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Diesel Engines and Kerosene Visions's video poster

Union Specific's second record "Diesel Engines and Kerosene Visions" is finished! We just need a little help getting it to you! Read more

Austin, TX Indie Rock
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This project was successfully funded on October 10, 2012.

Union Specific's second record "Diesel Engines and Kerosene Visions" is finished! We just need a little help getting it to you!

Austin, TX Indie Rock
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 As most of you folks know, Union Specific has been busy this past year. And whether you have been going out to the shows, or just following from a distance on facebook or via email, you've probably felt that presence. Sometimes it was like the distant whistle of a train, and sometimes you could hear us barreling down the track with a roaring mud kicking intensity. Can't say it has always been pitch perfect, but it was certainly always from the heart. We toured hard, played around town, and most importantly, we began work on our second full length LP, "Diesel Engines and Kerosene Visions." We think it sounds great! but don't just take our word for it! Go ahead and give it a listen while we try to explain it all to you!

This record has a very special place in our hearts. Not only is it a long overdue second studio release, but it was crafted in such a way that we knew would embody what we think US is all about. The songs are about all the places we have seen, and dreamed of. It has stories that we made up, and feelings that we deeply felt. Much of the sounds were created live. There's no auto tune, no click track, and there is not a single digital instrument! If you hear a piano, it's real and one of us is playing it. If there are effects, they were made on old analogue pedals. There are harmonies, and most of them were done all at once with the three of us crowded around a microphone like the Beach Boys. There is real pedal steel guitar. And if, everything sort of feels like it is covered in shiny dirt, its because it's all real. Throughout the recording process, the word that got thrown around was broken. "Make it sound broken." like "one of those bands that shows up to the gig, and you have no idea how they even made it there."

When we finally manged to finish it, we all knew we had something special. We also knew that it needed to be put on Vinyl to get that old feel down right! And, we knew that we needed to get it mastered by someone with know how, who had done the mastering for many of our (and maybe your) favorite bands. And of course, for those of you technologically challenged fans who don't have turntables, we needed to get a few CD's and MP3s. 

So, this is where you guys come in. We are asking you to make a small donation to help us get these things for you. We are trying to raise $3500 for Vinyl, CD's, MP3s, and Mastering! With each donation you can receive one of the gift packages we have come up with and listed for you here. The good news is the record is all done, so pretty much all you are doing is reserving your copy! And you have a month to stream the record for free at the link above, and decide if it is something you want to buy! 

These past two years, we have managed to win many of you over! We believe that we have finally begun to come into our own as a group. We aren't the only ones! News Press Now of St. Joe Missouri said, 

"The tag "alt-country" gets tossed around quite a bit, but it comes up short in describing Austin, Texas, quartet Union Specific." 

While Robert John Davis, a random show goer from New Jersey, who found himself at Union Specific's SXSW preformance this year had these nice words to say on our facebook wall:

"I hadn't experienced Union Specific until tonight. Being a "train guy" and alt-country fan, the press was too good to pass up. So I found myself at Skinny's. I am sure some writers will force fit a comparison with Uncle Tupelo because you obviously have two capable frontmen for your music. I hear something a little different... more country, more rootsy... and damn fun. Damn fun. Not sure I screamed like a runaway freight train... but maybe whooped and hollered like a steam engine pounding along the prairie. Thanks for a memorable night. Need your music."

Many more of you have had wonderful nice things to say. I wish I could list them all but it would take a much more space, and time is getting short.

So in parting, we would just like to say we wouldn't even enjoy what we do, if we didn't have the kind of support that you folks have shown us over the last several years! We feel that you are the wheels beneath our feet as we journey onward! We can't wait to have a great record out for you to have, and hopefully love! It will be one that we can not thank you enough for! So please help us make it yours, and we will do our best to make it great!

To all who have helped out over the years, we say Thank You!

Best Wishes,

Union Specific


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    This is what we were hoping you wanted! "Diesel Engines and Kerosene Visions" on 33inch Vinyl! You get to hear it how it was meant to sound! plus the mp3 for your car of course ;)

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    This is the full on package. Everything that has been listed above, plus a special mention in the liner notes of the New LP!! On top of that, for as long as supplies last we will include a coy of our Live record, and anything else we have released to date!

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    Everything listed above, and Union Specific will play your Wedding, Birthday Bash, Private Event, Fourth of July, etc no questions asked!

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