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Communities Are the Catalysts of Revolutions

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UnPlanned Events Presents

Catalytic Communities: The American Festival Culture 

Catalytic Communities is a documentary series focusing on cultures, societies, &  communities that pioneer progressive ideas & lifestyles within their affiliates & the world around them.   The American Festival Culture is the first of these documentaries & will showcase a collection of festivals from across America.  Through an inside look behind the scenes of these productions & the people involved with them, we seek to expose our viewers to a world of optimism & outlandish creativity.  Festivals provide a safe-haven for their attendees to relax & enjoy good music, food, art, performance, conversation, & culture; but over the years festivals have received a bad rap as collections of “dirty hippies doing drugs.”  Many people will cringe at the thought of attending a festival because they have not been genuinely exposed to the caring communities that festivals generate.  There is an inherent hope & love present at festivals & it is our intention to expose the world to the innovative strength such hope & love can harbor.

We have decided the best way to truly capture this unique culture is to do all we can to produce this film in the same ways our subject matter - festivals - is created.  Through generating a good idea & seeking funding help from the very communities we hope to showcase.  We do not want to create a documentary that has one producer, but rather a documentary with a million producers.  It is our hope that the final film will be claimed as a personal project by thousands of people & enjoyed by countless more all across the globe.  So please, help us show the world that hope in a future of peace is not lost, it only waits to be sought out.

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Quick Disclaimer: just so you understand what Kickstarter is:

1. Kickstarter is not an investment or charity. It is an exchange: funds from fans for rewards from UP.

2. It's an All or Nothing funding mechanism: if we don't reach our financial goal, we do not get to keep any of the funds we raise. However, if we do reach our goal, we get to keep all the funds we raise, even if we go over our goal.


  • Yes we do & we are always looking to connect with new people.

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  • The best way for you to help us is to donate to our project. We need to have a strong budget to cover all of costs we will incur to film at twenty to thirty festivals over the summer tour. We need to be able to pay our crew, put gas in our RV to get to each of the festivals, insure our gear, feed ourselves, & be able to cover any unexpected costs we may find out about once on the road.

    If you would like to help us out even more you can spread the word about this doc. We are busy posting about this project on Facebook & Twitter as well as emailing potential investors, but we do not have the bandwidth we need to be as efficient in this as we would like. So you can do us a tremendous service by sharing our Kickstarter link on your Facebook wall & posting about us from your Twitter account. Any traffic you can drive to our sites is greatly appreciated as well, suggest us to your friends & followers & don't forget to tell the people you see in the non-digital world about us as well. If you have a blog please post in it about us & suggest your readers donate. If you work for other publications (newspapers, magazines, etc.) we would appreciate any work you do to get an article about us published. The more people we can reach the better the chances we can raise the money we need & bring you all the beautiful project you deserve. We are always open to interviews as well if you believe it will help in an article you are writing. If you believe you know someone who would be a valuable connection for us & would like to put is contact with them, please feel free to email us or have them email us at

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