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Félix Rodríguez's documentary about the dynamic Jersey City panhandler Larry Adams translates the energies of the street into high art.



There is a man walking around the intersection of Route 440 in Jersey City, NJ with a white cardboard sign that reads:

"Hi, I'M LARRY. BORN 7-2-50

His name is Larry James Adams -- a dynamic panhandler surviving the streets of Jersey City and collecting money on the same intersection for the past 13 years. 

His vocabulary is impressive. His understanding of culture and his social critique is at times jaw-dropping. His charm and witty nature will make you smile and warm your heart. A sky blue ring of color around his big brown eyes will disarm you and convince you to add a few bucks to his gallon of change. 

Educated and intelligent, Larry lives a life of FREEDOM, respecting and relating to humanity -- engaging the people that he loves and who love him back. However, rumors about Larry are echoed by many of the city’s locals. Some speculate that he drives a Mercedes-Benz, others say he is a wealthy business man that panhandles on the side. Regardless, he is infamous in his own city...and he enjoys every moment of it.

RED LIGHT LARRY is an investigative documentary about this man. The most remarkable thing about Larry is that he's homeless...and he doesn't mind it. Larry is incredibly upbeat about his situation. He says he's got 3 inventions he's working on, but he won't unveil them until he acquires the patents to them. 

It’s hard to imagine being so happy living on the street. Larry did say, however, there is one thing he doesn't like about living on the street. "No one told me being homeless meant celibacy!"

I need your help to tell his story. Larry has been waiting 3 or 4 years for someone to make a documentary about him. He's been waiting for people like you and me who are interested in the unusual things in life and people like Larry.


I need funding to continue this project in the summer and complete it in autumn. The funds I raise here will be used for:

+camera equipment

+post-production software


"You're making a documentary? My antennas are up. It's about damn time, 'cause I'm getting ready to put a copyright on my name." - Larry


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    you get all of the above as well as original artwork on canvas by myself and my good friend and fellow artist, Cristina Elizabeth Rutkowski ( AND the old iMac computer the treatment of RED LIGHT LARRY was originally written on! AND I'll write a pop song about you!

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