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$68,701 pledged of $200,000 goal
$68,701 pledged of $200,000 goal

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Friendly Reminder

Some of you have already replied, but to all those who have not:

To receive special pricing when the time comes, send an email to backers@unmonday.com containing your Kickstarter username and pledge amount. This way we'll get your email address and will send you more instructions and updates once things progress. Don't worry, we aren't going to spam your inboxes every week. Think of it more like a hotline between backers and Unmonday, which you are welcome to use, even in small matters

If Kickstarter decides to erase the project from it's servers (and unsuccessfully funded projects have been known to disappear) we will have no way to verify backers who haven't emailed us. If we can't contact you when orders can be placed, you won't get the backer discount. This is why we need your email address.

We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience but Kickstarter.com is very strict and of surprisingly little help in these matters.

Happy Holidays,

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Big thanks to all the backers!

We might not have met our Kickstarter funding goal, but so much positive things have happened during this time that we consider this a successful prelaunch. We have gained media contacts, possible retailers, and met some very good people. Nearly all the feedback that we’ve had has been positive.

The past few years have been mostly about designing the product itself. Functions, looks, component selection, the way it feels. Now we’re finally getting to fine tuning the sound and really refining the user experience. While this goes on, there’s a new kind of challenge to tackle: designing the company. We want Unmonday as a company to feel very much like the products it will make. The experiece should be uncompromising, unhassled and understandable. We want to open up the way the speakers are made, because the processes involved are so extraordinary. 

We hope to hear more from you as we are working to bring this to life, and will be updating you about the process from time to time. Things move slowly because there are so many parties involved, but the expected launch looks plausible. The Unmonday 4.3L will definitely be heard next year!

Unmonday in Hong Kong

Recently had a chat with an extremely talented and passionate man, Mark Fenlon from Markaudio!

Our drivers are getting a custom treatment to pair them with the solid porcelain case, to get the best possible sound reproduction.

The question now is, how much range do you want?
The human ear can only hear 20Hz to 20kHz on average, but we'll put some extra to be sure anything won't go missing.

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UNMONDAY goes to production!

Now its official!!

Helsinki – October 31, 2012
– Unmonday, a Finnish speaker company, announces that they have received approximately one million dollars from a private investor to go into full production of the Unmonday 4.3L, an independent Airplay speaker.

Shipping May 2013

Our Kickstarter project still has a week to go, and will stay online. We have decided that if the Kickstarter project won't go through, we will still give our backers what they were pledging for. This is to say thanks for believing in our company. We are now hectically setting up an online store to accept pre-orders. Retail information will be available closer to shipping dates. Naturally, providing backers with speakers will be our first priority.