body hurts.”
Hideaki “I should just sleep. I don’t want to walk around like a zombie tomorrow at school.”
Hideaki “New life… New school. Hope things go well.”
#­­­­fades to sleep­­­
"The trees hinders any light from reaching the boy as he walks down the gloomy path."  
"The boy reaches a river."  
"The river reminds him of himself: it’s still and cold, like his own heart." 
"They’re both unable to move, stuck for eternity. "  
#­­­Wakes up­­­­­ Hideaki “It’s… Morning already?” 
 Hideaki “My body still hurts, but it’s not as bad as yesterday so that’s good.” 
 ------ Hide gets out of bed, changes his clothes and goes downstairs----- 
Hideaki "I don’t see my mom anywhere. Guess she is still asleep, she must have had a deadline today." 
Hideaki "I’ll just grab some breakfast and head out." #­­­­leaves house shows street.­­­­­ "I decided to head to school early, there isn't much to do at home anyway." 
Hideaki "What’s that? It looks like an old street. Those are some old buildings."
Hideaki "Guess it wouldn't hurt to walk down there." 
Hideaki "Wow, it sure is dark... What else did I expect from all the trees though?" 
 "I see a bridge further down the path. As I walk towards it, I hear the sound of a rushing river. Where is it going?" 
 #"­Scene fades to bridge and the sound of a wind and rushing river are introduced.­­­­
"There is a girl looking out at the river. Her long black hair dances with the wind." 
 "She looks back at me. A tear escapes from her eyes and falls down her cheek." 
Mysterious Girl "You found me." 
"I look at her, dumbfounded." 
Hideaki "I hope you’re not mistaking me for a stalker or something..." 
"She giggles." 
Mysterious Girl "Don’t be silly. You’re Hideaki-­san, right?" 
Hideaki "Yeah… how do you know my name?" 
Mysterious Girl "My dad is actually friends with your mom… Don’t you remember?” 
Hideaki “Honestly, I can’t say that I do. I have forgotten most of my memories… My past.” 
Mysterious Girl "Oh… Is that so?" 
"I can see her eyes straining, did I say something wrong?" 
Hideaki “Do we know each other by any chance?” 
“She looked away for a second, then looked back at me ignoring my question.” 
Chinatsu "I'm Chinatsu. Nice to meet you, Hideaki." 
Hideaki "O-oh… Likewise." 
Chinatsu "It’s strange… I don’t see many people using this path.” 
Hideaki "I thought I would take a detour since it looked so nice down this way." 
Chinatsu "Yeah, (I guess you don't remember.)" 
Hideaki "What was that?" 
Chinatsu "Oh… n-nothing just thinking out loud.” 
Hideaki “You go to Hasu high right? I mean… Telling by your uniform.” 
Chinatsu “Yeah, that’s the school I attend.”
Hideaki “I am glad you said so. I am a new student at that school, today is my first day.” 
Chinatsu “Oh…” 
Hideaki "You wouldn’t mind walking with me to school would you? I think I might get lost otherwise." 
Chinatsu "Not at all. Let’s go." 
#­­­­­­­­scene fades to School­­­­ Hideaki 
"So this is the place, huh?” 
Chinatsu “Yep, this is it.” 
Hideaki “Doesn’t seem bad, looks like a cozy place I suppose.” 
Chinatsu “Yeah school here is actually nice.” 
Hideaki “….” 
Chinatsu “ Oh what time is it? I’m running late.” 
Chinatsu “Listen, I have a club meeting so I have to go now. Sorry, I wanted to show you around but..” 
Hideaki “Nah it’s okay, you don’t need to apologize. You should go you can’t be late.” 
Chinatsu “ O-okay. I’ll see you later.” 
Hideaki “Bye.” “She started running as I waved goodbye.” 
Hideaki “Well, she seems nice.” 
Hideaki “………………….” 
Hideaki “What am I doing here standing? I should go find my class.” 
#­­­­­­­­scene fades to inside school­­-----­­
Hideaki “Alright so it’s room 102… It should be here somewhere..”
" Just then I heard one of the doors slide open." 
twintail "Good morning~" 
Hideaki "Uhh… Good morning?" 
twintail "You’re the new student. Hideaki Naito, am I right?” 
Hideaki "Y-yeah. So this is the right class, can I come in?”
twintail “Not so fast. You still have to go by the office first.” 
Hideaki "Oh… I didn't know, sorry." 
twintail "Come with me, I'll take you there. I am Megumi, the class rep slash student council president~" 
Hideaki "Student council? Nice to meet you." 
“We both started walking around the school to reach the office.” 
Megumi "So… What brings you to this school? 
Megumi “I don’t mean to be nosey or anything…” 
Megumi “Y-you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to!” 
Hideaki “ U-uh… No it’s okay.” 
Hideaki " Let’s just say that my mom is really spontaneous." 
Megumi "Oh, must be fun~" 
Hideaki "Not really. This is the first time we’ve actually moved, she just likes to go on these weird little trips every now and then..." 
Hideaki “Very… weird trips indeed….” 
Megumi "Y-you don't look so good. Do you need to go to the nurses office?" 
Hideaki "I'm fine. Just recalling some memories best left forgotten." 
Megumi "Sounds scary…” 
Megumi "Here, I'll put you in a better mood~" 
"Before I had time to react, she was embracing me." 
Hideaki "......." 
“W-what is going on here!?” 
"Why would she hug someone she just met?" 
"She let go of me, blushing, and backed away a little bit." 
Megumi “S-sorry if I made you uncomfortable!” 
Hideaki “No not at all…” 
 “Well honestly that was a bit awkward…” 
Megumi "Well… We’re here…” 
Megumi “You go in. You just have to do some paper work, shouldn’t take long” 
Megumi “I should go back to class now.” 
Hideaki “Oh, okay.” 
"As she walks back to class, she swerves back and forth a little." 
#­­­­­Scene fades to end of day­­­­­ 
“Shouldn’t take long she said... I couldn't even go to class today.” 
“Just as I was walking out I saw Megumi” 
“Oh here she is again...” 
Megumi "Hey Hi­-kun~" 
"She’s jumping around like a puppy greeting her owner at the door." 
“She seems even more enthusiastic than she was earlier today. And that’s saying something.” 
Megumi "Hi-kun, are you going to join any clubs?" 
Hideaki "I don't think I will, I have never really been interested in such activities." 
"For a second it looks like her ears went down." 
“Kind of reminds me of Hachiko… Heh, maybe that’s what I should call her from now on.” 
Hideaki "Haha..." 
Megumi "What are you laughing at?" 
Hideaki "O-oh nothing… I just remembered a joke.” 
Megumi “Hmmmm…” 
Hideaki “I’ll try giving it a shot. Do you have any suggestions?” 
Megumi "You could join the student council~"

Risks and challenges

I will work with all my might to finish this game for everyone. The game probably won't be delayed, we have able time to finish it.

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