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All looping cello-based cover songs with Unwoman's dark and timeless style. CDs in printed cardboard sleeves.
All looping cello-based cover songs with Unwoman's dark and timeless style. CDs in printed cardboard sleeves.
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Rewards! You have them, right?

Hello everyone! This is probably my penultimate update for this project.

First, you all should have gotten everything mailed to you. (Songpoems are still on schedule to be done this Fall.) If you're missing anything, please contact and we'll straighten it out.

Second, I realize I was very unclear about the bonus EP, which I am still planning to finish up sometime this Summer. The problem is, I didn't say whether or not everyone who pledged for Lemniscate would be getting that download automatically.

My instinct is to give the bonus EP download code to everyone who pledged $50 or more. If you pledged less and feel entitled to the bonus, or don't want to pledge what will probably be a $2 minimum on the bonus EP's kickstarter, please voice your concerns here or at Yes, I intend to kickstart a thing that is a bonus from a previous kickstarter. There will surely be some haters who disapprove. But licensing costs money! and it'll be more than two songs -- probably four or five.

Thank you again for your support, it's meant so much to me!!


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    1. Ally Shaw on May 30, 2013

      I want to back you on the EP, too. Your music gives me much happiness and I hope it brings you prosperity. Rock on. (Will all the current backers be notified of the new kickstarter?)

    2. Glenn Copeland
      on May 30, 2013

      I like Joe's idea, but I'm conflicted.
      I've heard the best artists are the starving kind.
      Stay Hungry!

    3. Missing avatar

      Douglas A. Rist on May 29, 2013

      I am pretty sure I can handle $2 for the EP.... Just make sure I am notified.

    4. unwoman 14-time creator on May 29, 2013

      I genuinely have no idea whether it's bad form (which probably means it IS) to ask people to kickstart a stretch goal from a previous kickstarter, but I'll only be asking for $1 or $2 to cover licensing.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joe Grossman on May 29, 2013

      I'd love to kickstart a bonus from a kickstarter (whatever, I'm already confused). Just point me where and there I'll be. Love your stuff - if you ever come to Charlotte I will buy you a pizza.