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Steampunk darling singer-cellist Unwoman presents her new timeless, heartbreaking songs with rich dark cello and electronics.

[Edit 7-12-2012: Wow, wowowowowow, I can't believe it's over 17,000. I have been doing the solo music thing for over ten years and I feel like I'm finally getting some recognition. It's the best feeling I've ever experienced. I love you all madly. I will do some fun things with the money to make the product & my shows more awesome for everyone.]

[Edit: OHMAGERD, we did it! With the helpful tweeting and retweeting by Amanda Fucking Palmer, I hit my goal around midnight Friday night (June 8). Oh and here's one for my tombstone: AFP called lil ol' me "brazen." Whoa.]

[Another edit: the USB reward also includes poster set or postcard set, not just 1 poster]

[Edit 6/25: I hit my secondary goal $12,000, yay! If I hit $15,000 I will add a special bonus promotional item to *domestic shipping* packages. I will not be able to mail it internationally because, hint hint, I don't want to actually start any fires.]

Ever since I finished my last original CD release, Unremembered, in December 2010, I've been focused on other things like my fabulous covers album, but kept writing new songs, about one a month. I definitely have enough material for a new album, and much of it is already recorded and in a good state production-wise. 

Now that I'm *finally* done editing Beautiful Fish (the documentary about me and steampunk music that you amazing people were good enough to fund) and have a few weeks in the Bay Area without having to fly anywhere, it's time to knock out the rest of the album. 

I am really, really excited about the material I have so far. You've heard some of the songs already, but there are a lot I've not made public yet. A couple songs I've been playing live, "The Heroine" and "Siren Ship" have been big favorites among audiences and I have felt kinda bad saying to everyone, "those songs I played that are your favorites are not on any album you can buy, sorry!" but at least I got a lot of people to sign my email list in order to hear about this release!

I am also excited about the fact that I'll be doing vinyl for the first time ever!! I have always loved the way records sound and can't wait to put one of my own on and dance around *almost* hard enough to make it skip.

Also awesome: the photos that Audrey Penven shot of me for this project, with projections by Steen (mediapathic ), assisted by Trista (qtrnevermore). There will be postcard sets & poster sets, each with three of these gorgeous images, included in some reward packages.

What's all this money for? A few things. 

-Recording a horn section for one or two songs [EDIT: this actually might not happen in time, sorry people!]



-Music video filming

-USB, CD, poster/postcard and vinyl manufacturing (by far the biggest expenses here)

-maybe actually promoting something for once in my life

The first music video will be for my song "The Heroine." Here's me playing it live. One thing that's incredibly exciting about this video is, the filmmakers behind The Wars of Other Men have agreed to let me use their footage to set the scene and help tell the story! But I still need to shoot the bits that focus on the narrator. 

So as you can see, this will be a bigger undertaking than most of my releases up to this point. I am hoping to go on tour following its release, and actually try to promote it aside from just word-of-mouth and playing small shows. People really like me, and I am finally confident enough to trust that people will actually thank me for foisting my music upon them.

Oh, as a counterbalance to the lovely acacella sounds of The Heroine (the recorded version will be similarly spare, though there may be an industrial remix too on a single or who knows what someday) here is one of the darker and harsher and more electronic songs for the album. Other drafts are on that bandcamp album "Current Demos" too including the title track.


  • You don't need to add anything for international shipping, but if you do add an extra couple bucks you're a special angel.

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  • In most cases, a total of two people will need travel and lodging if your special Unwoman concert is happening outside the Bay Area, but it depends on your location and timing.

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  • Just add the price of each reward to your pledge for one of them. After the funding period ends, I'll send out a backer survey and one question I'll ask will be for you to please remind me what all rewards you would like. You can remind me that you're getting the poster set ($10), CD ($20), vinyl ($40), and/or USB + posters ($52)

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    Full download of The Fires I Started with pdf of liner notes and art. Please don't be shy to get the whole album download for just $1 -- that's how it will be priced on bandcamp once released, too. Everyone is broke these days and I'd rather you feel your contribution, however small, is helpful. It is.

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    Postcard or poster set (each contains 3 images). Full download of The Fires I Started with pdf of liner notes and art.

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    CD of The Fires I Started. Signed or not signed upon request. Postcard set (3). Includes digital copy with pdf of liner notes and art. Please add $10 for an additional poster set (3 posters).

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    Deluxe vinyl double-LP (my first vinyl pressing!!!) of The Fires I Started. Signed or not signed upon request. Postcard set (3). Includes digital copy with pdf of liner notes and art. Please add $10 for an additional poster set (3 posters).

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    New Unwoman poster. Tiny USB with Unwoman's entire discography (over 16 hours of music, once this album is on it!). Like the shiny gold USBs, but in a new surprise color (or lack thereof...) This edition will also include a digital photobook.

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    CD + Vinyl reward (just added): it still works that, if you pledge an extra $20 you can add a CD to your reward, but this is explicitly for people who want both vinyl & CD. AND I WILL ALSO THROW IN A DVD OF BEAUTIFUL FISH. Also comes with postcard set, full album download, etc. CDs mailed in August, vinyl mailed in Sept.

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    Fully produced songpoem + deluxe vinyl package. You may have heard some songpoems I've already made, as the b-sides for The City Single. Due to my travel schedule late this year, I won't be able to record any of these in 2012; please submit your poem by Dec 31 and I will produce it in early 2013. Your record will be mailed as soon as it's done, however.

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    An intimate Unwoman concert in your house, or wherever you want! Locations outside the greater Bay Area will have to include travel and lodging and be scheduled several months in advance. You are free to charge people for tickets. (email for further information.) Comes with either the deluxe vinyl or USB reward.

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