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Universal Trap needs your help to record their new album.! Please support our grassroots ethic and be a part of a universal change!
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Universal Trap

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We did it!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!! Words cannot begin to describe how we feel right now. We made our goal with only hours to be honest we are a bit speechless. You have given us an opportunity, and we promise, we will not let you down. We have the upmost gratitude, love, and respect for all of you who helped us out, this is truly a great accomplishment for us. Thank you for supporting independent music, thank you for supporting Universal Trap! Now, off to work to work on your prizes!!! - the boys of U.T.

p.s.- we'll be contacting those of you who get personalized lyric sheets, soon , to find out which song you'd like lyrics to...

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Update #2

Hey everybody! So we just want to thank everyone who has contributed to our project!!! There are about 20 days left, and we are just about at the half way point. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. We have already begun laying down tracks out in Joshua Tree with Tony Mason at the board, and I think its the absolute best sounding music any of us have put to tape. We are super excited to share this music with you all! But its not gonna happen unless we reach our goal on, so keep those donations coming, and thanks for supporting local, independent music!!!


So our project is finally launched,we don't have too many resources , and have been working hard on this for many months and hope it is successful! Definitely check us out on the web to stay in the know about our upcoming shows and other shenanigans! Stay tuned for more updates! -- UT