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We are a small group of seasoned and passionate artisan bakers who have come together to bring traditional bagels to Portland, Maine.
We are a small group of seasoned and passionate artisan bakers who have come together to bring traditional bagels to Portland, Maine.
109 backers pledged $8,830 to help bring this project to life.

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Oven news

Hello Friends!

Once again, you continue to move us with your steady support and generosity. It is truly humbling and incredibly motivating to watch our numbers climb every day. It is our great pleasure to announce to you that, because of your huge vote of confidence in funding our project, we took a leap and pulled together enough money to have our oven installed in the Community Kitchen. If you remember from last week's update, a space in the kitchen was recently cleared to accommodate our presence. That space is now the proud home of Union Bagel Co's very own Blodgett pizza oven, in which all of our handmade bagels will be baked.

Here is Paul, smiling fondly at our massive oven, mid-installation:

The oven looking snazzy in its new home:

With our oven ready to roll and your enthusiasm and confidence to back us up, we have been able to begin test-baking small batches of bagels in our very own oven. Let us tell you, folks, they taste spectacular!  

More updates to come soon. For now, let us tantalize you with this photo...

Kitchen Progress

Hello dear backers!

We are so thrilled to have your support--our campaign has really hit the ground running because of you!

The Community Kitchen, which is to be our new home, has had some major refits since we first began organizing our Kickstarter project. Our interest in and commitment to the space has been the impetus for a major overhaul by the folks who run it (our landlords); the most important change has been the relocation of an unfortunately placed grease trap that took up prime hood space, freeing that space up for our oven.

The plumber arrived last week to move said grease trap and to install new sinks and plumbing. The walls were then redone and finished with an easy clean paneling, all to make way for Union Bagel Co! Scroll down to see some photos of the kitchen's transformation.

We still have a bit of cleaning up to do but are well on our way.

Many, many thanks to you all, we are excited and moved by your confidence and enthusiasm in what we have set out to achieve.

Nina, Abby, Joel, Dave, and Paul

BEFORE (the grease trap is in the bottom right corner):

IN PROGRESS (the grease trap is being moved to the opposite wall):

MORE PROGRESS (the grease trap in place!):

AFTER (the grease trap is in its new home on the opposite wall, which is newly covered in easy-clean paneling):

More progress updates to come very soon!